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  1. Disagree..He didn't know how to react. So he acts like it doesn't bother him..Does he usually stand there clapping when one of his guys gets beat?
  2. How much can a college kid take from opposing coaching staff? https://twitter.com/FloWrestling/status/971188743422951425
  3. I guess we'll see...Robie will be able to ride Dressers build for a couple years but VT will never be as good without Dresser..JMO
  4. Fingers crossed...Suriano in top bracket with Cruz
  5. No disrespect but there will be many more fans attending/wanting tickets then the 6,300 at Michigan State and you need to look at the RAC layout. It's not an Arena with a bowl that people could walk around. When you put 4 mats down it's going to be packed and you have to lose some seats..Can't compare it to MSU 16,000 seat Breslin Center,
  6. His friend and AD Alvarez told him his time is over. Let's do this as classy as possible.
  7. Thats just crazy. How can that happen?..Does Sprague have wins over wrestlers that qualified?
  8. I was hoping they would of held it at the Prudential Center in Newark. The RAC is a great place and cozy for a dual meet but not sure it will a be a great place to hold B1G tournament. Also your probably looking at around 6,000 with 4 mats. Don't get me wrong I'm thrilled the B1G tournament is coming to Jersey but it's going to be tight in there.
  9. Are you sure about that? EWL had 2 AQ at 157 and thought he was 1 of them. He's 12-10 this season and shouldn't qualify with Wildcard.
  10. Thats sad and how can assistants get paid well when HC is getting low salary?..Thats Davis not building Program..You get a mirror image from Goldman and Indiana..Although Goldman would struggle running a lemonade stand and Davis should not be linked with him.
  11. For the ACC fans..What is going on at Virginia?.5th in ACC Tournament?..They seemed to be ready to step up a level under Garland not so long ago..Did hiring the Paulson Brothers doom the program...They were 2 of the top guys at the Iowa State demise..The brothers/or one of them also just violated NCAA rules and the program might take a hit for that.
  12. Great choice but he has such a good thing going at NC State I would be suprised. Pop just runs circles around so many coaches as a program builder and with Dresser out he can just keep rolling every year as ACC Champs in a great area. No idea what he makes at NC State ( and salary is not everything..Housing?..vehicle?..kids go for free?..and a whole bunch other perks?) ..If Wisconsin really wants to make a move hire POP at $250,000 (all the perks) and never look back! Alvarez would be a Legend in the Wrestling Community.
  13. I'm sure Alvarez will want to make a great hire as his career is ending...For Athletic Directors the coaches they hire will stick to them forever.
  14. Also BJ Clagon from Rider at 157lbs
  15. Andy Matter from Penn State won 2 titles and his son Brett Matter won a title for UPENN
  16. Wow.. at Home finish 13th in EIWA. They have the biggest favorite (Hughes) in tournament lose in Final. No other Hofstra wrestler close to placing...When will Hofstra change staff? Hughes is a 5th year Senior recruited by former staff..This staff has yet to have 1 NCAA Qualifier in 4 years!
  17. No doubt a bad weekend .. but still will send 7 to NCAA..Averaged over 5,000 paid attendance this season ..Signed a California State Champ for first time and will be signing other top recruits soon...Return Suriano. Ashnault..Probably a couple of other Programs wished they sucked as bad!
  18. http://highschoolsports.nj.com/news/article/-6629403881608699058/sunday-at-3-live-video-chat-for-the-2018-state-wrestling-championship-finals/#incart_river_home
  19. Lehigh fan just praying Cruz doesnt draw Suriano early at NCAA. Nick threw a 7-0 beating on Cruz last year. Cruz should win the JV EIWA Class 125LB Tournament...16 Teams and ONE AQ
  20. Top 4 seeds in 32 man bracket #1 seed Joe Manchio..41-0...141-4 in career..2016 NJ State Champ #2 seed Antonio Mininno..36-0...2017 State Champ.. FloNationals Champ #3 seed Robert Howard..33-1..Currently ranked #1 in USA by Flo #4 seed Mitchell Polito..35-0..Lehigh recruit..#19 Flo Ranking
  21. Brackets are being released on track right now
  22. whats going on in Virginia is sad. So many tough wrestlers/great coaches being disrespected. Yes i'm bias but having a State Championship with 1 Class is on such a different level for the fan and atmosphere. Having the State Tournament on The Most Famous Boardwalk in USA is amazing and NJ has it right. I've never been to California State Tournament but that must be incredible also. If your not in a State with 1 class your not a STATE CHAMP, Your a Sectional/Class/Division Champ. Just like football in NJ. http://highschoolsports.nj.com/news/article/-5057959992998650252/2018-njsiaa-wrestling-championships-in-atlantic-city-full-schedule/t
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