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  1. You were upset about crap people on an anonymous wrestling forum gave you last week? You must live a small life.
  2. I absolutely agree with this. I was not a fan of his coming out of high school but I have been converted. When people slow him down he pushes the pace and creates his own advantage. When people take chances and try to open it up, he opens it up more. I would be very surprised if anyone but Ian Miller beats him this year and I'm not confident that will happen.
  3. Ironman is a good tourney but there mat side tables are way too close.
  4. Absent a lineup or injury problem, it would've made no sense for Martin to have redshirted this year. He has wrestled competively for three straight years. Not sure what the extra year at this point in his career and studies would have done for him or the team.
  5. Monroeville: 1400 people, 1.43 sq. miles. 1 4x NCAA champ. Remarkable stat. Plus 4 4x Ohio champs in 5 years.
  6. Well, you can't pick and choose. You either believe or you don't. Pretty simple. Of course, this is a larger discussion than the current topic. This is exactly 4444's problem and many others: you can't figure out what you do and don't like about the Bible. It is an up or down issue. And if you don't believe in the Bible that is a choice everyone is welcome to make.
  7. Actually for one who believes the Bible is the word of God there are several including Leviticus, Kings and Romans, among others. Not necessarily Jesus' spoken word, however, but specific references in the Bible. Still, Christians, "real" or not in the eyes of 4444, are taught to love others as they themselves would be loved. Forgiveness and love are tantamount teachings of Jesus, who scripture indicates is the son of a loving God. He loves sinners -- all of us are -- but abhors sin. Having had the pleasure of speaking with Tom Ryan and listening to several of his talks, I am confident he fully and honestly loves and supports Mike Pucillo the person. I am more confident God does, too. I hope he finds peace in that fact, as I'm sure his catholic education has created a lot of his angst. If you don't believe in Christianity then these comments won't mean much to you. But that of course is your absolute right and choice. As a fellow Ohio resident he has been a great representative of the wrestling community. He has won and lost with dignity. He NEVER quit on the mat. I do wish he could have waited a couple more weeks after the Championship. As stand-up of a guy as MP has always seemed to be, this does smack a little of opportunism on the heels of the title. If he wrestled for Michigan State it wouldn't have mattered. My Minkel shot for the day.
  8. I like watching Brooks wrestle. Good motor, almost always offensive minded for a big guy. His problem is technique as he frequently loses defensive position. Perhaps a coaching issue but he is young so he has time to improve.
  9. Lance Palmer was good with the boots. Brutally powerful and turned people with the power half.
  10. Last year Heflin, a big gasser himself, wore out Cox in the end. Snyder can definitely do it.
  11. I agree. Give me passion. Just don't give ma an a--hole who is ridden like a mule who's only way out of the woopin' is an intentional illegal move. Like Tyson against Holyfield. Bite the ear. . . Gilman is a disgrace to the sport. It would have been more apparent had Waters shown more class.
  12. My guess is the lady friends are less expensive and more reliable than Flo.
  13. Miller without the injury this year would be favored. Has a great gas tank when healthy. One thing is certain: he won't take those bush shoves by IMar, who I think will win this one by 4.
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