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  1. Slight correction, each weight is wrestled over two days in Tokyo: https://tonyrotundo.smugmug.com/WRESTLERS-ARE-WARRIORS/Olympics/2020-Olympics/Wrestling-Schedule
  2. I don't have anything against Chael, though I can't sit through too much of him yelling at me. I had to listen to this over three days, so I'm working off memory. He sounds like he knows all the things and has all the answers, but I'm not sure that's the case. The marching band is a tradition for BTS and an honor for the kids in the band, if you don't like that, you don't like kids, so...whatever. PPV for this event is iffy at best as a model, how would you price that, what kind of flack to do you take when there are last minute cancelations, most people watching have a Flo sub anyway. I don't think it was $1.3m at the gate, I believe that's the amount of money they raised, which includes the social and the donations, I could be wrong, but he kept driving home that $1.3m was the gate and the gate shoudl never exceed the revenue from the broadcast, but he may be using bad intel. In terms of the production, 1) setting up a studio shot of Pyles between rounds is a whole additional set of lighting, cameras/camera operations, desk, production, etc, so not sure if that was worth it for a charity event, they maybe could have run highlights and audio between matches, but there were speeches and honors and awards between the matches, which you probably weren't aware of if you weren't there. They gave a few kids awards and those kids made speeches, they gave Cejudo an award, Novo spoke. As for DAI (digital ad insertion) that's tech that Flo doesn't do at the moment, and I'm not sure you wouldn't be up in arms watching 15 commercials while Novo talked. Not sure why Flo used a static interstitial slate, and not a motion graphic, not sure that would make too much difference, but it really irked Mr. Sonnen. I don't disagree that they could have done something like a single camera in the warm-up area with a 50% mask on it and text that read "we'll be right back" or something. Again, production costs money and maybe the objective was to make money for the kids? Anyway, none of that would "fix" the issue that they didn't run matches back-to-back-to-back without breaks for the reasons stated above. The stage was too small, I'm sure they were aware, and it probably had to do with the size of the raised platform allowed in the theater + media and floor seating. I'm not sure they could just pick whatever size platform they wanted, it was probably small, medium or large, with large being no floor seating? I don't know, but it was definitely dangerous and they were thankful no one got hurt flying off the stage. Oh, the Hulu theater is a totally separate room from MSG, it's not just a curtained off section of the main MSG space. In terms of competition, there are a lot of factors that go into who they try and get to wrestle Snyder, good luck finding someone willing to take 3-6 days out of their training schedule to be part of an exhibition match, esp during the regular senior season, and the third year of the Olympic cycle. They have gotten top ranked competition before, but they may have a set budget and only bring in one or two top flight guys, like Bajrang. Not sure. It's a bit like the All-Star Classic, they try and get the 1&2 guy, and have to settle for the 4&5 guy for all the reasons that guys don't want to go. Comparing his show to an event like BTS is a faulty comparison, though I would not mind a break from being yelled at. ;^) I think he said that sense he makes a donation he gets a say in "this" which I'm not sure that's how it's supposed to work. I made a donation, and no one asked my opinion.
  3. NJDan, point taken, sometimes in the course of editing down and processing thousands of shots, some come through that even I question. I think I kept this one because of the way he was looking left (to his right), UWW likes shots of guys like this (head shots). I actually love that you are so thoroughly reviewing my work that it inspired you to make a post, that's rad! Here's the very next shot, a lot of folks would just enjoy this one and not write to the group, so thank you! (I mean it.) https://tonyrotundo.smugmug.com/WRESTLERS-ARE-WARRIORS/WORLD-CHAMPIONSHIPS/17-WORLD-CSHIPS/All-Photos-SessionDay/Day-6-MFS-65kg-70kg-74kg-97kg/i-bCjfhJ5/A I would argue this may be a worse shot of Retherford. ;^) https://tonyrotundo.smugmug.com/WRESTLERS-ARE-WARRIORS/WORLD-CHAMPIONSHIPS/17-WORLD-CSHIPS/All-Photos-SessionDay/Day-6-MFS-65kg-70kg-74kg-97kg/i-nbKkcZk/A tr
  4. All WAW photos have been posted from the 2019 California HS States! https://tonyrotundo.smugmug.com/WRESTLERS-ARE-WARRIORS/High-School-Wrestling/19-CA-STATE-CSHIPS Enjoy!
  5. Photos are starting to post from the 2019 Doc B, the toughest CA HS tourney. Bergen is here, Montini, Lake Highland, all of the top CA schools, etc. Here's the link, enjoy the shots: https://tonyrotundo.smugmug.com/WRESTLERS-ARE-WARRIORS/High-School-Wrestling/19-DOC-B
  6. https://tonyrotundo.smugmug.com/WRESTLERS-ARE-WARRIORS/NCAA-Wrestling/2018-Cliff-Keen-Invitational
  7. In this format I think you are allowed to have a couple wrestlers outside your club to fill in your line-up. Last year TMWC had Vladimir Khinchegashvili as their 61kg when they won. http://www.flowrestling.org/article/48938-2016-world-clubs-cup-final-titan-mercury-vs-bimeh-razi#.WdcW2RNSyRs
  8. FWIW J'Den has always sweat a lot. Even at the Olympics: https://tonyrotundo.smugmug.com/WRESTLERS-ARE-WARRIORS/OLYMPICS/USA-Wrestlers/Mens-Freestyle/86-KG-JDen-Cox/i-K9KXgZB/A https://tonyrotundo.smugmug.com/WRESTLERS-ARE-WARRIORS/OLYMPICS/USA-Wrestlers/Mens-Freestyle/86-KG-JDen-Cox/i-JSqnXpt/A https://tonyrotundo.smugmug.com/WRESTLERS-ARE-WARRIORS/OLYMPICS/USA-Wrestlers/Mens-Freestyle/86-KG-JDen-Cox/i-GJk4Q6C/A
  9. Would be awesome, but winning a world title is very very difficult, even on the first year of an Olympic cycle. While not having a lot of intl experience can be good for scouting (Burroughs in '11), it's also hard to get guys able to compete against world talent without much experience. Having three Olympic gold medalists and an Olympic bronze, plus the reigning WC at 60kg is a nice thing for sure. Not sure we can win a WT, but we should have some guys/gals on the podium.
  10. What tournaments are you referring to that they would not participate in?
  11. Pretty sure the video that you posted is a cam video of DG (someone recording a TV broadcast), so right there it's a loss of one generation of quality. Also, regarding Kennedy, this a high-quality render of the Zapruder film, and it's not that great, so not sure what your point is besides just trolling. Next topic?
  12. I think Nelson wrestled in western juniors, right?
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