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  1. "You think DSJ, or Pucillo, or Nickerson, or Mike Grey, or anybody else who wrestles at a high D1 level who happens to suffer an injury, doesn't have the discipline to "train, condition, stretch" or "go to physical therapy" or "eat the right diet"?" I'm sure they all do a great job of this - it's just that among the elite, some do it better than others. If I say that Jordan Burroughs is quicker than Andrew Howe, it doesn't mean that I think Howe is slow. "To state that the cause of many injuries in the D1 wrestling world are due to a wrestler's lack of discipline to go to physical therapy, diet right, stretch, and train is not only laughable but offensive." Managing injuries requires a mentality that runs contrary to the instincts of elite athletes. It requires rest, restraint, and moderation. I think many elite athletes have trouble properly recovering from injuries precisely because of their strong work ethic. "I'm pretty sure that wrestler's at the top D1 level do all of this, and still injuries are often times inevitable." Agreed that injuries are often times inevitable. They're part of the sport. That's why they shouldn't be used as an excuse/explanation for losing.
  2. I'm also not buying this "it's not an excuse, but it's an explanation" line. As the politicians say - that's a distinction without a difference. Call it whatever you want - you're saying, but for the injury, wrestler X may not have lost to wrestler Y.
  3. Both guys did it against some tough competition too. Russell's is noted above, but it's easy to forget how tough Bertin's weight class was as well, year after year. Tirapelle, Johnson, Percival, Paulson, Gentry, Hendricks, Becker, Roller, Schneider. Lot of AAs and a few national champs in there.
  4. Not what I was saying. Take the Dake/DSJ match for example. Iowa faithful have been going on about how DSJ was injured most of the year and the finals match woould have been different if he hadn't been. The truth is we don't know What DSJ's health status was - he could have been 100%, 50%, or for all we know, Dake could have been hurt and just gutted it out. Maybe DSJ didn't get a good night sleep the night before the match. Maybe his girlfriend broke up with him or his dog died. There's a million factors that affect the outcome of a match and injuries are only one of them.
  5. Can we all have a gentleman's agreement on this board to stop using injuries as an excuse when someone loses? Reasons: 1. They're all wrestling injured by the time the NCAA tournament rolls around, it's all just a matter of degree. 2. Injuries often can be avoided thru training, conditioning, stretching, etc. Avoiding injuries is part of a wrestler's skill set, just like a good double leg TD (I recognize this is a generalization and some injuries are unavoidable). Same goes for recouperation from injury. Proper physical therapy, diet, and all other recovery factors are part of the discipline required to be a good wrestler. This doesn't apply to all injuries, but does apply to many. 3. It's an easy catch-all excuse for losing. When you say wrestler X only lost because he was injured, it's impossible for anyone to prove you wrong. It's like my wife saying she would beat me at Words with Friends if she had the time to waste to come up with high-scoring words. This is not to say that wrestlers do not lose matches due to injury - they do. It's just that it's pointless for us to argue over the extent of those injuries and their impact on performance because those factors will always be unknowable to us. The more sensible approach is to assume that everyone who steps on the mat is giving it 100% and whoever wins is the better wrestler. Anything else is just speculation. Agreed?
  6. Agreed. Muz/Hendricks was more egregious than Churella/Hendricks, but it was a round earlier so not as much lip service.
  7. When you're spending the night in Mudflaps trailer, don't borrow his hairbrush the next morning.
  8. With his undergraduate major in phys. ed., we were all shocked when Tom Brands became a wrestling coach. The world lost a great high school gym teacher that day.
  9. Currently sold out. How hard do you all think it will be get a ticket? Is my best bet to try and get in with the allotment to my alma mater (Northwestern)? Buy from an online ticket broker? Buy from a scalper outside of the stadium?
  10. The more I think about it, you're right about Caldwell and Jenkins. They weren't thought of as highly pre-season and I may be experiencing some revisionist memory.
  11. With Dake projected at 157, Taylor at 165, and Howe at 174, it looks like we're going to miss out on some great matches that could have been. What are some of the matches you were most excited to see before the season began ... and actually got to see? Some of mine are: 1. Burroughs and pre-injury Howe at Midlands two years ago. 2. Taylor and Jenkins. 3. Metcalf and Caldwell. 4. Herbert and Varner. 5. Metcalf and pre-injury Schlatter in the Big 10 finals. Whadda ya got? Especially you old timers?
  12. Good point. I had a slick firemans, high crotch and granby roll that caught everyone in HS. In college none of it worked - everyone's fundamentals were just too good. Had to refocus on my doubles and stand-ups that I'd neglected for so long.
  13. For me, inside trip. Looked cool, but my coach never taught it. I also may not have had the best body type for it. Runner up - lateral drop. I did have the body type for this, but never had the balls to try it in a match. Worked great on my non-wrestling friends after 6-12 beers though. Second runner-up - leg sweep (ala Matt Lackey in the finals against Letters). When done right, it looks effortless, low risk, and makes the opponent look clumsy. Just never learned it well.
  14. Danny DeVito has been selected for the role of Tom Brands.
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