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  1. Say spenser lee defeats Suriano, how many team points does this score for Iowa? Would these mean four points, an addittonal one for major decision, 1.5 for tech, and two for pin? So between 4-6 pts?
  2. Hayes best win is against number 7 Thomsen, of UNI in a tight match, at this point he looks to place 5-8. Just has to avoid the upsets from a guys like Heilman or Deluca, those are the guys he will wrestle to AA.
  3. Rasheed only has two losses, one was to basically number one ranked darmstadt and think at some point in that tournament rasheed was slightly injured.
  4. Keaton Anderson had a bad knee injury Ohio State 2002 ncaas, was number two seed, ended up taking sixth. I think suriano could not even walk, i believe he could barely walk to the center of the mat to shake the other guys hand to take his fft at big tens. This maybe a different situation than suriano injury.
  5. Nolf was walking with a slight limp with no crutches per the PSU wrestling forum. I think he will wrestle, just like morningstar did a few years ago, think morningstar was injured even worse.
  6. Kuhn will have the buffalo 125 for the last dual of the PSU season, think he is ranked like l30s in the coaches rankings and won a few matches at ncaa last year, so that will show if he is ncaa qualifier level.
  7. is manville in the PSU wrestling room on a daily basis or focusing on greco? Is he certified to wrestle at 157? Is he just way to big for the weight?
  8. Oh man that did not look good, nolfs face look concerned and he is a tough dude.
  9. what is going on with nevills, lost to nc state stanford and michigan majored him, worried he will not aa.
  10. I used to feel that TOSU would have to wrestle above ability, but after the scuffle am concerned, Nevills had two bad losses, keener did DNP, Cassar did not look great, rasheed did really well but is 10 lbs undersized, Cortes is a bit hurt, and they do not have any points at 125. That is five weights. Rooting for PSU, they need big points from rasheed/cassar, Lee, and Nevills. Anybody know if nevills was hurt, he is normally so consistent, has wins over Kasper and Hall this year, maybe just a bad weekend, before scuffle had him at third best HWT.
  11. Yup meant to put Moore in initial lost of three champs, he is a heavy favorite he is one of the three champs. Martin looks like second but who knows has beaten him before.
  12. Coming into the season still thought PSU would be the favorite. Been amazed at the progress of Pletcher and Martin, Martin looks like a finalist and pletcher a top four guy. You have to put Tomasello, Snyder and Martin has favorites to be champs, that is a lot of points. Hayes had lost kolodzik a year or split matches and this year beat him 2-0, so also improved. Bo looks great just has two hammers in his weight. Campbell looks improved as well but that weight is really good will be tough to aa, but possible. McKenna has looked good needs to see some tougher competition to get a real gauge. Micah had a few tough losses but as always in the hunt to aa. Tremendous job coaching staff.
  13. Buckeyes could have three champs and five in the finals, they look really good. http://www.ohiostatebuckeyes.com/sports/m-wrestl/spec-rel/010418aaa.html
  14. Stuart1


    Is this lehigh team the best team they have had in the last 25 years? Are they better than the John Trenge, Rohn, Frick team of the early mid 2000s? They have four high AA guys and the hwt could also aa in a tough weight. Cruz, Parker, Preisch, Kutler and Wood, probably need one more guy to come along to contend for third place this year.
  15. Obviously a tremendous tournament by them, but a few takeaways was not 100% percent good and of course that is impossible. Pletcher, Martin, and Moore were tremendous. Bo is improving and should get third place in a base case at NCAAs. Reading this forum does anybody feel micah could not AA this year? 157 is really strong, you have nolf, lavalee, kemerer, richie lewis, Tyler Berger, Pantaleo, and shields he is right on the borderline for aa at this point. 149 is no joke as well for Hayes, Retherford, sorenson, kolodzik, Deakin, Heilman, Olliver, and Thomsen. Campbell lost to number 11 so he could aa but gonna be hard. These are two incredible teams, i see it as dead even at this point. My guess is the three wrestlers above will decide the tournaments. I am assuming 7 aas from PSU with three champs, two seconds, one third, and one fifth and only five total points from 125-141. To beat those seven, ohio state will need 9 aas. Micah could turn it on and get fourth as could keyshawn, and teshan could upset somebody and get sixth, that would be way too much for PSU. In 27 years of following the sport this is the most exciting team race.
  16. Iowa vs Rider is completed, iowa vs rutgers December 8th in piscataway.
  17. Iowa is winning easy but the reffing is terrible, never seen stall calls this fast.
  18. Not just a pin, if he was able to get a five point move, he would have a chance. How many times have you seen a weaker wrestler beat the other guy with an early five point throw and than hold off the guy in the third to win by a point. Will be very hard to beat snyder, i would say 10% chance.
  19. Makes sense, it open thing for pich as well as brock, if suriano does not wrestle, tomasello was a good size 133, not sure what he will have down at 125, with fix to practice with he could also be a finalist/champ. The suriano situation sure made this season much more interesting.
  20. Who is to say Oklahoma state has no chance, PSU was the prohibited favorite, now there is rumors suriano may be at PSU next year. Suddenly mckenna is going to the TOSU, that is a possible 35 pt swing head to head. Anything can happen, fix, brock, heill, smith, geo, rogers, this new guy Jacob smith also could be very good, weigel could place very high 197 has cleared out top two guys gone, so you have 8 very competitive weights. Tomasello dropping down to 125 sure helps kaid brock. John Smith has not won a title in a long time, probably a modern day record for no title for OSU, why redshirt.
  21. agreed, Think he is in the mix 1-3rd place as a true freshman. Piccinini is also very very good, so they are great team either way. Not clear how much energy nato will have at 125 he is very big for the weight think at 125 with one hour weigh inns is a close match, and suriano is a tough match. FIx may want to take an olympic redshirt at some point. With Lee around there will always be other great wrestlers at his weight, suriano will be around in two years as well so not sure that makes a difference.
  22. Will he be redshirting or wrestling this year? He may be able to win an ncaa title right away, plus brock, heill, Geo, smith, rogers, not a bad lineup. Guy just teched his way to a jr world title.
  23. If this weight happens, curious who can get down to this weight 121 lbs is pretty light and these guys have not gone down to this weight probably since high school. Doubt Ramos, Graff, tomasello could get down and no chance for Nahshon to make that weight. I think Gillman is small enough so would really benefit him, than you have perelli, megaludis, delgado, and Sanders who would be able to get down. So three of the top four at 125 will probably not be able to make the weight. The 125 weight was turning into a weight where the small 133s from college were winning, now that will be much more difficult will be more of the college 125s. Fix will enter the picture as well right away.
  24. Keep in mind dieringer was a TB lose away from possibly being a four timer he lost like 4x in college, he is pretty good. Lost 3-2 TB to st john in semis freshman year. Hall and Dieringer are probably the future of the weight, Dake has three more years, typically at 30 hard to win.
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