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  1. What time do the medal matches start? 1 p.m. Eastern?
  2. Back in 2007, NCAAs were held way out in Auburn Hills, a suburb approximately 40 minutes from Detroit. Little Caesars Arena is right downtown, and Detroit has a lot of new hotels and restaurants.
  3. http://www.wxyz.com/news/region/detroit/family-demands-answers-in-death-of-man-shot-outside-detroits-hip-hop-shop-on-monday
  4. Michigan Wrestling's twitter page says that Huntley "falls . . . on stall calls."
  5. What time do the finals start (Eastern time zone)?
  6. I'm intrigued by maligned's proposal for an Elo rating system.
  7. Is anyone else having problems with the FLO feed for Coleman v. Kennedy? Worked great for me all day until now.
  8. I'm hopeful that Michigan will get an upset out of one of the following: Youtsey, Bruno, Dutton, or Murphy. PSU will dominate overall, but I'm very impressed by Michigan so far this year.
  9. I noticed that backup Sean Boyle took 5th, while starter Conor Youtsey took 7th. They both wrestled a common opponent. Boyle beat Deutsch 7-1, and Deutsch pinned Youtsey. I wonder whether McFarland will now start the RS senior over the RS freshman.
  10. http://www.mgoblue.com/sports/m-wrestl/recaps/112413aaa.html https://twitter.com/EMUwrestling
  11. Today, EMU beats Stanford 18-16 after Stanford beats Michigan 21-13.
  12. http://annarbor.com/sports/ann-arbor-olympian-wrestles-with-decision-on-becoming-pro-mma-fighter/?cmpid=mlive-@aa-river#incart_river_default
  13. Eastern Michigan hasn't had an All-American since 1997.
  14. That's a provocative idea. Under your proposal, Iowa would have beaten Missouri 47-27 at National Duals instead of losing 18-16 (presuming that the forfeit at 133 would be treated as a fall). Also, Minnesota would have beaten OK. St. 80-30 instead of 28-9.
  15. That was an AMAZING tournament! I was glued to my TV, which was hooked up to Flo and BTDN. Attendance was abysmal, but I think that would change dramatically if an NCAA team title was on the line and the event scheduling didn't conflict with the high school tournament. I'm very much looking forward to next year.
  16. Lyon has to be so stoked with that victory. That pin had the MSU crowd going crazy.
  17. +1 Grajales-Tessari is half the reason I got off my butt and drove to Cliff Keen to watch the meet.
  18. They each have one loss in the B1G. How much does margin of victory/loss matter? Mega pinned Delgado and barely lost to McD (at Carver). McD squeaked by Mega and got handled by Delgado. Delgado handled McD and got pinned by Mega. I think that Mega fares best on this factor. Of course, Delgado also has two non-conference losses (Clark & Garnett), Mega has one (Zanetta), and McD has none. I'm not sure what exactly are the B1G seeding criteria, but I would say that, while Mega fared the best in the "round robin," that is offset by his non-conference loss, and give McD a plus for his past B1G title and National title. 1. McD 2. Mega 3. Delgado
  19. The view sucked, but looked like he was in some serious danger.
  20. Taylor was working hard for the tech against Polz late in the third and got reversed to his back. With a little more time, he might have gotten stuck.
  21. Vollrath in at 165 to eek out a win over Moore and Taylor up to 174 to take down Evans. :)
  22. Any word on the status of Cam Jackson? That head-and-arm hold that Massa uses is pretty brutal. I think I recall several refs stopping him from using that on occasion.
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