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  1. NJwrestlingguy

    2019 NCAA individual champion predictions

    149- Anthony Ashnault
  2. NJwrestlingguy

    Junior WTTs

    He's going to fit in perfectly at Iowa. Just needs to add the 45lb knee brace!
  3. NJwrestlingguy

    Burroughs shoes?

    The Nike shoes Chamizo wore seen to have much better grip.
  4. NJwrestlingguy

    Should NCAA Wrestling have legal wagering?

    No..Promote Midlands, Scuffle, CKLV, Conference Tournaments and NCAA Tournament. Also have a pre-season future bet on NCAA Tournament. I think there would plenty wrestling fans/bettors..More TV
  5. NJwrestlingguy

    Should NCAA Wrestling have legal wagering?

    Best nickname in College Wrestling...Baby J aka Alfred Bannister[.
  6. NJwrestlingguy

    Should NCAA Wrestling have legal wagering?

    I agree but there are 365 college basketball teams that guys need $ but you can bet on every one of their games. Don't have individual bets..Maybe just start with team futures and duals.
  7. Looks like the sports gambling wall has been torn down and most states will probably be taking action pretty soon. NJ has been fighting it for 10 years and they are ready to go. You should be able to place a legal bet in a week or 2. Can you imagine having action on PennState/Ohio State dual or any D1 Dual, Future bets on who will win tournaments (individual and team) or an over/under on a dual outcome. There would be tons of money wagered on NCAA Wrestling and it would bring great interest. On the other hand I understand people that will want to keep the sport amateur and have nothing to do with gambling.
  8. NJwrestlingguy

    Congrats to Chris Bono for getting paid

    Top 5 paid coaches 1- Cael 2- Ryan 3- Smith 4- Brands 5- Goodale
  9. NJwrestlingguy


    Seems like they took the high road in Desanto leaving. He was thrown off team before signing with Iowa, And no discussion on that,
  10. NJwrestlingguy

    PDIII training situation

    It will be interesting to see if he even wrestles on Saturday. I think he'll probably get drafted tonight in the 2nd or 3rd round of the NFL draft. He was his HS team captain.
  11. Iowas PD3 meeting noodle arms
  12. NJwrestlingguy

    Big 10 Wrestling Finances

    breaks down every school http://www.nj.com/rutgersfootball/index.ssf/2018/04/does_njs_premier_college_wrestling_team_make_money.html
  13. NJwrestlingguy

    Good podcast with Goodale

    about all subjects. Talks about hosting Oklahoma State next season! https://www.thescarletspotlight.com/podcast/2018/4/16/the-program-builder-rutgers-wrestling-coach-scott-goodale
  14. NJwrestlingguy

    DeSanto to...

    Visiting Rutgers this weekend
  15. NJwrestlingguy

    Hahn to SDSU

    I think that depends on the Staff Hahn can bring in. I'm sure he negotiated some good pay for assistants. Bring Louie Lazzari with him to help with fan base.