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  1. Refute public ally what I stated. Check the reaction from the board when you do. You’re a clown. Are you on the PSU payroll, or just a dope with too much time on your hands?
  2. He’s trying his best, Shuck. It’s just, as with most things, his best sucks.
  3. Can you show the polls you’ve conducted regarding Reenan and Nickal? You’re such a dbag. You literally can’t help yourself, you have to tie in PSU to every post.
  4. Listen pal, BTF is a fan of WRESTLERS, not PROGRAMS. His/her constant defense and nut licking of all things PSU is purely coincidental.
  5. Lol, you’re classic. How sad your life must be. Running around correcting anyone who implies in any manner that a PSU guy may lose.
  6. She’s from, and lives in, NY. Doubt I’d ever come across her while living in Southern Fla. Clever.
  7. He’s a fan of many Iowa individuals lol.
  8. Read your posts, moron. You’re top three worst on here. And no, you’re a PSU nut bag. Quit pretending.
  9. I thought you supported all Big Ten programs?? Lol you fraud.
  10. Like the time he flipped after Gulibon majored him? Oh wait...
  11. I just had the same done in January. Have to get the other done soon as well. Sucks.
  12. So what if he runs his mouth a little. I enjoy needling a couple of PSU groupies, but DT seems like a good dude. I hope he kicks ass.
  13. Burroughs. He’s the best combination of speed/strength/technique of the group.
  14. You use an exhibition match Snyder won as proof of why he will never beat sadukaev, yet ignore a world final win over sadulaev. Smart.
  15. Man did he catch a break with this weight class. He had no competition. He’s surrounded by guys on the team that have beaten him Too. Lol.
  16. Dake is just better. Glad he won, Valencia was dirty. I guess if you can’t win straight up...
  17. Thanks for your insight. Impressive.
  18. I take it English isn’t your first language, because you continue to struggle with what I’ve actually said. Good luck to your hero in his quest to get to .500 vs Snyder.
  19. Brooks is a monster, has been since he was a little kid. He will win multiple NCs.
  20. You’re created an argument that doesn’t exist, at least for me, then argue against it.I never said the weight doesn’t matter. I never said that Sadulaev can’t win a rematch. What I said is it’s absurd to suggest future dominance for the guy who lost, and that this position is based on a personal bias. I stand by that position.
  21. First match was unfair? Sadulaev eas forced to bump up? Snyder was given points as a head start? Red was biased? What was unfair, in the finals of the world championship, about the match?
  22. I’m far from a bible beater, close to atheist actually, but the moral equivalency that idiots try to pawn off between Christianity and Islam is ignorant at best, moronic at worst. List the thousands killed in the name of Christianity over the last 25-50 years. What’s that? They don’t exist? Now compare to the hundreds of thousands killed in the.name of Islam.
  23. A guy who states his 8 year old som’s options are either a world team, or falling back on a D1 rise, calling someone else dummy is quite ironic. Let me ask you, you’re he dad who gets his five year old a Mohawk and fake tattoo, aren’t you? Be honest, you’re that guy, amiriite? Lol
  24. So now 97KGs is no longer 213lbs, but rather 223lbs? Which is what you just said Snyder walks around at? But I'M the dummy? Lol, read your contributions to the Final X thread, and tell me who the dummy is you psycho.
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