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  1. The 3X AA will be in the Rutgers line up next season.
  2. What a shame. How many EMU sports beat Michigan State? Eastern Michigan 21, Michigan State 19 125: No. 17 Rayvon Foley (MSU) tech. fall Tomas Gutierrez (EMU), 19-3. MSU leads, 5-0. 133: Noah Gonser (EMU) pinned Logan Griffin (MSU), 6:45. EMU leads, 6-5. 141: Javier Gasca (MSU) dec. Sa'Derian Perry (EMU), 5-2. MSU leads, 8-6. 149: Austin Eicher (MSU) dec. Kyle Springer (EMU), 7-0. MSU leads, 11-6. 157: Jake Tucker (MSU) tech. fall J.J. Wolfe (EMU), 19-4. MSU leads, 16-6. 165: Zac Carson (EMU) pinned Austin Hiles (MSU), 4:29. MSU leads, 16-12. 174: Andrew McNally (EMU) dec. Logan Ritchie (MSU), 9-5. MSU leads, 16-15. 184: Shwan Shadaia (MSU) dec. Kayne MacCallum (EMU), 13-8. MSU leads, 19-15. 197: Derek Hillman (EMU) dec. Nick May (MSU), 6-5. MSU leads 19-18. HWT: Gage Hutchison (EMU) dec. Christian Rebottaro (MSU), 2-1. EMU wins, 21-19.
  3. Yes..Great point.. Debbie Yow is the Buzz! The Indiana AD is probably hiding in a corner after Indiana Basketball again didnt earn a NCAA bid. He probably doesnt know the NCAA Wrestling Championships were this weekend. Skimask will probably brag to him they scored 1.5 points.
  4. Having the right guy running your Program is everything. Coaches these day need to help build their fanbase and put people in the seats. Some guys are not up for that task that are Fully Funded and the Program has a Huge ceiling. 1- Michigan State- Program was a debacle and the AD hires the Associate HC Chandler who's been there 20 years and was a big part of the Spartans in the Basement. 0 points at NCAA 2- Indiana- State of Indiana had 4 AA this year but none were from their State University. They wrestle in a Middle School atmosphere. Duane Can't build a good staff and might struggle running a Lemonade stand. 1.5 points at NCAA 3- Maryland- Kerry is at a great institution that would heavily back a winning program. He's just there for the paycheck and has burried Maryland..When Maryland lost Santoro to Lehigh and hired McCoy the Program nosedived fast. Honorable mention Hofstra- Program is in bad shape. They had an AA that was recruited by former staff but for such a great area team is struggling. They hire Dennis 4 years ago and not One of his recruits has even been close to qualifying for NCAA Tournament. But if you watch his interviews he's happy with progress?
  5. Great News..Wow..Good Luck Barry!
  6. Suprised he's not at Cornell..Easier to get accepted if ur good wrestler.
  7. Obviously Pat Pop is probably the best program builder in America but who are his assistants? Who's their upperweight coach?
  8. I don't think anybody disliked Desanto before this weekend. Unless your a EIWA fan. I guess he acted up there also. Trying to snap opponents limbs is nuts!
  9. Hahn is the Associate Head Coach with a base salary probably pretty good. He's not going anywhere.
  10. Rutgers has gotten better because they are Finally fully funded and now are seeing the benefits of that with depth..The recruiting is ready to explode..Signing a California State Champ shows that Goodale knows he has to reach out of NJ to keep climbing..One thing as a Rutgers fan is you Know Goodale is always working to get better and keep building.
  11. Rutgers with 3x AA Ashnault returning should move up the standings next year. Him and Suriano will be title contenders and Gravina and VanBrill possible AA.
  12. Santoro's Coach of the year was created this year from Manheim, Pennsylvania ..10 Wrestlers qualified and Lehigh sitting around 15th..What a Joke! They should have an award for worst performance during NCAA Tournament. Santoro would roll that
  13. zero points at NCAA Tournament..Hire a Real staff and not the guy that has been there 20 years and helped burry the program!
  14. Goldman wouldn't be able to lead a small Indiana conference school to a .600 record...Indiana AD needs to care just a little.
  15. paboom calling a 4x undefeated NJ Champ that has never been in trouble a High Risk recruit..What a Clown!
  16. Suriano has yet to give up a point in tournament..Lee has steamrolled his opponents.. It's all about the 1st period..Lee wins 1st period he wins. Nicky wins 1st period and he'll be 1st NCAA Champ in Rutgers History
  17. Wow..Thats a bad job naming him before NCAA Tournament. ..EIWA is not very good...Coach of Year bringing 10 to NCAA Championships and finishing around 15th shouldnt be mentioned as National Coach Of the Year!
  18. Yes and so many Keystoners are so confused on wheres the Atlantic Ocean? I heard 59% of folks visiting Jersey Shore PA lake think thats the Atlantic Ocean.
  19. If you Live in the middle of Pennsylvania..Watching the Jersey Shore show is Big Time..They just keep saving their money so they can make that yearly Jersey Shore trip!
  20. Thats a good shot of Snooki..She actually married a pretty good wrestler in NJ..She was made a clown of but also made about 10 Million and growing! 87% of her fans are from Pennsyltucky!
  21. Agree..Esposito was just in right place at right time to be head assistant ..He dosent seem to be helping them!
  22. Good choice..Hopefully some B1G Programs are paying attention..Hire him at Michigan State or Indiana...He would run circles around SkiMask Goldman or Westillstink Chandler!
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