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  1. Palomar does have a wrestling team, here is a link...http://palomarathletics.com/sports/wrest/index not much there though.
  2. But where will he be going to school?
  3. I am a big fan of Austin DeSanto but his actions in this match were disgraceful. Very unlike the young man I have watched in the past. Unfortunately, he let his frustration get the best of him and he acted out in an irrational manner.
  4. No, the DD is PA saying our State champs are better than everyone else's. LOL...The undercard is the WPIAL saying our region's best are better than your state champs.
  5. Does anyone see the potential for a RS/Olympic RS in 2015 and RS/Olympic RS in 2016 given his goal of winning the olympics?
  6. Because the wrestlers are all different sizes.......
  7. Ryan Diehl at PA states semi final round.
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