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  1. Poeta gets the TD (for the tie), then cuts him to go for another TD. Doubt he cuts him if the TD puts him up by 1.
  2. Ref calls Poeta for fleeing the mat but doesn't call him out-of-bounds (obvious error that even the announcers flag). Without that call, Poeta would be down by 1 instead of 2 in the last minute and would wrestle that last minute very differently.
  3. Too lazy to look it up, but I recall Poeta had to wrestle up a weight his first two years of college. He still made AA up a weight so I imagine he would have done some damage at his proper weight.
  4. Nolf is the better wrestler. Cenzo has bigger stones.
  5. That's a good option too. Will need to work out an arrangement where I can keep my bourbon collection there for my video review sessions.
  6. Nobody goes on the youth board so posting here - sorry. I'm considering starting a youth club in a few yrs. in an urban, under-resourced community once my youngest is off to college. Will pick an area that is a "wrestling desert" & use it to build up the local high school program. Plan to make it free - I will pay for everything (mats, uniforms, shoes, tourney fees, etc.) - my only concern is space. Anyone on here who's been involved with a youth club - what can I expect to pay for a facility or strip mall storefront? I feel like this is the most costly part of this endeavor - paying a monthly lease without having monthly club dues coming in. Would appreciate any thoughts on this if anyone has done this sort of thing before. I know cost is highly dependent on location, but let's assume in an under-resourced community property values will be low regardless. I realize I can talk to local schools to set up some sort of arrangement and that may make more fiscal sense - just trying to get a handle on all my options for now. Thanks!
  7. Uncalled for. No need to bring @matscoutwillie into this.
  8. You should've gone out the parking lot in the 3rd period and let the air out of his tires. That first-place medal gets heavy when you have to walk home.
  9. This brings back fond memories of when my parents refused to spend the money to send me there.
  10. He's only doing that because he's not in good enough shape to do burpees over him.
  11. If it were a wrestle-off in the Iowa room during an open practice, all parents should keep their yaps shut and they probably know this. This took place at a public tourney, so I can see why the CS dad felt he could be more enthusiastic, though there still ought to be some level of restraint since he's going against a teammate. Screaming and yelling throughout the match - probably not OK; one loud "yeah" after the TD - should be OK. Obviously, none of this justifies the ADS overreaction, but I don't think anyone's debating that.
  12. Someone posted what looked like an official prospective line-up program for both teams on twitter and Iowa had someone else listed at 125. Sorry.
  13. Just talked to Yianni. He says if you call him John again, he's gonna take you to the mat, not let you take him down, and win by one point with 0:02 seconds left in the match. So look out.
  14. Can't be easy being the little brother and also have such a pedestrian name to boot. It's obvious who the parents favor and it's not the one with a name taken from the Brady Bunch.
  15. How about adjustments for the fans? We missed watching the NCAA tournament in-person the last 2 yrs. Wrestlers now will be required to re-wrestle the entire bracket in April. And then again in May.
  16. Mekhi Lewis here too or is he moving up?
  17. Love watching Andonian wrestle!
  18. I disliked Ferrari until I saw him goose Steveson at photos after NCAAs. Now I just fear that he has a death wish.
  19. Fun and Jesus kill the virus. The whole PSU room is safe.
  20. Wasn't Dean's transfer initially driven by Cornell's covid vaccine mandate for students? Does PSU not have a vax mandate for students? Not trying to start a discussion of "should they or shouldn't they" - just would be surprised if PSU doesn't have a student vax mandate.
  21. Karma for bailing on his commitment to Northwestern. Same reason you'll never see Rivera or Micic win a national title. The bells toll for thee, Carter Young.....
  22. How much money do I have to pay you to let this go?
  23. I'd imagine they'd look more kindly on a private-to-public transfer, because you could always say you need to start saving on private HS tuition to afford college. I think the problem here is their local public school is the one they recently left due to issues with the coach. The better wrestlers may be able to transfer to a national prep type of school (Blair, Wyoming), not sure what options there are for the rest. One way or another, I hope these kids get to wrestle somewhere in high school.
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