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  1. And, if you folks don't like me arguing on here, either (1) inform the parties who start the arguments with me to stop and you'll see no more arguing from me or (2) lobby the moderators to ban me. #2 worked very effectively over at The Closed Mat, when a bunch of crybabies didn't like differing views and getting their own words getting used against them. As a result, all of the trouble has been eliminated at The Closed mat forever, and they call live pecefully together informing each other of how they are now going to the bathroom, or planning to turn in for the night (and, yes, there "discussions" are now that mundane). I couldn't care less, personally, so go to work, boys.
  2. All well and good, Rush, but am I arguing with myself in these threads? Take special note of me, and you'll find that EVERY debate that I was in was instigated by someone else, which shows me that I'm not able to argue by myself; there are others playing their part too. You outraged at those folks too? Trace back this specific thread and you tell me who first started arguing with me, and then tell us about this supposed, "common denominator," ok?
  3. The communication gap that I spoke of above has revealed itself again. You'll notice that I didn't start liking my own posts until this very thread, when someone said something nonsensical and Bob Dole had to like it, simply because he's worked tirelessly for years trying to find ways to one up me, especially after he changed the conditions of a bet. So, I thought it'd be fun to show that I also like my own posts too. Aside from those few instances in this thread, no, you won't find me liking my own posts.
  4. Amusement apparently comes easy to you. WOWZA!!!!
  5. I communicate more than well enough, it's the inerbilerty to decipher among too many in the rasslin community that leads to the "communercation gap." Food for thought, my man. ;) I pay attention enough to know that the lineup changes every year from what it initially was. That's just plain fact, like it or lump it. Now, read what I said about not following "all-star" events, and pair that with you saying that I "don't follow rasslin," and do you see what I mean regarding the "communercation gap?" You, my friend, are exhibit A.
  6. Nah, subtle is for sissies. My reply to you was to your "revelation" that superold and I are one in the same. If youthink so, I'm good with that!
  7. Are you saying that changes HAVE NOT been made? What's that about not having a clue?
  8. I agree, but there still have been changes, which is all that I've ever said, and, no, I'm not complaining one iota about who's rasslin in it because I have no idea who's rasslin in it. I don't usually pay attention to "all-star" matches/games.
  9. How could I be digging at anyone when I haven't even payed one bit of attention to who is wrestling in it. I now know that Waters is in it, but, aside from that, I have ZERO clue. My pernt is, and has always been that when the initial lineup is announced, there are always (yes, with the exception of one year, that detective Bob pointed out) changes to the lineup, with such changes always being lesser matches (in terms of marque) than was originally scheduled. Yes, I use exaggerated sarcasm to make the pernt, but my pernt cannot be denied. And, yes, I agree, Lord Nelson. Had it not been for folks being so hellbent on having to "prove" me wrong at every turn, you wouldn't be frustrated with the tone on it. Bob Dole is one good place to look for all of that.
  10. And, keep in mind, folks: working tirelessly at trying to discount one pernt that that dastardly ban basketball makes should ALWAYS be one's life mission and focus; nothing else in life matters! (It actually just shows me how much you mental midgets grasp at straws). LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Considering the fact that we're talking only one year, I'm still sleeping well at night with my original and only assertion, there, boy. Keep trying to save face.
  12. Ah, yes, let's cite the exceptional one year where changes were not made. You really done showed me on up that one! Great detective work there, Bobby boy, you've saved face from humileration again!
  13. Citing my inaccurate memory?! Are you claiming that changes ARE NOT made to initial lineups every year? Doesn't you half-assed "data" show that very fact?! Once again, you've missed my pernt that I've been making, and that is is that changes are always made. Keep in mind that we still have more than enough time for changes to be made to this year's lineup-which there likely will be-and I'll be here to toot my own horn again.
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