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  1. I don't think Lehigh is a lock at 133, definitely favored, but not a lock.
  2. Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it! Anyone know a way to watch Arizona State vs Michigan and/or Arizona State vs Ohio State?
  3. At the top of this page for as long as I can remember, there were threads with weekly reviews on upcoming matches and tournaments and also internet and tv broadcast schedule, for years I relied on these for my viewing schedule. I would love to watch ASU vs Michigan. I would love to watch ASU vs Ohio State. So far I havent been able to find anywhere these matches will be broadcast, I find it hard to believe this is the case. Would someone who knows where I could find these matches please let us ignoramuses in on the knowledge? I am really disappointed that I can no longer count on this forum for that info.
  4. The reason Psu is so successful and so entertaining for the fans is due to the complete fearlessness displayed by their top wrestlers especially Nickal and Nolf. I doubt very much that Cael has any problem with Bo attempting a throw on anyone. The foundation of the psu program, what is preached over and over by all of the coaches is that they are not concerned at all with wins and losses, they are solely focused on effort and fearlessness.
  5. I was surprised by this also, The article stated that the wrestlers and the wrestlers parents as a group petitioned the school board and athletic department to make this happen.
  6. told you. I just didnt know cortez wouldnt go or I would have batted 1000
  7. lets not get crazy. these kids have to get on with their lives at some point. One extra year is enough.
  8. what are scholarships given for in the first place? scholarships are awarded in order to improve the environment at the school. Whether given for math or science or wrestling or football, a person is given a scholarship because it enhances the education/opportunity for every other athlete/student that chooses to pay to get an education at that school. How valuable is it to the entire wrestling team to have mark hall in the program for an extra year? Would Jason Nolf be as good as he is if he didnt have Zain Retherford to wrestle every day during their redshirt year? It improves the entire team. Just as having a prodigy chess player in your chess club would improve the entire club. Having them an extra year would see a benefit to everyone in that club. It is impossible to calculate the exact benefit, but it is also impossible to deny the benefit to the entire school. It benefits the fans, the individual, the coaches, the teammates, the competition. I cant think of a downside to a redshirt year. If you are a fan paying to watch good wrestling, you are benefitted by having the opportunity to watch better wrestling.
  9. Suriano dec 3-0 Cortez dec 6-0 Guilibon dec 9-0 Zain fall 15-0 Nolf fall 21-0 Cenzo dec 24-0 Geno dec 27-0 Nickal fall 33-0 Pfar dec 33-3 Nick dec 36-3 Minnesota doesnt have a bad team, but the Penn state wrestling team is starving having not eaten for a month. If you dont feed the lions, they become ravenous and enraged. Each lion will enter the mat in a berserker state. They will do literally anything and everything to get their nourishment, and ensure their regular feeding schedule continues. Being a gopher stuck in a small cage with an enraged starving lion is one of the worst possible positions on earth.
  10. A lot of iowa fans will point to recruiting woes and blame the wrestlers for lack of performance, but the fact is, Iowa has not improved over the course of the season. And that sad reality lies at the feet of the head coach
  11. Dresser said that Brands would not allow iowa to wrestle vt because he didn't want to lose. I find it hard to believe that he would make that up out of thin air. I also find it hard to believe that Brands has become a sissy.
  12. I'd like to see psu vs ok state and vt vs iowa
  13. Every poster on this board knows how iowa and it's wrestlers feel about having "fun" in regards to wrestling. It may be possible that a match up of these two titans would go a long way in the promotion of said "fun". Perhaps it is the underlying issue responsible. To deny penn state, it's wrestlers and it's fans the enjoyment associated with such a dual.
  14. Previous to last year, penn state traveled to iowa 2 years in a row.
  15. Not sure what oklahoma state has to do with iowa NOT wrestling penn state. Ok state is a good tournament team, not as good of a dual team. Penn state is undefeated.
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