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  1. John Smith is six time world champ who has no obvious muscles. His techniques are quite beyond many, though. Then again- 13 times world champ Alexander Karelin is considered perfect “experiment”.
  2. “Possible sexual assault with a object”? Sounds like hazing with some kind of broom handle. I have seen that hazing among the athletes way back in 80s and still does today. It could be an athlete being reamed for hazing purposes. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the case.
  3. Wrestled Dave Schultz at summer camp. Boy.... I still can’t figure out his takedown technique to this day. Absolutely too advanced for anyone.
  4. Saw it too. Hawkeyes were certainly something with NCAA record 170 points with six finalists and five champions. It was the last year of Dan Gable’s career. Overtime rules are bit tougher than now. In overtime, it literally goes to sudden death in every period. I think the present overtime rules are bit fairer with giving each wrestler a chance to ride out. Lots of studs there in 1997.
  5. 125 - Riveria 133 - Micic 141 - Joey McKenna 149 - Micah Jordan 157 - Nolf 165 - Marinelli 174 - Zahid 184 - Myles Martin 197 - Kollin Moore HWT - Stevenson Team - by a stunner- tOSU! What? I gotta support my team!
  6. Well. Ohio State vs Michigan is considered THE GAME for all of us- the fans of Ohio State and Michigan in any sport. They know what THE GAME means.
  7. It will be televised on BTN live at 7 pm EST. It’s going to be a huge game. They are nearly even. My predictions- 125- Malik Hinselman by a decision 3-0 tOSU 133- Micic by a narrow decision 3-3 TIE I want Luke to prove me wrong! 141- Joey McKenna by a decision 6-3 tOSU Kanen Is dangerous but Joey is too strong for him. 149- Micah Jordan by a major decision. 10-3 tOSU. 157- it’s a tossup. Which Alec would show up?? I’m calling Ke-Shawn Hayes by a decision. 13-3 tOSU 165- Poor Kaleb Romero. He keeps getting the tough opponent. Logan Massa by a decision. 13-6 tOSU 174- there is no chance that either Te’Shan Campbell or Ethan Smith would be able to match up with strong Myles Anime. Anime by a major. 13-10 tOSU 184- Myles Martin continues to have bonus points streak. Myles by a tech fall. 18-10 tOSU 197- Kollin Moore should win by a narrow major decision. 22-10 tOSU HWT- that’s the rather interesting match. Chase Singletary already has beaten Mason Parris earlier this season. Would Mason improve and surprise Chase? Ok, I’m picking Chase to repeat winning but by very narrow decision 25-10 tOSU. Of course, Michigan can surprise by taking 125 and HWT which would have resulted into narrower tOSU win- 19-16.
  8. Ohio State vs Michigan will be televised on Big Ten Network this Friday the 25th at 7 pm. It is going to be a huge game because it is nearly even with slight advantage to tOSU.
  9. Very surprising. I would have assumed that they would put Bekbulatov regardless of outcome due to his winning Yargyin four straight times. I would have complained that Bekbulatov is not there - very loudly.
  10. I take it that there were no conference championships for Oklahoma state back then? I wonder when did they start wrestling in conference championships?
  11. Yep. Even though he won 2 NCAAs. Is there any other multi NCAA champion who never won their conf championship? Pretty sure that there are quite numerous ncaa champions not winning their conf champions. But multi ncaa champ without conf championship is very rare.
  12. No Illyas Bekbulatov??!! What happened to that 4x Ivan Yargyin champion?? He’s the greatest Yargyin wrestler ever I saw.
  13. I wrestled Dave in practices during Stanford summer camps in 1986. He outweighs me but wow, I don’t know how but he easily threw me over his head EVEN when we were at neutral starting positions! His techniques were out of the world and hard to duplicate. He didn’t brutalize me probably because I was about 16 that time. I wasn’t a threat to him- More like an ant to him. I knew that Royce Alger was quite a bull back then. I have seen Royce bull-roll against Kevin Jackson (the same 3x world champ) in 1987 NCAA finals at U of MD. Royce was the kind that would do heavy bull rush every time he wrestle. (He was at super bull level, way above Alex Marinelli level), I would assume that Dave knew that Royce outweighed him and would be a problem for him. I would think Dave had to show Royce that Dave wasn’t the one to mess around or do a bull run on. I guessed It worked for Dave as Royce is forced to respect him at the practices.
  14. Nick Reenan lost to Myles Martin. Joe Smith lost too
  15. I wouldn’t count Lee out just now. He lost in last year Midlands and Big Tens but still won the NCAAs.
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