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  1. Anyone know where i can find the video of Derek Moore's top clinic at NHSCA years ago, saw it on the internet shortly after he did it, but havent been able to find it since? I think it was on the old NHSCA site? Any help is appreciated.
  2. I got the email last night, and was able to purchase immediately. Only 200 level though, so thought maybe it was a weird presale and 100's would be available at official start, but now 300's are best available so plenty of people have been able to buy. Very weird...
  3. The real question is who won it in 1996-1997. No issue with him doing the broadcast, and congratulations on the award, but he did not add anything of value to the broadcast. If I wanted to hear someone bash the ref for an entire dual they could just pump in the crowd noise. It's nice to hear a homer announcer at times, because they can add some interesting facts that only people who follow the program have (i.e. Ironside), but Byers did not do that. He whined about the ref, and I felt took away from one of the biggest duals of the year. J-Rob (team tourney) versus Cael (individual tourney), PSU vs Minnesota, tons of great story lines. Oh well still a great match. 2013-14 - Mark Bader, Flowrestling 2012-13 - Steven Grace & Mark Ironside, KXIC Radio AM-800 2011-12 - Ben Hupke, Hupke Wrestling Productions 2010-11 – Shane Sparks, BadgerStateWrestling.com 2009-10 – Jason Bryant, USA Wrestling 2008-09 – Steve Foster, Takedown Radio 2007-08 – Tim Johnson, Big Ten Network 2006-07 – Jeff Byers, Penn State Radio 2005-06 – Ken Chertow, CSTV 2004-05 – Chris Bevilacqua, CSTV 2003-04 – Jim Gibbons, IPTV 2002-03 – Scott Casber, Takedown Radio, KXNO 2001-02 – J. Carl Guymon, KSPI Radio 2000-01 – Larry Nugent, USA Sports Broadcasting 1999-00 – Mark Allen, KXIC Radio 1998-99 – Dan Gable, IPTV 1997-98 – Dr. Dave Bennett 1996-97 – Unknown 1995-96 – Jeff Blatnick 1994-95 – Doug Brown/Tim Johnson, IPTV 1993-94 – Russ Hellickson, NBC/TBS 1992-93 – Larry Sheridan & Shel Siegel, WLVT 1991-92 – Doug Brooker, Iowa Public Television
  4. Big time swing match here, Beitz vs. Short
  5. If you don't bleed Penn State blue, this announcer is unbearable. I almost jumped out of my seat for a Gulibon escape, haha.
  6. It's Cornell somehow someway the first year Cisneros starts will be his first year of eligibility. Koll is a master of eligibility, most thought (or at least I did) Villalonga was a senior until a week before NCAA's.
  7. Looks like certain matches were saved for the televised portion.
  8. Also sent a PM, not sure if it worked, rshear13@yahoo.com Thanks
  9. Hold a special wrestle off for non olympic weights after the world team is established for the non olympic weights. It eliminates any loss of ego for running from Burroughs etc., and allows for the best team to be put on display.
  10. As per twitter (Josh Lowe), Tessari to Hofstra.
  11. I actually think the one five and two threes actually diminishes the likelihood of throws. Kids just won't wrestle from positions where a throw is likely to occur. Kids will back out, flee, and I think it promotes the so called negative wrestling. Although my opinion does not matter, and I am not sure who's opinion does matter anymore. Not trying to be super negative I just loved seeing where the rules seemed to be going, but I was way wrong.
  12. Was all in, the way they were interpreted at Fila Cadets, it actually seemed like a wrestling match again and now they change again. They will never get it right, and cadets two two minute periods.
  13. They weren't working in the morning, which is maybe what you were talking about. It seems like the kinks are worked out and is working fine. Glad to see these events are now all going to streaming format.
  14. I hate more rules, but if referees are not going to call it and to keep them from getting involved a riding time point should only be earned if the top man receives "one swipe" for backpoints. The top man does not need to get backpoints, but one swipe by the referee at least shows that the top guy is trying to turn while on top.
  15. This National Duals has been exciting and great to watch, but has also proved that the true championships are decided at the individual tournament. The finals of the "National Duals" have begun on live stream. I was excited to watch the final dual, but it appears again that they will jump between the final bout and the consolation bout depending on the "individual match". I love the dual meet season and past national duals, but the individual tournament and team race is still the best formula. The producers seem to agree.
  16. Agreed, one of the best things to come out of flo in awhile. Can not wait for next episode.
  17. I have one ticket in lehigh section for sale face value. E-mail me for details. rshear13@yahoo.com
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