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  1. Photos are starting to post from the 2019 Doc B, the toughest CA HS tourney. Bergen is here, Montini, Lake Highland, all of the top CA schools, etc. Here's the link, enjoy the shots: https://tonyrotundo.smugmug.com/WRESTLERS-ARE-WARRIORS/High-School-Wrestling/19-DOC-B
  2. Tony_Rotundo

    2018 CKLV Photos and results

  3. Tony_Rotundo

    2018 CKLV Photos and results

  4. Tony_Rotundo

    2018 CKLV Photos and results

  5. Tony_Rotundo

    Burroughs wrestling for Iranian Club...

    In this format I think you are allowed to have a couple wrestlers outside your club to fill in your line-up. Last year TMWC had Vladimir Khinchegashvili as their 61kg when they won. http://www.flowrestling.org/article/48938-2016-world-clubs-cup-final-titan-mercury-vs-bimeh-razi#.WdcW2RNSyRs
  6. Tony_Rotundo

    Yazdani looks good in his new weight

    FWIW J'Den has always sweat a lot. Even at the Olympics: https://tonyrotundo.smugmug.com/WRESTLERS-ARE-WARRIORS/OLYMPICS/USA-Wrestlers/Mens-Freestyle/86-KG-JDen-Cox/i-K9KXgZB/A https://tonyrotundo.smugmug.com/WRESTLERS-ARE-WARRIORS/OLYMPICS/USA-Wrestlers/Mens-Freestyle/86-KG-JDen-Cox/i-JSqnXpt/A https://tonyrotundo.smugmug.com/WRESTLERS-ARE-WARRIORS/OLYMPICS/USA-Wrestlers/Mens-Freestyle/86-KG-JDen-Cox/i-GJk4Q6C/A
  7. Tony_Rotundo

    Nice job freestyle

    Would be awesome, but winning a world title is very very difficult, even on the first year of an Olympic cycle. While not having a lot of intl experience can be good for scouting (Burroughs in '11), it's also hard to get guys able to compete against world talent without much experience. Having three Olympic gold medalists and an Olympic bronze, plus the reigning WC at 60kg is a nice thing for sure. Not sure we can win a WT, but we should have some guys/gals on the podium.
  8. Tony_Rotundo

    Travel Ban

    What tournaments are you referring to that they would not participate in?
  9. Pretty sure the video that you posted is a cam video of DG (someone recording a TV broadcast), so right there it's a loss of one generation of quality. Also, regarding Kennedy, this a high-quality render of the Zapruder film, and it's not that great, so not sure what your point is besides just trolling. Next topic?
  10. Tony_Rotundo

    Brands bothers no shows this weekend too?

    I think Nelson wrestled in western juniors, right?
  11. I think that goes "If you can't beat 'em...cheat 'em." First time I heard that was from an Iroquois HS coach by the name of Mariacher. ;^)
  12. Not sure the British Open is the best example, there are a lot of qualification tournaments for that, so it's not "open to all comers." I believe you mean it's open to all nationalities. I'm not sure of the longer history of having a national tournament and a WTT, but that's the flow USAW desires in regards to identifying the best possible world team and qualifying for the WTT. Adding non-US athletes would confuse the **** out of finding the best US wrestler, since it may not be accurate to simply select the highest placing US athlete as being your WT member, or sitting out to the finals of the WTT. Regarding your suggestion, how do you define "the top guys" to give byes to? This year's Open had a decent amount of fans, not many more or less than previous years. Without a team component and the draw of an NCAA team tournament, it's hard to put people in seats outside the OTT for an open tournament. Did you go?
  13. Tony_Rotundo

    Virginia Tech

    I'm a fan of ZPT, but Molinaro has proven he's wrestling a level above where Zain is right now. He competed extremely well at the Olympics vs world champions. I don't don't doubt Zain will get there, but I don't think you can say he's there now based on him beating up college athletes. Good question about Frank's RTC coaches and partners, but I think he can and will move around to get the specific coaching and partners he needs as he gets closer to competitions.
  14. Tony_Rotundo

    Pico says good bye to wrestling

    So you don't think if he trains for a year (say 2019), he would not be ready to wrestle? I would not count him out for a run in 2020. At all.
  15. Tony_Rotundo

    Singlet pulling

    Singlet grabs and PEDs are not apples-to-apples, so, not sure that's worth debating. Foot step might be close to singlet grab, but I thought we established that's technically stepping on a foot is not illegal as long as it's not a foot stomp. I think the refs, intl and domestic, should call singlet grabs more, I see it (and photograph it) all the time. Definitely worse internationally, our guys are pretty good with a few exceptions, who I won't name. I have not seen officials stop oil checks very often, maybe once or twice. They should at least penalize it more. Not sure one or the other is the way to approach it. Both should be addressed.