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  1. Tommy...don't let em get your dauber down. Go out on the recruiting trail with the message that anybody willing to attend has the opportunity to punch coach in the face, kick the devil out of his junk, and throw him where each recruit pleases.
  2. They better get that head coach signed to a long term contract before some other team scoops him up :)
  3. Beitz lost to Kindig 5-3 in the dual last week but I've read that English won wrestle offs with AAlton and Beitz to get the spot. Video of the Ruth and Taylor falls from today http://www.gopsusports.com/blog/2014/02 ... ights.html
  4. Rob.....Carl just called back....no room for Cornell on PSU's schedule next season either
  5. I smell that too, bro! I'm glad to see that your respect for the 3X National Champions has grown Scribe. U may be an AzzClown but u may actually know BS when u see it. :D
  6. Gonzo- I didn't get the idea that Mr Alton wants to accompany you to a "stabbin cabin" :lol:
  7. God help any man that has been endorsed by the grand jack azz of amateur wrestling. Good luck now KD. You have officially received his kiss of death :cry:
  8. "Please post some links from Josh Lowe's professional career where he cast PSU wrestling in a negative light. Even remotely so. Can you do it?" I haven't followed your professional career Josh. After Rev and Intermat merged I allowed my subscription to expire. I can however post a link to your twitter feed. https://twitter.com/search/realtime?q=JLowe_intermat
  9. no, but we've all seen YOU call for his job. guys like you are ok with Andrew Long "mistakes", but want to see a kid like Josh Lowe lose his job making a joke on his personal account. the next time josh Lowe sexually assaults a middle aged mom, let me know Josh- what you need to understand as a member of the wrestling media is that your employer depends on members of all the teams' fans to make the business a success. If you should decide to continue working in the news industry, you'll need to be more aware of the impact of the things you post on the internet. Good luck in your future.
  10. For what it is worth, I haven't seen anybody accuse him of being a witch based on his comments.
  11. When he posted those things "Intermat- Josh Lowe" was the name he was tweeting with. He has since changed it. There are multiple threads on the PSU wrestling sites discussing it. I'm guessing there were at least a few hundred folks that have seen his "work" and let Intermat know about it.
  12. On Lowe's Twitter yesterday he call PSU "Ped State" and Michigan "SCUM". Not a good idea for somebody representing a site that is trying to sell their services to these two fan bases.
  13. You aren't contributing for Flo no more? What happened?
  14. It may be a good idea for one of these gents(JRob, Koll or Cael) to call the others to discuss things rather than communicating through the media. I believe that would be the best thing for the sport.
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