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  1. Used to post a lot, but unless I'm thinking of the wrong poster he was a thin-skinned know-it-all. Got all butt-hurt if you criticized him at all. Didn't he try to be a professional wrestler once?
  2. In the quarters this year vs Kharchla, O'Toole won 2-0 with an escape and riding time.
  3. Attempted homicide through strangulation is called immediately now, ala Nick Simmons.
  4. I don't know if I would call Brian Smith a legend at Mizzou, but he's taken them to heights never seen there before. Wes Roper had Mizzou just plodding along with an occassional AA, nothing more nothing less. Smith was a godsend after Roper.
  5. Well, I'm not positive of his exact losses, but if he took 3rd his freshman season then he had to lose to a DII guy.
  6. Because if we're talking undefeated DI, Haselrig was, to go along with his 3 DI titles. And if the previous wrestlers mentioned we're only considering their final 3 years, then Haselrig would fit right in there chief.
  7. And Carlton Haselrig. He did take 3rd in DII his freshman year, but then went 122-0 in his next 3, including 15-0 at the DI championships.
  8. O'toole beat Jacques in 2020, but then bumped up to 165 to help the team. To the best of my knowledge Jacques has never beat O'toole.
  9. Not a big Mizzou fan I see. They return their entire lineup from a 9th place finish, and you have 2 medalists for them, a champ and a low AA.
  10. Ok, thanks. Must be our server or computers here at work.
  11. Yeah, I don't see that. Could you post a link to that. Here's where I am, and it's not showing. https://arena.flowrestling.org/event/5a268153-db2b-ae04-f8a1-1d710363288b?page=brackets
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