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  1. I read this as the school is ineligible, not the kids (but I also don't know what I'm talking about). Could they transfer to the local public school and still be eligible?
  2. Who doesn't enjoy hearing motivational and life advice from a 15-year old on twitter?
  3. We'll see how much restraint he has.....
  4. Go back to the very first post in this thread. Yup - that was me, asking how Yianni and AOC would match up at 149 at NCAAs. You're the one who changed the subject mid-stream. You seem like the type who needs to get in the last word to feel like you "won". I'll allow you to have that.
  5. If you think Yianni wins straight up in folk, then there was no need for you to change the weight class and create a fictional freestyle match-up. Weird.
  6. This is the college board and we wrestle folkstyle. Freestyle is a different sport. How many head-to-heads does Yianni win in folkstyle?
  7. How is picking one national champ over another national champ disrespectful? Somebody's gotta win.
  8. They have Yianni ahead of him (who apparently is going 149 anyways). You have an issue with them ranking a two-time champ over a one-time champ?
  9. 10/10? Bold statement for a guy who won both his titles in the final seconds. You also have to account for the weight class jump - some guys do better up a weight; many do worse. Folkstyle match at 70kg - AOC would just be too strong for him.
  10. Bummer we won't get to see him against Yianni, but he was a huge 149 lber so this makes sense.
  11. 100%. His secret weapon was that his opponents were not prepared for his length. The more he moves up in weight, the more common his body type is.
  12. Did everyone know this already but me? How will he stack up against O'Connor/Sasso?
  13. My son always stretches out his left pec as he walks to the center. Nothing else and never the right. If you walk into a wrestling match with a tight left pec, god help you...
  14. Trump lost. It's time to move on.
  15. We're always wondering on here how wrestlers from different generations would match up against each other. We don't have to wonder with Micic - we get to see it live.
  16. I've only ever seen it in the middle (PA, OH, MO). Also the floor seating is deceptive. Paid a premium for it one year thinking it would be the best view in the house, but ended up watching most matches on the overhead scoreboard.
  17. Done. See how easy that is, TripNSweep?
  18. Why? 99% of us are here to discuss wrestling and don't care about this personal dispute. Never letting something go is not a sign of strength, it's a sign of weakness.
  19. One of my favorite brackets. Had former finalists Alex Tirapelle & Percival. Former champs Bertin & Gentry. Future champ Paulson. Plus a few other scrubs thrown in there like Joe Johnson & CP Schlatter.
  20. These days, all he does is lock himself in his studio for hours on end and creates the same art over and over..... nudes of Bubba Jenkins. Sometimes it's paintings, sometimes sculptures, but it's always Bubba and he's always nude. I hope this answers your question.
  21. I remember reading a story about a wrestler coming back from the Olympics to coach at Indiana, overstaying his time in the gym one day, and Knight came in with the bball team, and got in the guys face screaming at him. It didn't end well for Knight (but apparently the two became good friends afterwards).
  22. They absolutely would. I remember Brands pulling their 184 against Herbert a few yrs back, which led to Iowa's first dual team loss to NU in decades (maybe ever?), out of concern his confidence would get damaged. Add to that the fact that nobody cares about dual meets. It's all about Big Tens and NCAAs.
  23. Your wrestling style can be similar to someone without you being as good as him.
  24. If he was passing up a guaranteed title at 133, then this would look more heroic. Probably tougher to make the finals at 133 than 125 though. In the end, I don't really care about what his motivation is. If we get to see 2-3 Suriano-Lee matches this year, we all win.
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