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  1. It's always "sold out" but there are always tickets available. Stub hub is probably your best bet for multiple seats together, or the NCAA ticket exchange would have been good this year. Scalping would probably be cheapest. Don't give up. i didn't mean to discourage you. You'll have a great time.
  2. They usually sell 6-8,000 tickets before/during the previous year's NCAA (in about 5 minutes usually) They have corporate tickets they hold, and all the school's allotments. Best way to get is usually through schools, but most require you to donate and/or buy season tickets. Some that have smaller demand would sell you tickets the first year you buy season tickets, so a small investment in season tickets might get you the opportunity to buy NCAA tickets. Most schools that don't sell their whole allotment open sales up to the general public after their donators/season ticket holders all get theirs If they sell all they're alloted, they'll be less likely to get their allotment lowered the next year, so they're happy to sell to anyone. What the schools do end up returning end up being sold the last few weeks prior by the venue, the NCAA, or ticketing services. If none of that works, there are always scalpers, but large groups that want to sit together will have a problem with that. But, it seemed this year the scalpers didn't have as many (or as good) to offer as previous years. Most years you can get some bargains that way if you're prudent. Hope this helps.
  3. 1. One-armed national champion. 2. 2 probable 3-timers going down; Imar getting stuck, Dean looking sick. 3. PSU wins last five finals
  4. '86 Iowa team was my favorite. Had #2 ranked 118 (Matt Egeland) who freaked and went AWOL just before the Big Ten tourney and Hwt. Mark Sindlinger who was a football player and never got to join the team until after bowl games, but could go with anyone in the country. My first NCAA tournament, and it was a great one. Lots of other great storylines in that one. I've only missed one NCAA since. '97 tourney was so satisfying because they were huge underdogs going in and had an awesome tournament. Jesse Whitmer's title run was a great story in itself. As much as I hated seeing it, OSU's '05 run was impressive also, Lots of dominating performances in all those teams, much like a few of PSU's this year. My vote is for the '86 team though.
  5. The Iowa Hawkeyes won in '77-'78 with no champs and 6 AAs.- 2 2nds, 2 3rds, a 5th and a 6th. Also in 2008-9 with 5 AAs - 2nd, 3rd,2 4ths and a 7th. I'm pretty sure there have been others.
  6. This will be my 31st of last 32. Lots of changes, some good, some bad. Lots of good times and great wrestling, and more than a few disappointments.
  7. I seem to remember a really great ice cream shop a few blocks from campus last time we were there. Lots of flavors.Can't remember a name though, any help with that?
  8. "Tony explained very clearly what happened, while Tom NEVER addressed the fact that he was in Dan's corner when the finals happened." That is not true. Tom and Morningstar sat behind the scorers table between the corners during the match. Tom only went to Dan's corner during the rest time because no one was there to towel him, and he didn't coach him. Mike Duroe was only coach in Dan's corner
  9. With all that HS talent in Pennsylvania, just think if PSU had a coach who wanted to do more than just "have fun".
  10. I just felt it was time to throw in my two cents... We have a pretty good system down, and have seen most of the sights in St. Louis several times, but I am against having it (or any other place) be a permanent site. I can do a tournament there twice as cheap as virtually any other place. I enjoy visiting other venues and seeing other places. I have turned several NCAA tournaments into sightseeing trips, ski trips, or partial family vacations. This year my wife was even going to go, but her job schedule messed it up. We have seen a lot of great things in 30 years of going to the NCAAs, and I have enjoyed something (sometimes many things) at every venue. That being said, there are a few places I hope it never goes back to. Des Moines comes quickly to mind. The tournament was well run there, and we did some great sightseeing, but I've never had such a hard time getting enough tickets for our group. I am from Iowa, and I loved having it that close again, but I never want to have to fight for tickets like that again. I enjoyed NYC, but if it is there again in the next few years, I'll probably miss my first one since 1989. I simply can't afford it. I spent 4-5 times as much as most places I go, and even over twice what Philly cost me. It was fun, and I got a good system down, and some great ideas, but it just wouldn't fly as a venue I could do repeatedly. I don't think L.A. would be any cheaper, and logistically would be a nightmare. Not sure about Denver, but I know I'd make a ski trip out of that one, so it would be fun. So, I guess I'm saying I don't want one permanent site, but I (a poor man) need it to be someplace affordable most years. Also, I miss some of the campuses, but motels and restaurants , small arenas, parking (or airports) and (sometimes) remote locations make them impractical for future sites. I'd like to weigh in on the whole perceived black stalling thing, but I never really noticed it being unwarranted, and no, I'm not the least bit bigoted. I guess I'll have to watch for it in the future.
