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  1. I still have not gotten a response email, since Monday, besides the initial ticket number informing me someone would respond. I am worried since I pay month the month and only between December and March I will end up getting nothing.
  2. Did Palmer get ridding time on Metcalf at the Big Tens when Palmer upset Metcalf?
  3. I have been using google chrome and have had no issues today. When I used firefox first this morning it would not load.
  4. Another spot on prediction from 21guns
  5. PA has 12: http://www.papowerwrestling.com/pennsylvania-guaranteed-12-all-americans-put-three-into-finals/
  6. Roberts had a big win over DeShazer in the semis. DeShazer was a 3x finalist and 2x champ
  7. Jordan wood is injured and did not compete at regionals. 138 AAA has Pletcher and Sasso wrestling in the quaters. That is just wrong.
  8. I am not an Iowa fan bu have nothing but RESPECT for what Brody did for the team. I was cheering for him and hoping he would beat Thorn. People that do that have never wrestled at a high level or are such trolls you could never take anything they type serious.
  9. Seth Gross vs. Bryce Meredith match was crazy
  10. nice work. You need some pop culture mixed in to really hit Simmons level
  11. the Lock Haven Bucknell match will be streamed live over the Patriot league network. campusinsiders.com/network/patriot_league/live
  12. A couple PA kids: Zac Horan, Cold Cotton, Dalton Macri and John Staudenmayer
  13. IU lost a point at the end of 184.
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