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  1. 165 - #16 Devin Gobbo. EIWA champ and gets the 16 seed?!?! Was a true blue chipper coming out of HS, though couldn't wrestle due to knee injuries Sr year. Has been injured most of his career but is now healthy, wrestling great, and physical enough to make some noise. Will have to get it done underneath.
  2. OK, don't disagree about anything you've said about Kyle. But then, I didn't mention Kyle in my response. I agree he's done far more on the international stage and Nashon has something to prove. However, at the collegiate level, Kyle also has a monkey to get off his back.
  3. Fishhook, completely disagree with your assessment of Nashon. Point me to the wrestler that is the complete wrestler at any weight that overwhelms his opponent as thoroughly as Nashon. He's stronger than you, he's quicker than you, he's more physical than you, he has a better gas tank than you, and he's better technically than you. We talk alot about the pressure that some of the Penn State wrestlers put on their opponent - just watch Nashon. By the time you've reacted to his first move, he's already into moves 3 and 4. Brewer threw him early this year and then got throttled. Nashon is on another planet right now. At the same weight does he beat Retherford, IMar, or Nolf - I say yes!
  4. No Todd Preston at 141? EIWA MOW 2 years ago. Had a very good chance to be a repeat champion at 141 until an unfortunate wrist injury at EIWA's last year.
  5. Just read this blog for the first time. I know in this ultra PC (see Jerry Seinfeld's recent comments) environment, you're not supposed to say anything that goes against the liberal theology, but what exactly did he say - about the environment, not the facts of the case (none of us know) that was wrong? I think his assessment of where we are today was spot on!
  6. I couldn't disagree more. I've met him, had my picture taken with him - very nice man. He's enthusiastic about his team, isn't insulting of the opponent. I've got an idea, let's get rid of the passionate fan?!!? What's wrong with a little color?
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