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    Buckeyebison reacted to LemonPie in Ohio State - Stanford   
    Jesus, will Sasso's knee hold up for 4 years? rubber knees are gross 
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    Buckeyebison reacted to steamboat_charlie v2 in Ohio State Wrestleoffs   
    Wrestle-offs generally are a bit underwhelming, and this was not an exception.  The laggy stream certainly didn't help either.  Regardless, I'm just glad we've finally got some more wrestling to watch.
    For Ohio State, I'm sure they were hoping to get a few more answers out of the evening.  As it stands now, there are still a lot of questions about the lineup.  
    125 -- Heinselman looked sharp, but we're not going to know where he stands until we see him against some quality competition.  There are a lot of guys between him and a podium spot right now.  The top 6 at 125 look pretty much locked in... so the question is, can he sneak into the 7 or 8 spot?  He's got Townsell on 11/15 and Myers on 11/17, so we'll know more soon.
    133 -- Decatur is a stud.... on his feet.  Everyone in the country has the same question about him.  If his mat game is just passable, he could be an AA threat.  Physically he's ready for college competition, I don't think that's a question.  
    141 -- Pletcher is really good.  Everyone knows that.  Can he be the best guy in the country though?  Also, Kinner is very solid.  If Pletcher stays 141 all year, which I assume he will, hopefully Kinner goes to Midlands or the Scuffle.  
    149 -- Sasso.  If he's as good as I think he is, he'll quickly become one of the most popular wrestlers in the country.  He was looking for a big move to put on a bit of a show but Grenier wrestled tough. I don't think Hayes beats Sasso, but we haven't seen Hayes at the right weight in 3 years.  
    157 -- Cleary won because he's the smarter wrestler.  There's something there with Mattox, but he's missing the last 25%.  Why go back to the same claw spiral ride in OT that got you reversed in regulation... to what? Try to pick up a cheap set of back points?  I expect Mattox probably wins the better percentage of their matchups in the room, but when it comes to a real pressure situation his brain goes out the window.  This weight is definitely not yet decided--if it is Cleary, I'm happy for the guy.  Grinding for three years without starting, and finally with the spot?  Those guys are few and far between these days for the top programs.  He'll compete well in the Big 10 at 157 this year, which is surprisingly weak in the conference.  He'll lose to Deakin, Young, and probably Berge, but I think he can compete with the Barone's and Brolsma's of the world.  He beat Lewan last year. 
    165 -- Kharchla wins a very interesting matchup.  Smith had significantly higher output but it seems to be nearly impossible to get Kharchla out of position, although familiarity is certainly a factor.  Last year Smith got to basically everyone's legs--he just couldn't finish.  He had a hell of a time even touching Kharchla's. I expected Kharchla to take more attacks, but credit to Smith for keeping him on the back foot. I don't think the plan changes at this weight, wrestle Smith all year unless Kharchla makes it absolutely impossible, or there is a shift in the landscape and the extra team points actually make a difference.
    174 -- Rocky Jordan displays that typical Jordan Trained™ prowess on his feet by winning with a.... a rideout? Romero looked far superior on the feet, and probably should have scored twice.  Rocky had a hard time holding position and couldn't put together any real attacks.  I don't know what to think about this match.  I want to cut Rocky a break, since it's his first semi-real match in 2 years.  I also think Romero deserved to win, but if he really has that big of a whole in his game on bottom, he's just not going to win meaningful matches at this level.  I don't remember him being specifically terrible on bottom last year... so maybe more credit is due to Rock?  Tons of questions still here.  
    184 -- Steiner wins a match I wish I had not seen.  The signs were already there with Hoffman's freestyle results... and credit to Steiner, but this is simply a match Hoffman can't lose.  I think he'll get back on track, and the spot is definitely his, but he looks a far shout from AA caliber right now.  
    197 -- Kollin
    285 -- remains to be seen.  
    So basically, there are still major question marks at 157, 165, 174, 184, and 285. Glad college wrestling is finally back. 
