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  1. Agree. Parker was still so raw last year but you could see the potential. I'm looking forward to seeing how he progresses this year. And you are right about taking advantage of guys going for big moves. I can't remember off the top of my head how it happened but he put Martin on his back for 5 or 6 at NCAA's. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Crazy thing was, Martin had majored Parker in the dual in January. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I look for Emery Parker, 184 - Illinois, to have a real nice year. Was 30-10 last year as RS Sophomore and first year as full time starter. Went 2-2 at NCAA's including a big upset of Myles Martin.
  4. Fundraising. Same way Iowa brought in Mark Perry and Iowa State brought in Metcalf. Hunter Stieber and Nick Heflin are 2 of them. Heflin just left Princeton to head out there as an assistant coach. Rosselli brought Hunter S. out with him when he took the job. Kendall? Who are you referring to?
  5. Your shtick is getting old. If Snyder couldn't/didn't want to wrestle he wouldn't have. And it appears that it hasn't hindered him too much.
  6. Gotcha. I was misinformed then and appreciate you clearing that up for me. And I agree that people would have definitely been freaking out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Well now I am really confused, LOL. I thought it was announced that DT would have sat. Until Cox decided to enter. Why wouldn't DT have sat. He won the US Open, and US Open winners got to sit unless there was a returning medalist from the previous year in the weight. Am I completely missing something here...other than my mind? :)
  8. Had Cox decided not to wrestle, DT would have sat until the finals. Would the system still be "corrupt"?
  9. No data to back this up, but I would tend to think that college towns would do better. The majority of wrestling fans in our country appear to be college fans first. Then as their favorite college athletes begin competing on the senior level, they may direct some interest there. I like the idea of having it in smaller venues on college campuses. Lincoln was amazing, but it was the first one I had been to so I have nothing to compare it to. I would also tend to believe that Madison, Columbus, and Iowa City would do well and of course you got to believe that an event in Rec Hall would be popular. The thing with Lincoln, was that not only was the venue awesome, downtown Lincoln was amazing as well. Not too big but with plenty to do and you are not spread out. Just my $.02 -Brando
  10. Yes, I believe that would be correct. Now, you can always access via laptop and connect your laptop to your tv via HMDI.
  11. What's your end game here man? Serious question? Do you just want people to give you credit for supposedly being correct about something? I say supposedly not as an insult, only because I don't know if it is fact or not. You're getting awfully snippy on a message board....chilling out is actually good advice. No need to have a stroke over a debate on what the Ohio State lineup is going to look like. As a side note, as an Ohio State fan myself, I would love to see NaTo at 125 and we've heard what he had to say on the matter. However, I agree with you (21 Guns) that we can kiss that goodbye because it is almost a certain that the international weights will be 55, 60.
  12. I know it's freestyle, but pretty sure Zahid beat both Martin and Nickal after their freshman season, when Martin beat Nickal in the NCAA finals.
  13. It's been rumored, speculated, and talked about that he will go 157 and everyone will move up a weight.
  14. I too thought the folllowing and even said so many times on our podcast: Gilman would not be touched NaTo would be a NC Heil would be beat Dean was UNTOUCHABLE I also thought: Zahid was head and shoulders above the rest of the field at 174 Needless to say I wrong on all accounts and I'm sure there were other things as well. That's what makes the NCAA tournament so freaking awesome. We can watch, analyze, debate, and predict all we want. And no matter how much we THINK we have things figured out, everything gets thrown out the window and chaos erupts! :)
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