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  1. Yes, though the other two media members that don’t identify as self righteous communists typically have better manners.
  2. Top three annually in income per capta, level of education by citizen, etc Drivable to DC, Philly, NY, Boston. But hey, Oklahoma has, uh, dirt? An ignorant populace?
  3. And what if he said to the smarmy leftists who dominate the media “**** off, questions about the sport only.”? Would that work?
  4. Meyer was never accused of more than simply having knowledge of abuse committed by someone else? I’m no fan of tOSU, but seriously? You can jam a guy up over this? I have a few hundred employees, and statistically speaking I likely have all kinds of twisted people working for me. I should hold their direct supervisors responsible for their behavior away from work? Nuts
  5. NJWC


    I tend to agree. It’s not even remotely close to what is used to be, in terms of quality and depth. Maybe the expense of travel? For whatever reason, it simply doesn’t have the same quality.
  6. Lol I agree. Nothing wrong with a little positive enthusiasm around here. I'm always amazed at how well certain athletes handle pressure. Watching something like the US Open or The Masters in golf, with these guys holding it together for four straight days when one bad shot would spell disaster, is incredible.
  7. You’re over thinking this. I’ll make it simple for you.The only outcome for the NCAA championships is ten American college students winning titles (I know there is the rare foreign champ). However, the WORLD championship is just that, a world tourney with competitors from all over. Occasionally an athlete will out place his NCAA finish in international comp. Just like occasionally a region runner up in NJ will win a state title. Does this mean a single region in NJ is tougher than the actual state tourney? Of course not. Your hypothetical is pointless. Every year if you sent the NJ runners up to the CA tourney, you’d see some win titles and vice versa.
  8. So he lost to a bunch of guys who didn't place top three in the tournament that year. Sounds pretty average at best (for that level).
  9. You do realize that someone MUST win at all ten weights, every year, at NCAAs? That only (nearly) American college kids wrestle in the event?
  10. Jordan won a national title as a senior in Hs with barely any mat wrestling. James was never a great mat wrestler. Get a clue.
  11. Nice try. Both Green and JB were taught their neutral offense at RAW241 in Southern NJ. Watching JB especially for years, and having seen Green wrestle since he was about 10, I can tell you the foundation was put in place by Johnny Johnson, their club coach.
  12. Do you really want to compare the history of Russian doping which th that of US athletes? It’s state sponsored in Russia, has been since steroids have been around.
  13. Great point. This would explain why west coast guys like JB, Snyder, Dake, Green, Gwiz are all on the team.
  14. You’re convinced only Russian dopers, er, wrestlers improve. The Americans guys practice occasionally as well. I’ve heard Taylor also does pushups a few nights per week.
  15. So Snyder will get shut out by Sadilaev, and the US CANT beat Russia. What were last years results again?
  16. You’re the gift that keeps giving.
  17. No, it certainly doesn’t. You spend your life on here, day after day, running down anyone who doesn’t worship at the PSU alter. Your little game you play regarding anyone calling you out, your equivalent of “I know you are, but what am I?”, doesnt fly. You’re an idiot, and a have no clue of your behavior on here. You, your twin, and maybe the idiot from Colorado who has his 8 year old lined up for either world teams or D1 full rides make these boards brutal to read. Get a life.
  18. You’re classic. You staying someone else escalates. Talk about zero self awareness.
  19. Tbag, seek help. Now do you realize why you’re considered the biggest douche on these boards? Your idiot twin runs a close second..
  20. No one on these boards comes close to Tbag and BTF for their obnoxious and constant harping on all things PSU. If they can’t find a slight, he’ll create one just to chime in. I didn’t even realize you were a Buckeye fan, by comparison.
  21. I agree with you guys, just saying I wouldn’t lose sleep over reinjuring a knee or shoulder of an opponent. Permanent brain trauma would give me pause.
  22. I agree, but it’s one thing to hit a low single on a wrapped leg, another to go heavy on the head with someone who is dealing with a major concussion situation.
  23. Lol, what?? So you post now specifically for me? I call BS on that one, and so would anyone who knows your posting here. You’re a nutcase fan, who spends way too much time finding microaggressions against PSU and addressing them. Pathetic.
  24. . Why would I fret about anything? Watching you run around like a moron is entertaining. It’s sad actually, but funny to watch.
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