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  1. Dake has a "nice career going"? LOL! Burroughs beats them both, BTW. You'll find that out in a month or so.
  2. Lol, ripping guys from Iowa for losing a couple of matches. Go wrestle D1 and tell me how easy it is (in the Big Ten no less) to put up a gaudy record. I'm no Hawkeye fan, but anyone suggesting that that program is going to struggle is crazy. Are they likely to win a national title? Probably not, but they're on the short list of teams that can. I think the bottom line is that there are simply more good teams around, and more quality kids coming out of high school ready to wrestle at this level.
  3. I realize there are plenty who love to hype certain kids year after year (which leads to unfair expectations). I guess the bottom line is, there are far more people in the general population that are Dake's size, than McD's size. This leads to more potential athletes, better competition.
  4. Dake will almost always be at the tougher weight. There aren't many 125-133lbs guys walking around. Those lighter weights have far fewer in the general population to pull from. Neither will win four, but if I had to choose one I'd say McDonough, as his competition will be weaker. As some have said, they already predict a HS kid as the second best at the weight. What does that say about returning talent?
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