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  1. Looks like the sports gambling wall has been torn down and most states will probably be taking action pretty soon. NJ has been fighting it for 10 years and they are ready to go. You should be able to place a legal bet in a week or 2.

    Can you imagine having action on PennState/Ohio State dual or any D1 Dual, Future bets on who will win tournaments (individual and team) or an over/under on a dual outcome. There would be tons of money wagered on NCAA Wrestling and it would bring great interest.

    On the other hand I understand people that will want to keep the sport amateur and have nothing to do with gambling. 

  2. Is this an upgrade, lateral or step down move for SDSU?  I am in the camp thinking it may pan out to be an upgrade, but for now a lateral move.  Great pick up for SDSU. 

    I think that depends on the Staff Hahn can bring in. I'm sure he negotiated some good pay for assistants. Bring Louie Lazzari with him to help with fan base.

  3. suprised he's looking to leave Cornell as the Associate Head Coach...Figured he would take over when Koll hung them up in 4 or 5 years or whenever he wants...Guess he wants to be a HC now and the longer he waits the tougher it might be...I'd like to see him land at West Virginia...I think it would be a great fit.

  4. Escobedo has very little experience as a Coach/Assistant at a bad program..Another Bad Move by Indiana Athletics. At least OPEN the Job up to some candidates that have actually had some experience. Was the Best Wrestler in Indiana History interviewed? He's an Associate HC and his Resume would run circles around Escobedo.

  5. Worst Program Builders right now that should move on. Might be good assistants but over their head on building Program


    1-  Chandler- MSU has so many other problems on athletic front they can care less about Wrestling and that is Obvious. Program is a Debacle and they hire Head asst. coach whos been there 20 years and a Huge part of their decline..What a Mess..MSU has lost to Eastern Michigan last 2 years..Fire Chandler and Hire EMU staff for an easy upgrade. Or a top HS Coach.


    2-  Goldman- Indiana is a very good  Wrestling State that just keeps fading under Goldman. Enough is enough. Just diffucult to watch a B1G program wrestling in front of 50 people/probably less. Hire somebody that is dedicated to building fans and program in a great wrestling State. Duane might be the worst program Builder in History.


    3- Papadotas- When Hofstra brought on Dennis Long Island Wrestling and Hofstra were Strong..it has gone down fast..He doesnt seem to have anything possitive going on the Island and surrounding area. He's been there for 4 full years and not 1 of his recruits has been close to even qualifying for NCAA Tournament. Hofstra and Long Island need to make a change.

  6. I think it's great some AD's are starting to hold Wrestling coaches accountable for the job they do ( Minus Indiana, Michigan State and couple other)...Having the right staff is everything for a Program..I still remember how bad the State University of New Jersey was in wrestling...They were so bad under previous coach they were slated to be cut...RU was wrestling in front of 50 fans that didn't need tickets...There were very few fans that followed Division 1 wrestling in NJ...RU decided to make a change and now Rutgers has 5,000 average paid attendance at meets and thousands of Division 1 Wrestling fans..It's all about the HC!...How many more fans in South Dakota follow D1 Wrestling now since Bono was coach.

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