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  1. lost track of date...was dealing with losing my home (washed away) and incoming storm...I lost that match Sandy by tech fall over njwrestlingguy
  2. 1- Scott Winston 2- Mario Mason
  3. I think alot of people are sleeping on Winston and Mason this preseason...Heard Winston has done a great job in getting his weight down to 157 and he's going to be very tough to beat there...Mason was ranked in the top 3 for awhile (remember he beat Molinaro) before injuries knocked him out...Suprised some people have him ranked #19...A healthy Mason will get to the podium...jmho
  4. Not a huge deal but Rutgers returns 18 points and 7 Qualifiers next year and gain Winston off a RS (Winston beat NCAA Runner-Up Vallimont from Penn State 9-3 this year and should be able to rack up some points at next years Tourny)...I think The State University of New Jersey will make some noise across the Bridge in The City of Brotherly Love next year!
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