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  1. Agree. Dale may not pile up points, but he will win comfortably. Steiner, Dake, Taylor. All comfortably.
  2. The next guy he hits will be the first. He could have played without a helmet.
  3. I never said there wasn’t a weight diffenrece. I never said it couldn’t have had an impact. I also doubt they wrestled at Snyder’s walking around weight (why mention that you idiot, Snyder had to weigh in at the same class as Sad). I said Sad chose to go there, months in advance. He lost, despite the gift TD at the start of the match.
  4. I don’t hate you, or anyone else for that matter. I pity you, your hatefulness, and your mental instability.
  5. You realize you need help, don’t you? I’ve seen your act on here before, you’re a whack job.
  6. So Snyder weighed in at 100KGs to wrestle 97KG at worlds? Interesting. So it was like an exhibition? No strict weight classes? Your excuses so Sad no justice.
  7. To think, the PSU lacky takes shots at Gilman's World Silver Medal, yet conveniently forgets all that you just pointed out. How convenient. Taylor is really good, but Dake owned him forever and JB slapped him around as well. I hope he wins a world gold this year, but if he does the PSU contingent will be unbearable.
  8. In NCAA wrestling, the jump from 197 to Hwt is 88lbs, a massive jump. Much less so in Intl freestyle. Sadulaev made a conscious decision, in advance, to go up. He prepared for it (to the extent he dedicated himself), and was beaten. It wasn’t like he missed weight by .2lbs, and had to bump. What was there, perhaps an 8-10lbs difference? Coon had Snyder by 50lbs easily, if not more.
  9. I agree, but I’m not a fan of excuse making. In this case, apologies for Sadulaev. If he didn’t prepare properly, that’s i”on him. If he bit off more than he could chew by going up, that’s on him. Hell, I don’t like guys making excuses when they’re bumped up in a dual meet, despite weighing in down a weight. Sad weighed in at Snyder’s class. They wrestled. Could the results change? Sure, but the only match they’ve actually wrestled can’t be dismissed. Does that make sense?
  10. I don’t think that’s the case here. I think Billy (and myself) were referring to Wfan stating Snyder is great, but Dadulaev is a prodigy. If Snyder isn’t a prodigy, who is? Agree?
  11. I agree. The Sad fan appears to think the American 21 year old multi world and Olympic champ is not.
  12. Absurdly biased. I’ll tell you what, how about a bet. If hey meet at worlds this year, and Sad shuts out Snyder, I’ll disappear from the boards. If Snyder scores, will you admit to your lack of objectivity? Snyder is 21 and a 4 time world/Olympic champ. He beat your guy head to head. Who is the prodigy?
  13. Just a guess Metzler/Aguilar Suriano Van Brill Ash Not sure Van Brill Grello Gravina Lightner ? Correnti
  14. No, it’s silly to say a guy who just beat Sadulaev less than. Year ago will get shut out. It’s sillly to dismiss results of an actual match at the world championships. They showed up and weighed in at the same class, and wrestles. Snyder gave him the first TD. Snyder has wrestled folk most of his life, including the time at tOSU. Sadulaev trained exclusively in free his whole life. If you think Snyder wasn’t practicing folk as he prepared for The postseason, you’re nuts.
  15. Why do you doubt Snyder could improve as much, or more, than Sadulaev in the same time? He’s demonstrated he’s the better wrestler, so what he has done to get to this point is equal or better than what Saduaoev has done. Snyder also did this while wrestling folk for OSU. He can focus solely on free now, which should help with his training significantly. Snyder all day long. He’s already proven it, and will do so again. To dismiss an entire year as Sad being “off” is disrespectful to a guy (KS) who has multiple world titles. They wrestled, with plenty on the line, and KS won.
  16. I’m curious where you’re from. Snyder gave up a quick, sloppy TD due to being way to overhyped initially. After that it was all Snyder. Snyder wins the next one, comfortably, and the initial match supports my position far more than it does your position. To suggest Snyder mya not score, wow. Your bias is incredible.
  17. This sport, perhaps more than any other, seems to focus more on the loss than the win. It seems to really define the mindset that it’s only winning, or pain. 100% success, or complete failure. The brutality associated with wrestling is in the mentality, not the physicality.
  18. And attempting to secretly circumvent sanctions that prohibited their access to our banking system? That money was seized, confiscated. Granting access to allow for their conversion of assets to US dollars is disgraceful.
  19. Semantics. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2018/06/06/politics/iran-united-states-bank-exchange-republicans-report/index.html What would you call the pallets of American dollars flown into Iran in the middle of the night? We unfroze assets and sent it to them.
  20. No genius, Cheryl picking one scenario to support your claim doesn’t make you any less wrong.Statistically speaking 1/150 will always be tougher than 1/60. Coming up with an outlier scenario doesn’t do anything but show that you don’t have the character to admit being wrong. You stated that mathematically it’s harder. You’re 100% wrong. As usual.
  21. You realize that Kyle Snyder can only wrestle at one weight class per event, right? And that he has 4 years of eligibility to compete? And that there have been many other great wrestlers? To try to fire up both your brain cells to make a point that winning an 8 man bracket is occasionally tougher than a 32 man bracket (what if the 32 man bracket had Jordan Burroughs, Kyle Dake, David Taylor, etc?) is about par for the course with you.
  22. You're using mathematics to support your position that it's easier to be 1 of 150 teams competing for one team title, vs 1 of 60? Good God, are these guys idiots. Pat, he actually means this. That's how absurd the PSU contingent has become.
  23. You sound ridiculous. “By the end of the weekend, these kids are a team.”. No they aren’t. They’re acquaintances who loaded a team and wion an event. A team trains and competes together over significant periods of time.
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