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  1. Theres a couple guys up the street working at WaWa that can probably improve Indiana.
  2. I know some have Santoro penciled in already but Lehigh went to Cleveland with ALL10 wrestlers and might not finish Top 15.
  3. That was definitely a.. I just got fired interview...He needs to land in EIWA or smaller conference..He did a fair job building Wisconsin as a power..Him only getting paid $104,000 after 25 years is all you need to know.
  4. re: the Jersey argument--- I wrestled and coached against a number of Jersey kids, and a lot of them had that element of trying to out-tough their opponents. I'd come off the mat with scratches on my face and a generally lousy attitude. But they never beat me or my kids. HaHa...You must be a high level coach/wrestler or you and your team don't get out much...You or your wrestlers NEVER lost to a NJ Wrestler?? You should probably be named the new Wisconsin Head Coach!
  5. Umm..Delvechio vs Desanto should be amazing round of 12 bout
  6. Princeton Staff...Ayres and Debuque..Although they both probably make more $ then Barry did after 25 years.
  7. Pat Pop...I'm not a fan of NC State but jeez...This guy is a miracle worker!
  8. Goldman and Indiana did score 1.5 points. Here comes an extension for Ski Mask Duane. And another shocker fully funded Big 10 Michigan State and we still stink Chandler Zero points.
  9. Will Paramus NJ native and The State University of New Jersey Sophomore Nick Suriano FINALLY put a Scarlet Knight in NCAA Final?
  10. Olympic Gold Medalist Snyder vs Coon..You can probably fill the Quicken Loans Arena on that bout alone!
  11. It will be easy finding all the PSU fans out in Cleveland. Most of them look like this!
  12. Goodale has been doing clinics in California for a long time. Great to see RU was able to sign Nic Aguilar from Gilroy (Fargo Champ/California Champ) ..the PA wall is going to come down soon.
  13. Havent heard anything about them in a couple years, Did they go NAIA?
  14. I think Nick Gravina (Nicky Gravy) has a shot to place at 184lbs as a Widcard.
  15. I think it stinks Flo cuts and pastes Amatuer Wrestlers to make a documentary. I don't blame them because they have a great product and they have that right but They should have a fund where if an Amatuer Wrestler is part of a something big for them they should get a cut down the road.
  16. How about guys down a weight? RL Savage won a U23 title this season at 153lbs. With Nolf being a little banged up he would be right there at 157lbs, He's so undersized at 165..I still think he he places high.
  17. You know that Rutgers has already broken ground on their new state of the art training center? It might be the top NCAA facility in America with training facilites, Nutrition, Medical treatment. http://rutgersbigtenbuild.com/multisport-training-complex/index.html
  18. Thats about to change in a huge way in less then 7 days..The WALL is finally coming down!
  19. Who ends up with the Great seed? Suriano or Lee? Get to that top bracket. Cruz probably finishes 4th or 5th at B1G. Beat a non qualifier 1-0 in conference final..No shot he wins this year.
  20. Theres a better chance of Goldman/Chandler/McCoy being named Tri-Coaches of the year then Suriano not wrestling in Cleveland!
  21. Heard Airline is charging Iowa extra for their oversized/worlds biggest knee braces
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