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  1. Do you believe that Flynn deserved the award over Cael? yes
  2. Are you serious? He had a good draw? Joey had the guy Clarke had in the quarterfinals in the 2nd round of the tournament. He then had to beat #7 Taylor, #6 Patterson, and then Cruz who just upset the #10 seed. Clark wrestled #9 Cox and then Delgado(who dance also had). Dropped down and wrestled #14 Klimara and unseeded Hall who upset the #15 seed. Clark had a better draw than Dance. I'll give you he had a tougher consolation semi finals match, but his path to being an AA was not harder than Dance's and it wasn't even close. Unseeded Paul Petrov Bucknell Win 6-1 #1(2x NCAA Champion) Jesse Delgado Loss 6-1 Unseeded Conor Youtsey Michigan Fall 2:14 #7 seed Ryan Taylor Wisconsin Win 3-2 #6 (AA) seed Jared Patterson Oklahoma Win 6-5 Unseeded Darian Cruz Lehigh Win 4-1 #5 Dylan Peters UNI Win 10-8 #3 Nico Megaludis Penn State Loss 6-1 Unseeded Kory Mines Edinboro TF 18-2 #9 Tyler Cox Wyoming Win 8-5 #1(2x NCAA Champion) Jesse Delgado Loss 10-5 #14 Klimara Oklahoma State Win TB 7-6 Unseeded Earl Hall Iowa State Win 10-4 #3 Nico Megaludis Penn State Loss 5-2 #5 Dylan Peters UNI Win 8-1
  3. I guess you mean for official record, right? Nolf has been beaten more than just once since he's been in high school.
  4. I would like to see a few things added from the list below: #1 Takedowns changed to three points and escapes stay at 1 point. I just think its bad that if Wrestler A has 2 takedowns for 4 points and Wrestler B has 2 escapes and only one takedown at the end of the period its a tie score. Just seems ridiculous to me. #2a Get rid of the stalemate call and stall warning calls in overtime. It's awful to watch a match go into rideouts and see an official first call stalemate, then a warning, and then a stall call. or #2b Get rid of riding time all together and get rid of the escape point. 1 minute turn clock. If they haven't turned the bottom man in one minute then stand them up. or #2c If you keep riding time and if you have a stall call at all from the top position you are unable to accumulate riding time. For this to work you have to get rid of the silly stalemate/warning/stall call as listed above in 2a.
  5. Retherford 3 because he beat Stieber once and Carter took most of the year off and wrestled a JV schedule when he was wrestling at all. Carter gets 4. If by JV schedule you mean wins over the Current intermat rankings: Port was out with his own injury the first time VT wrestled Edinboro #4 Mecate (9-3) #9 Vaith (by pin) #15 Bright (6-1) #16 Spisak X2 (16-6, 14-11*match he was injured in) Tech falled Brown who had a 5-0 win over #11 Nevinger. Placed above #10 Henderson at ACCs. I don't really consider that a JV schedule however I still think Retherford should be #3 right now due to his own season and win of Steiber so I would agree with you on that.
  6. I don't think Spjut earned one. I think it was Henderson, Spisak, Speno, Brown, Bright
  7. Are the ones not on this list considered Nittany Kitties?
  8. I really don't have anything against flo, but here are a few things that irk me about Flo: #1 As Lost has mentioned, the split between Flo Pro and Flo Insider is a bit ridiculous. #2 I also wish they would fix the system to honor you for your time paid. If you want to subscribe for 1 month only and then cancel it should just not auto renew and still allow you to view the rest of the month. From my experience when you cancel you are done that instant and don't even get to continue to for the rest of the month. #3 I also hate the cult following. This really has nothing to do with Flo itself, but the people responding to anything negative about Flo saying if you can do something better than come up with something better are just childish responses. I mean seriously, Flo is a business and as a business you should welcome feedback which I'm not saying Flo doesn't do. Sure they aren't going to do everything you ask of them, but Flo is not perfect. Also, the argument of well don't use Flo if you don't like it is childish too. Take Vegas for instance. Other than the Intermat blog, which Seton Hall does a great job with, there is no other alternative in terms of video for Vegas. So as a fan of course im going to subscribe to watch my team. My issue has nothing to do with paying for content. My issue is to only help make things better. When businesses have very little competition then they tend to become complacent and ignore big issues because they simply can. I would hope Flo would address some of these issues in the future. Now here comes a little praise. One of my biggest complaints in the past was that they didn't show the schedule so there was no way of seeing what was going to be covered for a particular month. They seemed to have fixed this issue as Husker stated above and I definitely appreciate that.
  9. I'm not worried about it (This thread) :P Just kidding Tbar
  10. Scuffle might be tougher this year, but I will always consider Midlands to be more prestigious. Both tournaments are really tough and you will get tested in either one. It just so happens that this season there are more ranked kids on the teams going to the Scuffle. I wouldn't be surprised to see the toughness of each tourney shift back and forth for the next few decades.
  11. As everyone bickers back and forth I can't be the only one thinking that this would make a great movie.
  12. I wouldn't mind to see some form of pushout called, but not like on the international level. For instance, If a kid has a single leg and backs someone out of bounds I would be ok with that being called a pushout. I don't think a pushout should be awarded if a wrestler backs up to the edge of the circle and circles in and then pushes the other person out of bounds. I think the idea is to reward the offensive guy not the kid who is wrestling on the edge of the mat. Another thing to consider is the passivity rule that has been implemented at the international level. Get rid of stalling in neutral and if a kid is called for passivity then he must score a takedown in the next 30 seconds or he gives up a point.
  13. Ahh. A loophole :P jk. Im not in the competition anyways.
  14. Kraisser lost at the Wolfpack Open a week or two ago.
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