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  1. A Big Pickup??? Must be another HWT. Seriously I heard there may be a good one looking to flip.
  2. Are the brackets on Flo or Trackwrestling? Anyone else wonder why it has to be so hard to find this information?
  3. I think a better analogy would be the 'Mongoose V. Cobra'. A colorful description the fight is not so much different than that of a wrestling match "As the snake maneuvers to strike without getting too far off balance, it finds the mongoose poised and ready to execute a seemingly impossible escape or counterattack"
  4. I would like to see a list of the Top U23 Wrestlers from World Team Trial & US Nationals this past year. I think we could put together a pretty salty team!
  5. Read more on this topic: https://pittsburgh.forums.rivals.com/threads/wrestling-championship-fund.112667/
  6. HawkFan do you remember Montell? This looks like a Pot and Kettle situation?
  7. My Vote is to grow wrestling in the Southern States! Atlanta, Nashville, Dallas, or Phoenix!!! All great cities and who wouldn't want to visit those destinations in March?
  8. Pac 12 needs to pick it up a notch! I watched some finals matches that had some very mediocre wrestling.
  9. I think Nashville would be a great city to Host. The Bridgestone Arena seats 20,000 and located in the Heart of the City. Plenty of Hotels and places to eat plus the weather is usually pretty nice.
  10. If my memory serves me correctly Massa was out cold and had to take an injury time and them came back to win the match. I remember it was a crazy match!
  11. Best Gift Ever! Take hime to the NCAA's :)
  12. Suriano- PSU Reenan- NC St
  13. I am trying to sell a lower level ticket for a friend. Its a great seat, please message me if interested. One Prime seat in 100 level with the NCAA Experience Ticket which includes access to free food & soda area; also a cash bar in special location of MSG...one hour before match starts to one hour before match for the session ends.
  14. I saw a tweet that said there was 60K given out to the wrestlers. So I imagine it was a decent pay check.
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