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  1. And if Snyder were a PSU guy,you’d real off ten pages why he’s the best. Fraud.
  2. Your first statement is simply false.
  3. He chose, well in advance, what weight he would wrestle. He knew Snyder was there as well. Stop with the excuses, that’s the weight he weighed in at, and he list. Great match? Of course. Awesome wrestler? Yup. Lost to Snyder, and the weight he selected? Yes, and that was with Snyder handing him a TD 15 seconds in due to jitters. That won’t happen again.
  4. I never loved his skill set in neutral. His freakishly long arms on top allowed him to do unreal things, but I never thought he had anywhere near the technique of the elite guys in neutral.
  5. We’ve seen them wrestle. What will surprised people if they wrestle again?
  6. Good for him. This guy has been under a microscope forever, even as a young kid. Glad he’s living up to it and turning things around.
  7. Do you realize you immediately attack anyone who disagrees with you? You do realize that you’re not always correct, don’t you?
  8. Rutgers 4th overall, while drivable to NYC and Philly with plenty to do. I was critical of Goodale but he’s done a great job.
  9. Don’t bother w the idiot from lehigh. Nice bluefin. We broke off a giant yellowfin at the boat last Thursday. Ugh.
  10. You spent time serarchimg posts of mine from a decade ago, and I’m the jester? Lol. Knock the fla coach who openly recruited kids? Yes. Knock the kids? Have you found any yet? You spent your Saturday night looking, where are they?
  11. What? I doubt I’ve ever ripped any Hs kid specifically, ever. Wtf are you talking about?
  12. Lol, of you find this post offensive, compared to what’s typical on these boards, you’re a bigger ***** than I originally thought. Lol
  13. The kid was in the hospital for 8 days, two weeks prior to tourney you dope. How many predictions did you kiss on this year prior to this “I told you so”? Lol clown
  14. And your feelings towards conservatives would best be described as...what?
  15. That actually did make me laugh.
  16. Hardly. This ahole continues to rip on kids he doesn’t know. Not their wrestling, their character. I pose the question would he have the nerve to make these types of statements directly to the face of the people he rips, without even knowing them. Would he call national runner up Nick Suriano “sorryano” to his face? Would he ask 3xAA ashnault if he had shoulder surgery specifically to duck someone? Doubtful. He’d mention his dad winning something in 1913, then crawl away.
  17. I would hope so. Any other stereotypes YOU choose to use?
  18. Why do you keep mentioning this?
  19. Have you always been such a dbag? You should ask the kid himself, directly to his face, exactly how you posed your question here. Methinks you’d be sorry you did.
  20. Which comments, specifically, are misogynistic?
  21. They do wrestle, or did you miss the posts stating this?
  22. So out of this jibberish, it’s determined she got murdered by a guy I never heard of, that was on the roster at American. Also, Krop murdered the guy that beat her. And this proves how awesome she is? How? Take a look at the names of the brackets at the same time in NJ, PA, OH. Compare to this attempt at elevating her, and get back to me.
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