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  1. Housebuye, you beat me to the punch. Well said.
  2. Proof that his knee is still bad. He is in such pain that he had to fall on his side rather than put weight on that leg. My guess is that he will be so hobbled this year, he will pin no more than 90% of his opponents.
  3. He did go on to represent the U.S.A. on two Olympic teams.
  4. Expecting the athlete to overrule his coaches in the heat of battle is kind of absurd. I realize that is does happen now and then, but generally most athletes defer to the coaches figuring that they saw something that the wrestler might have missed while in a flurry. Don't blame the wrestler for a poor challenge decision by two experienced coaches.
  5. The challenge right off the bat in the first round by either Zadick or Manning ultimately cost Burroughs the match. I was kind of puzzled when the challenge came in for two reasons. 1. The call looked spot on correct and I couldn't even guess what the challenge was for (I am guessing they wanted a 2 pt TD rather than a step 1 pt step out, but it was not there). 2. Why would you challenge to get one more point while leading by 1 to risk giving up 1 with a much higher probability of the latter happening? At the time the challenge was thrown, Burroughs was leading 1-0 on the step out. After they lost the challenge Burroughs was trailing 1-1, criteria. It made no sense to risk that. That also changed the strategy of the match from Burroughs leading at the time, to losing. Utimately Burroughs loses 10-10 criteria. That one point hanging out there bigger than ever.
  6. Bob D, if someone post on here that most NCAA champions were former High School State Champions, I'll be waiting for you to prove them wrong by listing all wrestlers who were HS state champions that didn't win an NCAA title.
  7. Hahaha. Yep, no proof at all. Pure coincidence. Also, you do realize that Jay Robinson made two world teams and was on our 1972 Olympic team, right.
  8. Who are three of the top wrestling coaches that the NCAA has seen in the last 30 years. Arguably Dan Gable, Cael Sanderson, and John Smith. Hmmm, what do they have in common as competitors? I don't recall anyone saying that wrestlers should ONLY listen to elite athletes, but if I have the choice of listening to someone who succeeded at the top level in wrestling and someone who has a pocket full of certificates, I'll go with the former.
  9. If I were still competing, I would much rather hear what 3x NCAA champ and world bronze medalist Jden Cox has to say on strength and conditioning training than someone who has a shiny masters degree from wherever/Univ. and has never had any success in wrestling and possibly never even wrestled. Champions generally had great coaching and training and have a pretty good idea on what it took to win.
  10. Current rules are the best in decades. Probably the best ever. Leave them alone for a while.
  11. Yes, and he also had 16 pins and 6 decisions last year which are all bonus point wins.
  12. Bo Nickal at 197 wins the weight handily including beating Moore with bonus points. The tougher match would be against Zahid if he moves up to 184.
  13. Lotsa love here. Can't wait to see him shock the field.
  14. Snyder and Sadulaev were separated because they were both multiple time World Champions and defending Olympic Champs. As much as I like David Taylor, I doubt he will get any preferential treatment from UWW without a single World medal on his resume.
  15. Lets see. 4 time NCAA finalist and Two time champ. Two time Hodge winner. World cup champ by pinning defending Olympic gold medalist. Yarygin champ. Pan Am champ. What is your idea of Great?
  16. For anybody with any class, the simple answer is, You don't discuss medical issues. Especially rumors of mental health.
  17. Same thing happened when they had WTT at Carver Hawkeye arena a few years ago. As soon as there were no Iowa wrestlers remaining in a session, the stands would clear out to less than half even though there were many matches left with some of our most decorated wrestlers. Very odd.
  18. He was a good skier but a victim of the weather that day. Forecast for the day was cloudy down below and sunny in the trees. Sorry for that.
  19. Zahid did lose to Mark Hall last year in the NCAA semis
  20. Sadulaev jumped straight from a cadet world tilte to Seniors and won a world gold first time out, followed up by two more senior world titles in the next two years. Hard to see that ever happening again.
  21. Once a school gets on a roll, every top ranked kid wants to go there, so that school tends to keep winning. Oklahoma state did this for decades in the mid 1900's. Iowa took this role from the late 70's for the next few decades. Now it is Penn State. The trick is getting it going for a few years. Takes a great coach to pull this off and hold it. Each of these schools had/have great coaches. The only question a top ranked kid has right now is "can I break the lineup at Penn State". Where is the best school to go to win an NCAA title is not in doubt right now.
  22. Wrestlestat is great data but you really need to do a couple changes. 1. Don't put so much weight on previous accomplishments. There are a number of cases where a young wrestler demolishes a veteran and still gets ranked lower because of legacy points from previous years. There are lots of examples of this but look no further than Tomasello and Spencer Lee. 2. When someone is out and not wrestling due to injury, the formula needs to take that into account and drop their ranking or remove them. Ashnault as #1 all year made wrestlestat look ridiculous. This issue goes back to Jesse Delgado and beyond.
  23. I don't think I can ever get tired of watching that. To pull off that move after trying to belly out and then coming back to it is kind of hard to believe that he made that move work.
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