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  1. I noticed that backup Sean Boyle took 5th, while starter Conor Youtsey took 7th. They both wrestled a common opponent. Boyle beat Deutsch 7-1, and Deutsch pinned Youtsey. I wonder whether McFarland will now start the RS senior over the RS freshman.

  2. 10 vs. 10 is definitely a better judge than 9 vs. 6 against the field. That being said if they went to the dual format I think they should change the dual scoring up. It hardly seems right that Team A could win the first 5 weights 7-0, 7-0, 7-0, 7-0, 7-0 and Team B wins the next 5 weights 1-0, 1-0, 1-0, 1-0, 8-0 and Team B wins even though Team A outscored them 35-12.


    I'm not sure how you would do it without sitting down to really think about it but it would be nice if the entire score carried over. Maybe you take the actual team scores and get rid of major decisions. Then a tech. fall and a pin will clear the individual match score all together. A Tech. fall equals 15-0 and a pin equals 20-0. To me this would be a better representation of who is the better team.


    Not to mention I think it would force kids to try to go out and get more points because it carries over to the next match in this case. Just an idea that I would like to see implemented in some form or fashion.


    That's a provocative idea. Under your proposal, Iowa would have beaten Missouri 47-27 at National Duals instead of losing 18-16 (presuming that the forfeit at 133 would be treated as a fall). Also, Minnesota would have beaten OK. St. 80-30 instead of 28-9.

  3. They each have one loss in the B1G. How much does margin of victory/loss matter?


    Mega pinned Delgado and barely lost to McD (at Carver).

    McD squeaked by Mega and got handled by Delgado.

    Delgado handled McD and got pinned by Mega.


    I think that Mega fares best on this factor. Of course, Delgado also has two non-conference losses (Clark & Garnett), Mega has one (Zanetta), and McD has none. I'm not sure what exactly are the B1G seeding criteria, but I would say that, while Mega fared the best in the "round robin," that is offset by his non-conference loss, and give McD a plus for his past B1G title and National title.


    1. McD

    2. Mega

    3. Delgado

  4. There are some rumblings that Penn State will not have the same lineup we saw for Nebraska. hhmm.......


    Also read that Grothus is going at 149 instead of Kelly.


    Vollrath in at 165 to eek out a win over Moore and Taylor up to 174 to take down Evans. :)

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