  11. Can't touch your record, but this week will be my 30th of the last 31.
  12. Maryland postponed several sporting events this weekend because of the storm. Perhaps this is one.
  13. MSU, I was responding to farmer's fantasy about the PSU all-stars whipping up on the Iowa all-stars, as copied and pasted above my remarks. Most of the time I enjoy your input MSU, both here and on HR. I enjoy your humor as well, even though it seems most people (both places) don't always get it.
  14. Schools don't get an allotment for B1G, you have to buy them from the host school unless you are affiliated with your school's program (family, staff, team, etc). Most schools have sections for each school, but I'm not sure Iowa is doing that this year. If you call for tickets they can probably tell you. Iowa ticket office number is; 319-335-9323. I'm told there is another number for The B1G tournament, and that is:800-424-2957. Hope that helps.
  15. 125. Martin Dec Mcdonough Psu 3-0 133. Kolat Dec Brands Psu 6-0 141. Brands Dec Long Psu 6-3 149. Retherford Dec Metcalf Psu 9-3 157. Matter Dec Mcllravy Psu 12-3 165. Taylor Dec Perry Psu 15-3 174. Nickal Dec Borschell Psu 18-3 184. Ruth Dec Banach Psu 21-3 197. Fullhart Dec Mcintosh Psu 21-6 285. Mccoy Dec Banach Psu 24-6 If you really believe half of those, you're delirious. I've seen all of those guys wrestle multiple times, and most of those aren't close to what would happen. Also each of the teams has had better guys around some of those weights than the guys you have listed.
  16. TBar, best post I've ever seen from you...
  17. They don't need as many "lung timeouts" anymore, their coaches can buy them plenty of times with video reviews.
  18. Nine of us coming from Iowa and North Carolina to support the Hawkeyes and Mountaineers and anyone wrestling Missouri, tOSU or the usual "bad guys". My 30th NCAAs.
  19. Nick Moore has been injured all season. No one wants to notice, they just want to rag on him. If he gets in, he'll score at Nat'ls, injured or not.
  20. OK I'm tired of thge confusion over who the slam was called on. Don't take anyting Shane Sparks says as the gospel, I wish they'd find unbiased, knowledgeable people to do broadcasts. Anyway, the slam was called on Gilman and Watters was given apoint. Gilman received a point for the elbow to the back of the head that Watters threw immediately after. Watters had cheap stotted him at least three times prior and was warned but never penalized.
  21. Why don't all you guys go back and watch your DVRs. Almost every whistle the whole match the ref had to put hands on Waters to stop his extracurrculars after the whistle. He got plenty of cheap shots in and I think Gilman had enough. That is not an excuse for the slam in any way, but any of you who have been on a mat have probably lost your cool when people cheapshotted you or you got frustrated with the match. Maybe not to that extent, but you've done it. The late leg tackle was in retaliation for the elbow that caused the point and that all of you ignored.
  22. Littlethadd, I thought I read somewhere that BTN+ or BTN2go was streaming quarters, but I don't know where I read it. Check those sites and see. Might cost a month's subscription though if it's BTN+.
  23. How many of you played the "goes ahead and..." drinking game and made it past the 149 match?
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