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  1. Mr. Bartlett is going to have fun @ 141!!! P.S. The PSU "Train"!!!
  2. First and foremost you say congrats to all onboard The PSU "Train"...No one person can claim victory but the leadership has and will pay dividends...Mr. Gable had unlimited scholarships and from a coaching standpoint if you don't want to put in the time you ride the pine...As a PSU fan to watch 5 for 5 within 5 years is beyond incredible...Last but least Mr. Clown Face Mr. Dean is a "NCAA Champion" and scored more than...!!! Max Dean (Penn State) 21.5 Cohlton Schultz (Arizona State) 20 Yianni Diakomihalis (Cornell) 20
  3. You are not mentioning Mr. Lewan who Mr. Young has to wrestle...Iowa vs Michigan...Mr. Carr has two landmines!!! P.S. The PSU "Train"!!!
  4. First and Foremost you are not a PSU fan and the draw is good...Getting a shot at #1 early could pay dividends and put the tournament out of reach for Iowa and Michigan...Kerk will either win or wrestle for 3rd!!! P.S. The PSU "Train"!!!
  5. "Stickey Bun" Bio!!! Moriah Marinelli was named Director of Wrestling Operations in June 2019. Marinelli graduated from the University of Iowa in 2019 with a degree in Heath and Human Physiology. She was a manager for the Hawkeye wrestling team from 2015-19 and has four years of administrative experience working with the Hawkeye Wrestling Club. She lives in Coralville with her husband, Alex P.S. The PSU "Train"!!!
  6. First and foremost Congrats to Michigan 49 years is a long time most likely older than "Stickey Bun"...The PSU "Train" has nothing to hang their collective heads about first tournament of the season and already gaming for the next and more critical tournament...Didn't see that coming and hopefully things change in 11 days!!! Drew Hildebrandt (Penn State) 0
  7. Maybe "Stickey Bun" can disclose the facts...6-4 split was the outcome but has Iowa ever lost 125, 133 and 141 in a DUAL??? P.S. The PSU "Train"!!!
  8. Stickey Bun...Pay Attention!!! #1 Penn State 29, #3 Michigan 6 January 21, 2022 – Ann Arbor, Mich. 125: #1 Nick Suriano MICH dec. #7 Drew Hildebrandt PSU, 2-1 0-3 133: #1 Roman Bravo-Young PSU dec. #8 Dylan Ragusin MICH, 8-1 3-3 141: #1 Nick Lee PSU tech fall Drew Mattin MICH, 21-6 (TF; 6:36) 8-3 149: #19 Beau Bartlett PSU inj. def. Cole Mattin MICH, Ing. Def. (0:13) 14-3 157: #15 Will Lewan MICH dec. Terrell Barraclough PSU, 5-2 14-6 165: #16 Brady Berge PSU dec. #10 Cameron Amine MICH, 3-1 17-6 174: #1 Carter Starocci PSU dec. #6 Logan Massa MICH, 3-2 20-6 184: #1 Aaron Brooks PSU dec. #2 Myles Amine MICH, 3-1 23-6 197: #2 Max Dean PSU dec. #8 Patrick Brucki MICH, 6-4 (sv) 26-6 285: #4 Greg Kerkvliet PSU dec. #2 Mason Parris MICH, 8-5 29-6 Attendance: 6,185 Records: Penn State (12-0, 4-0 B1G); Michigan (5-1, 1-1 B1G) Up Next for Penn State: at Michigan State, Sunday, Jan. 23, 1 p.m. (B1G+) Time to head to the basement...Lets go Brandon!!!
  9. 1/28/2022 has Iowa lost by more than a 7-3 split @ CHA?...The PSU "Train" did that and will most likely repeat but 8-2 or 9-1 is possible!!!
  10. Quit Thinking...The PSU "Train" is on its way!!!
  11. Stickey Bun not so happy tonight...The PSU "Train" #1...Keep doubting you worthless peace of ****!!!
  12. Lehigh did send 10 and garnished 11.5 so maybe...
  13. First and Foremost Congrats to Iowa 2021 NCAA Champions...The PSU "Train" had a shot but came up short...4 for 4 in the finals did make the 2nd place finish not feel so bad...Hopefully we get a full season in 2022 and bring home another 4 individual Champions and the team title as well!!! P.S. Hurry November!!!
  14. Mr. Carr to PSU as well...
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