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  1. Don’t waste your time and effort on these two PSU sycophants.
  2. No, he nearly always lacks any sense of objectivity or perspective. Actually, he and his twin Bigtenfan are the biggest idiots on these boards. It’s all PSU, or it doesn’t want matter. Tripping over himself to discredit a world silver medal is just about inline with this creep.
  3. Absolutely correct. Is it harder beating one opponent or fifty? Only a fool (I’m looking at you, Tidiot) would suggest otherwise. Statistically speaking, it’s not close.
  4. The Leftists on here will flip now. You woman hating cretin. They’re firing up their Prius’ and heading to their favorite vegan hotspot to plan their response.
  5. Lol, drives ya crazy, doesn't it? How dare someone suggest PSU isn't the best in any way. Heck, suggest ANYTHING about PSU in ANY way isn't the best. You simply can't handle it, can you? I can just imagine you grinding your teeth at the deviation from your company line.
  6. Lol, you’re the best. So easy.
  7. He sniffed out what MIGHT have been anything less than adulation for PSU, so he had to correct you. The PSU fanboy can’t stand for anything less than hero worship.
  8. Kyle Snyder laughed at this comment. The upper weights tend to suck compared to the middle weights and lightweights.
  9. What have you ever accomplished that would allow you to refer to D1 wrestlers as “never has beens”?Here comes the hard guy snark about real wrestling.
  10. Predicting NS to win against a guy he’s split matches with was bold? A guy who lost to Ronnie Brewster, whom NS beat? Bold? Suriano was less than three weeks removed from an 8 day hospital stay when he made the national finals. Suriano beat Fix two years ago. I’ll ask again, what did Fix do THIS SEASON collegiateky to suggest NS simply cant beat him (which is what was stated). Suriano lost decisions to Gilman and Lee. Those are the only losses he’s taken in college. He beat the defending national champ in the semis. For anyone to simply state he can’t beat Fix is absurd.
  11. Did Fix wrestle any collegiate matches this year? Do anything to suggest the national runner up can’t beat him (despite having already beaten him)?
  12. So twice I just asked you to support your position, and twice I get snark. Why would you state NS can’t beat Fix? Other than diminishing a 1 loss runner up season for Nick, what have you provided?
  13. In other words, you have no intelligent response. Suriano has a one loss season in the Big, was a national runner up and beat the defending champ (again) in the semis. What did Fix do this year to suggest he’s better at folk than NS? Again, other than your bias?
  14. . You’re basing this on what?He’s beaten Fix in their only match. What did Fix do this year that would suggest a once beaten national finalist, with a win in the semis over the defending NC, can’t beat him? Other than your bias?
  15. To be clear, I’m straight and happily married. Your interest in me is creepy. You now get to be he second on here to be blocked.
  16. I hate the “he didn’t care” BS. Guys don’t get to this level by not being insanely competitive. He cared, and lost. It’s a discredit to the guys winning these matches to make that kind of remark.
  17. Why would I be jealous of a nut bag? You’re an idiot who was offended by the term “idiot”. It’s safe to say you hear it often, so you should be numb by now. Please point out specifically how you come to your conclusions. This should be good.
  18. NJWC


    Exactly. There are three very good clubs I know of that have multiple kids training that are not paying a dime.
  19. Gotta love a clown who creates the mother hen persona on a message board suggesting mental illness or frailty in others.You’re a strange one, even by these boards’ standards. When did the wife leave you? 6 months into marriage? None of the neighbors really engage? Just kinda look at you and scurry away? LBI has been going downhill quickly. Too much North Jersey/Staten Island trash moving in.
  20. Take a look at which state has been producing the most national team members. By your passive agrressive statement, you’re suggesting Utah is a better wrestling state?
  21. When you reach the national finals, having beaten an undefeated returning champ in the semis, you ARE a contender. Reading this thread, you’d think the kid went 0-2. He lost a decision, less than three weeks following an 8 day hospital stay. He wasn’t able to train hard for nearly 5 weeks, in the second half of the season. He should be a 2x High AA, as a true soph. Somehow this means he can’t beat Fix? Has no shot at Lee? Crazy how perceptions change around here.
  22. You’re offended by the word idiot, yet suggest someone else should grow up? When that awful word was directed at the biggest idiot on this forum? You have established your idiocy as well.
  23. How so? Please state specifically. Calling someone an idiot, because he’s an idiot, equates to hanging w Snooki’s? I’d suggest he’s not the only idiot if you are that sensitive.
  24. He was a national runner up this year you idiot. He beat the defending national champ in the semis.
  25. Not to mention there’s no guarantee Fix is as good right now. He’s beaten Fix.
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