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  1. Rasslin' is what you do on the couch with your lady.
  2. For starters, Dan Gable was not the coach in 1998, Jim Zalesky was. Secondly, in all the years you mention, the National Duals took place in January. Dan Gable was a master at having his wrestlers peak in March, so there were many years that Iowa wasn't the best team in January, Dual or otherwise, but was in March. Also there were times when the line-up at National Duals was not the line-up in March for injury or other reasons. There has never been a true, end-of-season Dual National Champion, so there is no way to know if the best Dual team won the tournament title. I'm sorry if some of this has been pointed out further down the thread, as I skipped from the quoted post to my reply. I'm going back to read more now. Also, I really miss the old format National Duals. Even if they weren't an NCAA sanctioned championship, they made for a very fun weekend. Especially at Cedar Falls, with all the divisions in one building, where you could watch whatever matches you wanted to. I miss those.
  3. It's a shame they missed out on adding a wrestling program. I realize they will be looking at less scholarships with triathlon, but I would assume they will be supplying equipment as well, and a good triathlon (time trial) bike is not cheap. The swimmers would be the more likely cross-over athletes than track or cross-country. I wish they would have had triathlon sanctioned by the NCAA back in the 90's. My oldest son was highly ranked nationally as a 13-14 year-old, and would likely have gotten a good scholarship. Unfortunately I was too poor to take him to a lot of events, but when we did go he always placed high in national competitions. I also couldn't afford to put him on a 3-6000 (and they cost more now) dollar bike like the kids he competed against, but no one his age ever beat him on a bike leg, even at the national championships. He competed in adult triathlons as a 14 year-old when I could get promoters to let me sign a waiver for him, and did quite well, often winning the 21 and under divisions. Long distance running doesn't always translate to cycling very well and vice-versa. good swimmers more often learn to do well at the other two. Triathlon is a great and grueling endurance sport, but I hate to see wrestling lose out to it.
  4. Doesn't look like he slipped, Gross just hit it hard. Don't see that a lot at D1 level, especially top guys. I loved that move, but no one I taught it to could ever use it.
  5. I should have worded it better. Gross is very skilled and very crafty. I should have said it was surprising that Rivera gave that up. I would stink to control the whole match and have one unfortunate miscue lose it for you. Just proves he's not infallible. Haven't watched a replay to see if he slipped or something, because that's not the kind of move that usually works against someone like him.
  6. Congrats Russel, and all the other virgins. Last year was the first one I've missed in 30 years (due to NCAA greed). The picture is my arena from last year. I've been to 33 of the last 35 and it's my best R&R time every year. Bought some good binoculars for this year, but at least I'll be in the building.
  7. Rivera controlled the whole match. The throw was desperation and pretty lucky. DeSanto controlled the whole first match with Gross too, and didn't get caught with a throw. Gross is smart and makes good adjustments. Next time with Rivera will be different. I'm looking forward to all the matches among these three. I really wanted DeSanto to face Rivera at Midlands so he would convince him to go back to 125. Against a healthy Lee (which I'm not convinced he is), Rivera will never win.
  8. It's always "sold out" but there are always tickets available. Stub hub is probably your best bet for multiple seats together, or the NCAA ticket exchange would have been good this year. Scalping would probably be cheapest. Don't give up. i didn't mean to discourage you. You'll have a great time.
  9. They usually sell 6-8,000 tickets before/during the previous year's NCAA (in about 5 minutes usually) They have corporate tickets they hold, and all the school's allotments. Best way to get is usually through schools, but most require you to donate and/or buy season tickets. Some that have smaller demand would sell you tickets the first year you buy season tickets, so a small investment in season tickets might get you the opportunity to buy NCAA tickets. Most schools that don't sell their whole allotment open sales up to the general public after their donators/season ticket holders all get theirs If they sell all they're alloted, they'll be less likely to get their allotment lowered the next year, so they're happy to sell to anyone. What the schools do end up returning end up being sold the last few weeks prior by the venue, the NCAA, or ticketing services. If none of that works, there are always scalpers, but large groups that want to sit together will have a problem with that. But, it seemed this year the scalpers didn't have as many (or as good) to offer as previous years. Most years you can get some bargains that way if you're prudent. Hope this helps.
  10. 1. One-armed national champion. 2. 2 probable 3-timers going down; Imar getting stuck, Dean looking sick. 3. PSU wins last five finals
  11. '86 Iowa team was my favorite. Had #2 ranked 118 (Matt Egeland) who freaked and went AWOL just before the Big Ten tourney and Hwt. Mark Sindlinger who was a football player and never got to join the team until after bowl games, but could go with anyone in the country. My first NCAA tournament, and it was a great one. Lots of other great storylines in that one. I've only missed one NCAA since. '97 tourney was so satisfying because they were huge underdogs going in and had an awesome tournament. Jesse Whitmer's title run was a great story in itself. As much as I hated seeing it, OSU's '05 run was impressive also, Lots of dominating performances in all those teams, much like a few of PSU's this year. My vote is for the '86 team though.
  12. The Iowa Hawkeyes won in '77-'78 with no champs and 6 AAs.- 2 2nds, 2 3rds, a 5th and a 6th. Also in 2008-9 with 5 AAs - 2nd, 3rd,2 4ths and a 7th. I'm pretty sure there have been others.
  13. This will be my 31st of last 32. Lots of changes, some good, some bad. Lots of good times and great wrestling, and more than a few disappointments.
  14. I seem to remember a really great ice cream shop a few blocks from campus last time we were there. Lots of flavors.Can't remember a name though, any help with that?
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