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  1. SWGhetto

    Foxcatcher Movie

    This movei should make you feel uncomfortable as USA wrestling continued to take large sums of money from a nut who was racist and was sexual inappropriate with his athletes. Everyone around knew johns patented move “the fox catcher 5” and there were many other warning signs and examples of inappropriate behavior but the money came rolling in and no ine had a set big enough to cut ties.
  2. SWGhetto

    Barry Davis quit

    Barry has a history here. Is Gable currently scouring the 7-11's and other local donut shops to try and change his mind?
  3. SWGhetto

    told you he was a punk

    When KJ took the job I came out on this forum and told you i didn't think he would be a good head coach and gave examples of his unprofessional behavior that I witnessed as a attendee at JROB camp when he was a counselor. This behavior was sexist, bad conduct (language, dirty jokes, etc.) around campers and just straight up unprofessional from what you would expect from an adult who is working with your kid. Of course I was flamed and told that I was just a camper with an ax to grind. Here I am several years later to say "told you so" and I am pretty sure I am more successful at my job than KJ was at his and I definitely hold a higher degree of professionalism. Here is hoping that KJ can report to his new administrator job wearing sweat pants.
  4. Where the Danielle Hobeika website.....saveolympicwrestling.com
  5. SWGhetto

    College Job OPening

    Im not sure someone in the oil fields making bank would give up that job to make 7500 bucks for the season.