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    Buckeyebison reacted to skidoojunky in Gable   
    I probably looked like a total fanboy when I asked him to take a picture with my kids. When the twins asked me who he was without hesitation I said “the greatest wrestler of all times”. Now my son tells everyone about his photo opp with his twin sister and Dan Gable.
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    Buckeyebison reacted to StallWarning in Stop 1984ing us   
    I demand a recount.
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    Buckeyebison got a reaction from pamela in Steveson in trouble   
    “Possible sexual assault with a object”? Sounds like hazing with some kind of broom handle. I have seen that hazing among the athletes way back in 80s and still does today.

    It could be an athlete being reamed for hazing purposes. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the case.
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    Buckeyebison reacted to TobusRex in The Mekhi Lewis Juggernaut   
    I still like the Bull. He isn't the best guy at 165, probably will never be, but genetically superior bald people have to stick together!
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    Buckeyebison reacted to ohcomeon in Steveson in trouble   
    Gable must have got the wrong impression when his coaches told him to "bring his hips to the party."
    I'll see myself out. 
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    Buckeyebison got a reaction from Grecojones in Steveson in trouble   
    “Possible sexual assault with a object”? Sounds like hazing with some kind of broom handle. I have seen that hazing among the athletes way back in 80s and still does today.

    It could be an athlete being reamed for hazing purposes. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the case.
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    Buckeyebison reacted to dmm53 in Final X Rutgers live thread   
    Correction: Cox did do something.   He sweated.  And sweated. And sweated.
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    Buckeyebison reacted to AHamilton in Who's the best wrestler you've ever wrestled?   
    Jeff Blatnick.  In practice.  Did not go well.  
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    Buckeyebison reacted to WillieBoy in Who's the best wrestler you've ever wrestled?   
    Yojo Uetake. I lost.
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    Buckeyebison reacted to BigTimeFan in WTT Trial Finals Thread   
    Downey - Heflin could end in handcuffs the way this is going. 
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    Buckeyebison reacted to Full Nelson in Men’s freestyle WTT day 1 thread   
    I like the enthusiasm of the Flo guys.   But when they shout into the microphones my wife comes into room and tells me to turn it down.   
    Well, guess I can't blame Flo for all of my domestic problems.   But they have technical details to work on.
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    Buckeyebison reacted to JasonBryant in End of regular season: Make your NCAA champ picks   
    Tim Conway is a national treasure ... unless he’s done something I didn’t read about.
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    Buckeyebison reacted to randyfoxwell in End of regular season: Make your NCAA champ picks   
    125: Lee
    133: Micic
    141: Mckenna
    149: Finesilver
    157: Nolf
    165: Rogers
    174: Valencia
    184: Martin
    197:  Moore
    Heavy: Cassar
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    Buckeyebison reacted to madcat11 in Worst Calls, NCAA Finals   
    Ian Miller vs Realbuto
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    Buckeyebison reacted to Rakkasan91 in Worst Calls, NCAA Finals   
    I don't think the no fall call was the most egregious part of that match.  I still contend that two of the takedown calls were much worse.
    JO/Stieber:  At that time, I still say no takedown.  Rules changed to make it so.
    Wilps/Brown:  I think the official had to call that because he had to review it.  He may have wanted to ignore it but once that challenge was out there, he was forced to review it and it was there.
    The Kent State wrestler that had the wrong score recorded and the NCAA wished that away was pretty bad for a non-final.
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    Buckeyebison reacted to Perry in Worst Calls, NCAA Finals   
    Mark hall vs bo jordan a couple years ago 
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    Buckeyebison reacted to lu_alum in Worst Calls, NCAA Finals   
    Lee Kemp referee decision.

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    Buckeyebison reacted to GoNotQuietly in Worst Calls, NCAA Finals   
    Ian Miller not being in one is the worst NCAA finals call.
