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  1. Lehigh did send 10 and garnished 11.5 so maybe...
  2. First and Foremost Congrats to Iowa 2021 NCAA Champions...The PSU "Train" had a shot but came up short...4 for 4 in the finals did make the 2nd place finish not feel so bad...Hopefully we get a full season in 2022 and bring home another 4 individual Champions and the team title as well!!! P.S. Hurry November!!!
  3. Mr. Carr to PSU as well...
  4. The first match is key to the second...If all goes well Mr. Kerk will let it fly and advance to the Semi's...With that said I'll take Mr. Kerk in sudden victory!!! P.S. The PSU "Train"!!!
  5. How good is Mr. Bartlett...Mr. N. Lee may not have a choice and 149 is his only option...For this dual that would make sense either way!!! P.S. The PSU "Train"!!!
  6. Never a done deal...Nobody seen that coming but guess what!!! https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=spencer+lee+high+school+finals&docid=608037751928785514&mid=361EC74CDD7459E3348C361EC74CDD7459E3348C&view=detail&FORM=VIRE P.S. The PSU "Train"!!!
  7. Does he weigh in with the 10 pound knee/leg brace...Maybe why he is not so strong in the 3rd but the damage is already done!!!
  8. First and foremost The PSU "Train" finished 2019 with 137.5 points and Iowa struggled to get 76!!! >>> Mr. Cassar injured wrestling a freestyle tournament >>> Mr. Nevills steps in and takes some lumps expected >>>Mr. Berge injured wrestling a freestyle tournament...Ranked top 5 and now who knows >>>Mr. Young making noise and getting better every match >>>Mr. Lee now #1 >>>Mr. Verkleeren taking two top 5/6 wrestlers to SV is progress >>> Mr. Joseph on a mission >>>Mr. Hall a little aggressive at CHA or your mighty Hawkeyes lose the dual >>>Mr. Brooks continues to improve >>>Mr. Rasheed could peak at just the right time Bottom line you're a dickhead!!! P.S. The PSU "Train"!!!
  9. The "Flap" would no doubt envite her to the Stabin Cabin...He has a thing for blonds!!!
  10. I did watch the Iowa match and now it makes since...Key 165!!! >>> You might want to pump your brakes and slow your roll...Jan 31st might not be so entertaining and no tears!!! P.S. The PSU "Train"!!!
  11. No. 12 Pitt 19*, No. 7 Lehigh 18 125 – Brandon Paetzell (Lehigh) Fall Louis Newell (Pitt) 4:27 133 – Micky Philippi (Pitt) dec. Nick Farro (Lehigh) 3-0 141 – Ryan Pomrinca (Lehigh) dec. Cole Matthews (Pitt) 10-8, sv 149 – Jimmy Hoffman (Lehigh) dec. Luke Kemerer (Pitt) 6-1 157 – Taleb Rahmani (Pitt) Fall Josh Humphreys (Lehigh) 5:48 165 – Jake Wentzel (Pitt) dec. Brian Meyer (Lehigh) 7-1 174 – Jordan Kutler (Lehigh) dec. Gregg Harvey (Pitt) 4-1 184 – Nino Bonaccorsi (Pitt) dec. Chris Weiler (Lehigh) 8-3 197 – Jake Jakobsen (Lehigh) dec. Kellan Stout (Pitt) 4-1 285 – Demetrius Thomas (Pitt) dec. Jordan Wood (Lehigh) 10-6 Attendance – 1,489 * Pitt wins on third criteria: 39-34 edge in total match points P.S. Looking forward to 12/6!!!
  12. First and Foremost all have a "Happy" Thanksgiving!!! >>> Congrats to ASU wrestled with intensity and urgency >>> 60 dual win strike ended >>> Non conference dual still in the mix for B1G dual champions >>> Plenty of options to field a tournament team that will make it "5" consecutive NCAA Championships >>> Once we see 157 and 184 mat things will improve immediately >>> US Open still a priority >>> As is stands I see 4 finalist with the potential of 3 more >>> Maybe sugar cookie is Gonzo P.S. The PSU "Train"!!!
  13. This will be on National TV so if Mr. Beard is ready...Its go time...Not like a he's a true freshman!!! P.S. The PSU "Train"!!!
  14. Mr. Hoffman was recruited to wrestle 197 and I believe his brother had similar issues with cutting... P.S. The PSU "Train"!!!
  15. Mr. Cox has more to decide 86kg or 97kg in 2020...Mr. Taylor may never wrestle again and Mr. Nickal will thrive @ 86kg either way...Gwiz vs Cassar interesting...Congrats to Mr. Retherford!!! P.S. The PSU "Train"!!!
  16. So now a Cornell fan with some tOSU and maybe Iowa on the side...
  17. CJC the business man you are can you start a thread with all predictions to include who the USA will field at the 2019 World Championships...The rest of the world will pay attention... P.S. The PSU "Train"!!!
  18. If you think winning a dual 7-5 is a massive gap I feel sorry for you...You could see any of the top 12 knock off Yianni he will have to wrestle much improved competition to get his 2nd...Tournament wrestling is just that no real spotlight until the Semi's he will not dominate like last year...Mr. Lee will be in the mix!!! P.S. The PSU "Train"!!!
  19. Name one institution that offers a degree that is in the red...Some schools have billions in the bank!!!
  20. This was a ESPN+ event anyone have attendance numbers? P.S. #6 vs #7!!!
  21. You may be correct...Mr. Diakomihlais will face Mr. Gil in the EIWA Championships and Mr. Eierman will face Mr. Kelly/Mr. Lantry in the MAC...The B1G along with Mr. Alber will make the 2019 bracket way more interesting than 2018!!!
  22. As I recall several folks were in the mix to include Mr. Terry Brands...Mr. Flynn and even the great Mr. Koll...Mr. Sanderson reached out and the deal was cut...Divide and conquer plus the family came as well...The PSU "Train" was born and hasn't looked back since!!!
  23. He is ranked 4th with a record of 19-3!!!
  24. You folks need to look back maybe 5 or 10 years ago...ESPN and the BTN have provided more and more coverage...The problem is when things start to boom they show a dual with 100 people in the stands...No fans no coverage bottom line!!! P.S. The PSU "Train"!!!
  25. Mr. McKenna...Controls the 1st period then dominates the rest of the match!!!
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