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  1. Clemson: Sammie Henson (after transferring from Mizzou) - 2x national champ, world champ, Olympic silver medalist.
  2. Must........resist.......urge........!.....
  3. Didn't give up a pt. this year. 26-0?
  4. KCMO2

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    I do not like posters who root for teams other than mine. They need to be banned.
  5. KCMO2

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    Will do, but you have to call me dragon.
  6. After having wrestled only one match this past year, I think most people assumed it was a given that he was going to get another year. The NCAA announcement just made it official.
  7. My mistake, I thought I read it on TheMat, but I couldn't find anything when I looked. Most seem to speculate that he'll go 86 instead of bumping up and giving up 10+ pounds to Snyder. Also, he did say he was a couple of pounds under weight following his workouts at Final X. But nothing definitive that I know of has been mentioned.
  8. Word is he's going 86. And I'd give him a 50/50 chance at 97.
  9. If they both made the decision to wrestle at the same weight, then don't whine about the size disparity. Dake may have been smaller at the time, but he also didn't have to go through the weight cut that Cox did. And if they were the same exact size now, Cox would win the series 2-0. Can anyone even remember the last time Cox was taken down?
  10. I'll take Cox any day vs Dake.
  11. In freestyle why in the world would you open up when you're up 4-0? When you open up you expose yourself some too, and one 4 pointer and Ringer wins. He did exactly what he should have up 4-0 in a do or die series.
  12. Could somebody please post the correct time? Flo has it at 12:30 pm, and I assume that's CDT since Austin is central. But then if you click on schedule under that link, it says that match 1 starts at 2 pm eastern, which would be 1 pm central. Anyone? (sorry if this has been discussed before)
  13. Sounds like good practice defensive bottom position to me. I'm betting you didn't cross-face him again.
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