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    Buckeyebison reacted to TheOhioState in Michigan at Ohio State on Jan 25th   
    The way you express yourself on these boards, I'm betting that the over/under on the age is about 19.
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    Buckeyebison reacted to BadgerMon in Dave Schultz/Royce Alger Story   
    Found this...
    Randy Lewis on Dave Schultz
    « on: February 01, 2014, 03:21:00 AM »   I pulled Randy's post from the mat...

    With the Dave Schultz tournament going on this weekend, and my good friend Royce Alger telling his story about his first workout with Dave Schultz on Facebook, I thought it would be appropriate to tell my story of my first and ONLY workout with the great Dave Schultz. Dave was a great friend of mine, and we were teammates many times and were at training camps together many times, but I only got on the mat with him one time, for a total of just one minute. I would often roll around with bigger wrestlers in practice, but I was always afraid to wrestle Dave Schultz. Dave was the nicest guy in the world off the mat, but I knew that on the mat he was a different animal. I had seen enough of Dave Schultz in matches and in practice to know that on the mat he was as Stephen A Smith would say “A BAD MAN!!!”
    I always felt like if I were to wrestle him, I would be unable to protect myself. It turns out I was correct!!! I remember one time at the 1984 Olympic training camp and Dave didn’t have a partner and he asked me if I wanted to roll around a little. I said “Dave, I am not ever going to wrestle with you until I am retired! I don’t want to get hurt!” One year later, I had temporarily retired, and I was at a world team practice and guys were switching partners, and Dave said to me “Lewboo, now that you are retired you want to roll with me?” I said “Not really but I will for a little bit.” Just as I got paired up with Dave, coach Jim Humphries, who was running the practice announced, “1 minute periods, par terre, world team member on top!” I thought, really, one minute underneath Dave Schultz, that doesn’t sound very fun! Well, it took about 15 seconds for Dave to get my right foot placed up over my left ear, bending my body in a very painful way! My knee, my hip, my back, my neck, and my shoulder were all being wrenched at the same time! Pain was shooting through my entire body, and I was trying to roll over onto my back as fast as I could! Unfortunately for me I couldn’t move! Somehow, my neck and head got twisted so that my mouth and nose were stuck in the mat, and I couldn’t breathe. Not only was my body in severe pain, but now I was also suffocating, and I couldn’t reach Dave with either of my hands to tap out. My body somehow got stuck in a position where I couldn’t roll over, and Dave kept cranking harder and harder to try and turn me. I was stuck in this position for about 45 seconds, in severe pain and suffocating, unable to turn over and just as I started to black out, coach Humphries saved my LIFE by blowing the whistle. Dave let me go, and I rolled over onto my back, sobbing uncontrollably, and hyperventilating trying to catch my breath. Dave looked at me and said, wow, I can’t believe you didn’t turn over, I was really cranking hard. I said I was trying as hard as I could to turn over, but I couldn’t. I cried like a baby for about 5 minutes straight after that, and I never wrestled with Dave Schultz again. I have told this story to many other wrestlers when they ask me about Dave, and I follow it up by saying yeah, Dave was pretty good on top, but he couldn’t turn me! Writing this brings tears to my eyes and I and the wrestling world miss Dave so much, he was such a great person and such a great wrestler.
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    Buckeyebison got a reaction from mlbruem in Michigan at Ohio State on Jan 25th   
    Well. Ohio State vs Michigan is considered THE GAME for all of us- the fans of Ohio State and Michigan in any sport. They know what THE GAME means.  
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    Buckeyebison reacted to BadgerMon in Steveson workout video   
    Great work ethic, great drop-step and reflexes, loves to tackle... excellent traits for an inside linebacker.
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    Buckeyebison reacted to Katie in Steveson workout video   
    Haselrig is a unicorn:
    He won a PA high school title despite attending a high school that didn't have a wrestling team. He won three D1 titles despite competing for a D2 team. He made it to the Pro Bowl despite never playing football in college.
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