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  1. I think it would be pretty tough for OK State to get 10 AA's. The talent is just too broadly disbursed for that to occur. Who knows how healthy Joe Smith is as well. Rogers also could be a challenge to AA.
  2. Weigel was just coming back from injury and gave up a third period takedown in the dual in Stillwater. I would bet on Weigel in a rematch. Weigel majored Rotert in the semi finals at the Big 12 (He missed him in the dual due to the injury). Smith of West Virginia injury defaulted on the takedown in the first period of his finals match with Weigel. The takedown was a done deal, but Smith went to the back in intense pain. In the Big 12 Weigel, Joseph Smith, and Austin Schafer looked like they were well and wrestling better than they had all season. They all three have been injured through the last half of the season taking many matches off. I think all three got bonus points in every match of the tournament. Still I think it is a tall order for OK State to finish above the other two teams unless they wrestle to seed and just beat the guys that are ranked lower than them.
  3. Hutton was a three time champ and missed winning the fourth on a controversial referee's decision. I think he would be the most highly ranked Heavyweight. Hutton would have been the first four time champ at any weight.
  4. His chart seems to speak to performance in the NCAA tournament as opposed to the body of work during the year. Probably more specifically a poor conference tournament would cause your NCAA seed to be lower. Not sure his numbers are even correct. Thinking back to 2012 Wt wrestler seed finish 125 Waters 3 dnp 133 McCormick NS dnp 141 Hucke NS DNP 157 Houdeshalt NS dnp 165 Toal NS dnp 184 Larson NS dnp 197 Haynes 6 dnp HWT Melton NS dnp Congrats to Waters, Larson, and Haynes who made it to the round of 12. Everyone else was done Friday Morning. Not sure how Askren got his number in 2012, but I could not get there.
  5. Kindig over Habat in the first round. Who knows how healthy Kindig is?
  6. I am insulted that you no longer consider Oklahoma State "a usual bad guy". We have wrestled very hard to achieve that distinguished honor. I will be supporting the local drinking establishments!
  7. The fact that Moreno and Kindig were both injured makes his conference championship much less apealing. His body of work during the season just was not there. Moreno and Kindig probably belong in the tournament if they are not too injured. It was a shame to watch Dustin Schlatter walk out on the mat and forfeit a few years ago. Moreno finished his match with Tucker, but gave up third period points, but Kindig defaulted after one second and later defaulted to Moreno.
  8. Crutchmer #12 from OkSU has wrestled everyone tough and most of his losses are OT from when he was injured. Probably not as good of a sleeper from the seed as Brewer, but should be one to watch.
  9. Oklahoma State and Penn State definetly would have shown up and not wrestled each other on that weekend had the points counted. Everyone that could would participate.
  10. Kindig reinjured his hamstring. It appeared that he paused at that time and left his head down. Beitz did not hesitate to go for it and got the fall. You could tell that Alton was not himself. I think the Beitz and Kindig matches are not so much the winner excelled, as the loser was not himself. Both capitalized and got big points for their team. Hope Kindig makes it back before Big 12's. That may not be necesary to qualify for the NCAA's as it is not a qualifying tournament. Sounds like Alton may not make it back. From outside the program it looks like both of the Alton's struggled with injury. I wish them well in their lives.
  11. Oklahoma State looked terrible. I would not get too carried away about Sorensen being that great as Smith made a comment regarding Kindig that there is nothing admirable about losing when you are sick, but it is a different story if you win. Scary thing is that Boyd will probably never beat Brooks again. I like the chances of Heil and Collica to win a little better. Ringer even looked out of sorts wrestling a backup.
  12. John Smith always tries to find the best competition and will not hold a wrestler out of competition for anything other than injury or illness. As an Oklahoma State fan I was happy to see Kindig defeat Houdashelt, but at best I can see Kindig winning two out of three, but not three for three.
  13. I guess Whataburger was the fix. He just stuck the 6th seed England from Missouri. My gut feeling is that 157 was just too much of a pull for him. Oklahoma State has such a logjam at 165 with Marstellar, Jordan Rogers, and Dieringer. I wonder if Dieringer can go up next year and Marstellar could wrestle 165 next year?
  14. I can't argue with that. The story of the Penn State kid that AA'd last year was a great one. I believe it was English. Pretty sure that all of the major programs kids have wrestlers that do not meet expectations.
  15. I think you might be surprised. Nolan Boyd was not even a mention in recruiting and might have even walked on. Going back through the years of guys like that. Johnny Thompson certainly overachieved his expectations. Chris Pendleton was an afterthought when OU got the stud at that weight from Oklahoma Mark Branch small school wrestler that was not recruited by anyone. Blake Rosholt came to OSU and was not expected to ever make the starting lineup and AA's his junior year in spite of injury. I think there is a pretty long list of guys that came to OSU that our expectations were not that high and performed well.
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