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  1. Depending on where you live, it's not a mainstream sport like football, basketball or baseball. People unfamiliar with it assume it's like the WWE.
  2. I love that my generation created the participation trophy.....and now says they're the reason why Gen Z kids are so lazy.
  3. As a HS and college wrestling fan, apparently I'm the only one on here who hates professional wrestling. Our sport would get more respect and be ridiculed less if WWE did not exist.
  4. You said Griffith had a magical run at NCAAs - implication being that he had some luck. True - this is the case for many NCAA champs. AntiTroll said this was stupid - presumably because it downplays the hard work Griffith had to put in to win his title (if I can put words in his mouth). Also true - there's not an NCAA champ out there who hasn't put in extraordinary amounts of hard work. In conclusion, everybody's right.
  5. Do most NCAA champs win like Griffith (close matches and lots of luck) or by blitzing the field?
  6. Even if I give you the PSU guys (Steiber and Ringer had close matches), that's 5 guys over the last 10 yrs - proves my point that "blitzing the field" is rare. The vast majority of NCAA champs have tourneys like Griffith, not DT or Ed Ruth.
  7. Not really. And pins happen all the time between close competitors.
  8. Cassar beat Steveson 4-3 in the semis. IMar won 3-2 in the semis. I don't have time to dig deeper, but you're helping me prove the point that almost nobody "blitzes the field."
  9. Over the last 30 yrs, how many tech. falls have there been in the NCAA finals? "Blitzes the field" - give me a break.
  10. "Even for this board"? This board is actually where I come for the reasonable wrestling conversation. Have you been on Twitter? In Pat Mineo's The Wrestling Room? But you're right - the OP's statement could apply to everyone; every NCAA title run requires a series of small miracles. Many a champion has acknowledged that on any other day, the ordering of the AA finishers would be jumbled.
  11. Someone on twitter posted about Telford breaking up the feuding DeSantos, Brands, IA St. guys, etc. Said it was like Gandolf breaking up a fight in the Shire.
  12. It's nice to see that there are people as old as me on here.
  13. Glory's gonna sue the scale for making him miss weight the other week, thereby lowering his profile with corresponding NIL potential. Or he could sue Hostess for making their ding dongs too delicious to resist the night before weigh-ins.
  14. Impressed that you dug your way out of the grave with only one arm.
  15. Hope he's got more than just a cement mixer or this will be scouted by everybody after this weekend.
  16. Dude - I totally forgot KMF even existed. Thanks for the reminder - there's not too many old-timers left on this board. I'm going to pour out a 40 for my other dead homies - Big, Suzie Shagwell, 5-words, LI Marty...
  17. That's the problem and I think someone else pointed it out. We could punish him with a lower seed, but it also punishes other guys whose seeds get messed up. Most importantly, it punishes us fans who then miss out on the excitement of having the two best guys meet in the finals.
  18. Not sure how much of a difference it would make, but this type of analysis should carve out prep schools, to the extent they're pulling non-local kids.
  19. Has anyone considered maybe he's had his heart broken? What's a snapped knee ligament or two when your heart's been ripped out and stomped on by some Tri-Delt coed who let you buy her a few drinks at the Airliner before being whisked away by an Iowa basketball player who's taller than 5'5. Iowa City's a small town and these things take time to get over, people.
  20. Downey transferred to Iowa without his eligibility resolved beforehand. It happens.
  21. MI wants a strong backup in case Ragusin gets injured.
  22. I like this interpretation of loyalty. I'll use it to explain to my wife why I hook up with co-workers on business trips.
  23. You say dumb move; I say a show of confidence in his TD skills.
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