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  1. Post 50 times a day and that will happen
  2. KCMO2


    The question is, how did it work out for B12 wrestling after Mizzou left? It was an absolute joke. The tournament turned into a complete mess if you remember, and the conference was still being too pissy about Mizzou leaving to do what was best for the sport. They finally had to let in all of the non-conf. members just to keep the conference tournament alive. Mizzou did just fine though, finishing in the top 7 at natties 6 out of 7 seasons after leaving. Better than any B12 school besides Okie St.
  3. KCMO2


    The Big 12 higher ups are still butthurt that Missouri left for the SEC. Mizzou wanted back in the Big 12 for wrestling.
  4. 2 td's, 1 reversal, 4 escapes. Wisman took him down and rode him for over a minute in the 1st period. Was 13-10 when Wisman cut him in the 3rd. Zahid gassed bad in the 3rd, spending most of the time hanging onto ankles. Looked nothing like a Hodge winner in that match vs an unranked opponent.
  5. Don't know where you got your numbers. Around 375,000 in Iowa high schools, and 1.5 million in Illinois
  6. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/event/matteo-pellicone?tab=schedule
  7. Courvoisiere Morrow. I hear he's quite The Ladies Man.
  8. Head-to-head competition — 25 percent Quality wins — 20 percent Coaches Ranking — 15 percent Results against common opponents — 10 percent RPI — 10 percent Qualifying event placement — 10 percent Win % — 10 percent Is this still the current seeding criteria??
  9. Yes they are, but ranking is one of the criteria for seeding.
  10. Damn!! I agree with Tbar AND Russelscout?!!? If they want natties to be legit, then they need to seed the top guys where they need to be seeded. I'd be pissed as hell if I were a high seed and had to face someone like Brooks early on because of seeding criteria.
  11. South Dakota State will be at the South Beach Duals, NC State will be at the Southern Scuffle.
  12. I believe it's for any D1 to D1 transfer, regardless of conference.
  13. Ok, not sure if he graduated or not, but that makes sense.
  14. Not 100% sure of the NCAA transfer rules anymore, but doesn't he have to sit out a year still after transferring D1 to D1, unless Mizzou gives him a waiver?
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