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  1. I know the same, as well as roll through throws from a number of positions. The move that Mark S broke the Turk’s arm with is common, but meant to be kept inside the body of the guy being thrown. He took it further inside, from the torso to under the armpit, and you can see the result. Total destruction of the shoulder.
  2. Chad is very good. A NJ runner up.
  3. Correct. His Hs teammate, Glasgow, is extremely talented as well. He willl surprise some this year.
  4. What’s his track record vs NJ collegiately?
  5. I trained and competed in submission grappling for about ten years, and we all knew how to use kimuras on our feet, from multiple positions, but rarely used it for fear of really injuring someone. Tough to get really good technique with something that you’re too nervous to drill.
  6. NJWC


    Yes he did, he will be back this year.
  7. NJWC


    I think Janzer and Benner RS. At 125, I don’t knock who will start.
  8. I tend to agree. Askren/Nicksl would be fun.
  9. NJWC


    I believe he’s on the roster.
  10. NJWC


    I think Glasgow has huge upside. Corrent is talented as well.
  11. Absolutely correct. Some on here trip all over themselves trying to rationalize Snyder winning that match.
  12. Honest question, what type of person creates a cartoonish character for the sole purpose of trolling wrestling websites? Just curious how large the hole must be in that person’s life.
  13. Can you point out where I said “on this thread”? Thanks.
  14. Agree 100%, but the Pa/PSU guys simply can’t or won’t accept that one of their heroes isn’t the best. It took Dake flat out owning Taylor time and again, pitching a career long shutout, to finally admit it wasn’t just a bad matchup. Dake was just better. Same with JB. Nolf is great, but has never been at the level of Jordan Burroughs.
  15. So a typo equals dolt? Again about right. Insults when you can’t argue on merit. Illiterate? I won’t bother regard Mg my education the way you ramble about military service, but far from illiterate. You likely wouldn’t compare favorably.
  16. What does any of that have to do with patriotism? There are West Point grads displaying pro communist messages and black power messages at graduation. Being in the military automatically means you love your country? Hardly.I’ve seen enough of your nonsense on here tonmmow you are a lefty. Sad actually, there are many that are confused in such a way.
  17. Cute. About what I’d expect. Still feeling a little frustrated? Ever follow through on the purchase of the place in Canada?
  18. No, and never said people shouldn’t get involved. Only that your job shouldn’t hinge upon getting involved with something you don’t have a clear picture of.
  19. You make your biased political statements, then state “enough politics”, lol. So very leftist of you, think as I do Or shut up. Weird political opinions? Have you been keeping score of who runs this country, at all levels of government? In spite of the lefties running the major networks, the NYT, Wapo, LA Times, Philly Inquirer, etc? Haha, talk about out of touch. Check out the state of the Democrat Party Libby, it ain’t good. Dying a quick death, as it surges further left. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
  20. Yes, after witnessing a 19 year old female running from her home with a torn off nightgown screaming for help, that’s exactly correct.
  21. You name fox personalities, then list Fox News as a separate entity. Nice try. NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, their respective holding companies, nearly all print media, all studios in Hollywood...need I continue? Fox is the biggest, but the only mainstream right leaning outlet.
  22. When I was in my last semester of college, two friends and I caught an attempted rapist and burglar next door to my rented house. We beat him half to death and held him for the authorities. I came back twice (by flight) at my own expense to testify against the ****bag. This in spite of a couple of threats by his gangbanger buddies. I would certainly get invloved. It made front page of the local newspaper, including pic of us w our dog. What I’m saying is, the world is full of morons. You don’t need an idiot populace jumping to conclusions about things they typically don’t have a complete picture of, and injecting themselves into the situation. You hate a guy at work? Your neighbor? The guy who just bought a Bentley? Accuse him of something.
  23. So the nation’s citizens should now become judge, jury and executioner regarding suspected malfeasance of any and all fellow citizens? Nah, no overreacting there.
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