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  1. Watch the replay of match...Penn State fans are the biggest crybabies...They just can't accept they couldn't beat middle of the pack Rutgers 45-5
  2. Penn State fans better get these before they sell out. They will be unavailable in Cleveland. http://www.rallyhouse.com/Penn-State-Nittany-Lions-Tissues-Tissue-Box-88490325
  3. 1 complaint about a college kid tweeting? And thats the culture of the Program? You need to cry about something better!
  4. Why so much talk about the Headgear call? 6-5 finish with call 6-4 finish without call
  5. Can you show some examples of that? He's been there 10 years so you must have numerous ..A couple of Penn State fans are so freaked out that PSU didn't treat Rutgers like Maryland!
  6. http://scarletknights.com/news/2018/1/26/wrestling-no-18-rutgers-hosts-no-1-penn-state-sunday-at-sold-out-rac.aspx
  7. What happened to all the Cornell fans? They use to sell out 4,500 seat Newman Arena and now wrestle Lehigh in their work out center that seats 900. http://cornellbigred.com/sports/2007/7/30/FriedmanWrestlingCenter.aspx?path=wrest
  8. Heard Iowa to sit out Stoll til 2019 Midlands..No B1G 10 or NCAA this season...PD3 talked about the Iowa coaches had Bigger plans for him... PD3 vs Coon this weekend?
  9. HaHa...One Program that is NOT struggling is Rutgers...They have over 2,000 seaon ticket holders and average around 4,500 paid fans per match... Sundays match against Penn Statate has been sold out for weeks (8,500)...Season has had it ups and downs but future is brighter...Have to think there are a couple Programs wishing they were struggling as Bad as Rutgers!
  10. Why would you do that when the Wrestling match alone would fill the Arena.
  11. Great that Goodale and Rutgers have built a pipeline to the #1 team in USA this season. Blair has never been on board.
  12. weight by weight breakdown. Tar Heels top 2 ranked Wrestlers are Heilman and Ramos both from NJ. http://www.nj.com/rutgers/index.ssf/2018/01/rutgers_north_carolina_wrestling_dual_meet_bout_preview.html#incart_river_mobileshort_index
  13. at same weight. Cruz Has to get the #1 NCAA seed. I keep reading where folks think he won't? The All star loss and getting beat by Suriano last season has everyone questioning that seed but don't think that will make any change in seeding. Am I wrong? If NATO runs the table he will be 15-0 and probably the only other shot at #1 seed. 125lbs in Cleveland will be a Great Story!
  14. Agree but this is not about the Tom Ryan era (11 years ago)...Showing up at not great Scuffle with 14 wrestlers and having 1 guy make the night session in day 1 is bad...Hofstra wasn't close to even being competitive in the 1st round. Hofstra 1st round- 125- L pinned 133- L by tech 17-1 141- L by tech 15-0 149- L pinned and L 16-2 157- L by Major 9-0 165- L by Major 12-4 174- L by tech 17-0 and lost 10-3 184- L by tech 18-2 and lost by Major 9-1 197- L by Major 12-4 285- W by fall in 2 minutes.* only wrestler recruited by former staff. Hire the right staff and bring back a decent D1 Team to Long Island! Stop with Excuses!
  15. hosftra...Every weight getting bonused/beat in 1st round of Scuffle except for 5th year Senior Hughes who is a Beast and recruited by former HC. They go to Scuffle with 14 wrestlers and have only Hughes wrestling in 2nd session,,everyone else already eliminated... Hire the right staff and stop the debacle in Long Island,
  16. Those team scores seem to be wrong on FLOARENA. Hofstra has 1 win in round of 32 and have 11 points? Looks like they have a couple wrestleback wins but is this right? Anybody know how they do the team scoring?
  17. What guys are ready to make a splash that started season under the radar? 1- RSF- Sebastian Rivera from Northwestern.. 16-1 on season with only loss to Suriano in a great 7-6 Midlands semi match. Rebounded to finish 3rd at Midlands and rolled thru fomer AA Moisey and Russell.
  18. Just heard Bresser had a 4 Ring binder on how to beat Lee.
  19. Hofstra has dropped faster then anyone under coaching change without dropping Program. There seems to be no interest in the program these days. They were the Buzz not long ago in the Northeast. They have a very good 285 Hughes who was brought in 5 years ago by last coach Shiflet. Current coach in 4 seasons has yet to have recruit qualify for NCAA Tournament..Make a coaching change and bring back the Program!
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