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    Go check the Rivals database if you want to see how many players a school signs for football. There are teams that signed 29 players...that is oversigning. I never said you were lying, I merely pointed out that schools do in fact sign more than 25 players in a given year.
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    SEC schools oversign every year and go over the 25 "limit."
  3. Alexander_Delarge_655321

    Kevon Davenport to Nebraska

  4. Alexander_Delarge_655321

    The real "Warriors"!

    Because...why not?
  5. Alexander_Delarge_655321

    Nebraska 18-19

    Huskers schedule for 2018-2019 http://www.huskers.com/SportSelect.dbml?&DB_OEM_ID=100&SPID=28&SPSID=58
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    Nebraska http://www.huskers.com/SportSelect.dbml?&DB_OEM_ID=100&SPID=28&SPSID=58
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    Who would win

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    Rinteria and The Storms Coming Gents

    Renteria isn't seeing 133lbs again, especially if he RS this season.
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    Adam Coon

    Gwiz and Coon have a ways to go before they reach Tervel's level.
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    So what's the deal with your screen name?

    A Clockwork Orange
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    Well it's become obvious

    For some on this board that is a 12 month lifestyle it seems.
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    Schools you’d like to see add wrestling

    The rest of the schools in the Big 12, PAC 12 that don't have wrestling and the $EC....
  13. Alexander_Delarge_655321

    Big opportunity missed at NCAAs

    Old school....always start with lightest and end at HWT.
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    D1 2018 all-freshman team

    184lbs. Taylor Venz. (Nebraska) Consolation Quarterfinals: #7 Taylor Venz (Nebraska) dec. #9 Max Dean (Cornell), 11-6