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  1. Looks about as professional as Wayne's World.
  2. I never hear about good HS wrestlers coming out of Alabama or MS. I do occasionally hear about good HS wrestlers in TX, GA, and FL. It's surprising there's no college wrestling in any of those states - particularly FL.
  3. At this point, beating Spencer Lee is like beating Robles.
  4. Probably going through fraternity rush right now and will be ready next week.
  5. A whole separate tournament - the Covid Open. Or the Covidlands. This is genius. Athletes for Medical Freedom will sponsor.
  6. *Significantly lower chance of getting and spreading it if vaxxed - even for Omicron.
  7. Vaccine also didn't stop transmission of the original, yet positivity dropped below 1% last summer. Go figure.
  8. You conveniently omitted the first part. High numbers of vaxxed and recovered people stops the exponential growth. The exponential growth is happening now and will drop off in a few weeks. Also Omicron has overtaken Delta, so the 10 hospitalizations is more accurate than the 1000 in your example. Feel free to screenshot this and throw it back in my face in March if I'm wrong.
  9. Nope. Omicron will peak in mid-Jan. and then drop off precipitously. By March, low levels everywhere because it's so contagious that every non-vaxxed person will have caught it by then. Hospitalizations and deaths will also disappear because this version is less severe. Disclaimer: I am neither a doctor nor an epidemiologist. I stand by my prediction nonetheless.
  10. Slight subject change, but I'd love to hear more about this. What's the best strategy here?
  11. The HS kids 100% think they're being good sports, but it's easy to be a good sport when you won. At the same time, if I see a kid who lost patting the winner on the back, I think he's soft, so there's that...
  12. Seeing a lot of this in HS matches these days. Funny that it's always the winner who's more than happy to give a helping hand to the kid who lost. It's not clear if they'd be as sportsmanlike if they were the one who lost.
  13. I don't know - I'm sure you're right. I just hate freestyle and use every opportunity to drag it.
  14. A tech in freestyle just means you can roll sideways a few times in a row.
  15. These guys may know something we don't. Maybe we don't see Lee at all this yr?
  16. If he wins, he gets to wear Spencer Lee's ACLs on a chain around his neck.
  17. It's ironic that, as flamboyant as he wants everyone to believe his personality is, his wrestling style is as conservative as it gets.
  18. Let's make sure to divorce politics from our sport's heroes. Mark Reiland was a fierce competitor and gave back immensely to our sport. That's his legacy.
  19. Proper punishment is to make them read Atlas Shrugged in its entirety.
  20. Depending on where you live, it's not a mainstream sport like football, basketball or baseball. People unfamiliar with it assume it's like the WWE.
  21. I love that my generation created the participation trophy.....and now says they're the reason why Gen Z kids are so lazy.
  22. As a HS and college wrestling fan, apparently I'm the only one on here who hates professional wrestling. Our sport would get more respect and be ridiculed less if WWE did not exist.
  23. You said Griffith had a magical run at NCAAs - implication being that he had some luck. True - this is the case for many NCAA champs. AntiTroll said this was stupid - presumably because it downplays the hard work Griffith had to put in to win his title (if I can put words in his mouth). Also true - there's not an NCAA champ out there who hasn't put in extraordinary amounts of hard work. In conclusion, everybody's right.
  24. Do most NCAA champs win like Griffith (close matches and lots of luck) or by blitzing the field?
  25. Even if I give you the PSU guys (Steiber and Ringer had close matches), that's 5 guys over the last 10 yrs - proves my point that "blitzing the field" is rare. The vast majority of NCAA champs have tourneys like Griffith, not DT or Ed Ruth.
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