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  1. https://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/seasons/LoadBalance.jsp?seasonId=780256135&pageName=DualMatches.jsp&dualId=6055001132
  2. No, the dual is happening now. WatchESPN is completely different from ESPN+, and both school's websites said it's on Watch.
  3. Where the hell is the Mizzou vs ISU match? Both schools website say it's on WatchESPN, but when I click it says ESPN+ and asks for me to pay to subscribe!
  4. More likely result would be Elam taking the early lead before gassing out and barely holding on at the end. And Wrestlestat has some head scratchers for the dual. Teemer is 6-0 vs commons with Jacques, who is 4-2, and one of those commons is Teemer beating Jacques head-to-head last season, Yet Wrestlestat picks Jacques.
  5. Didn't Thompson graduate? I don't see O'Toole beating Valencia just yet unless he catches him and sticks him, which is a possibility. I'm not quite sold on Kent yet. He was on fire to start last year, and then he finished up wrestling pretty average. Mizzou is loaded with good young talent though, so this should be a pretty good measuring stick for alot of these guys.
  6. Mizzou vs NDSU? Supposed to start at noon CT, right? Anyone seeing this?
  7. Well, Mauller had 3 takedowns including a 4-pointer, to Demas' 1 push out. It wasn't close.
  8. I never questioned whether it was a direct quote or not. For the record though, it sounds like you're going to get your panties in a wad unless he calls out all 20 specific sports by name.
  9. There were 11 other distinct winter and spring championships which he did not mention directly. You're trying to make something out of nothing.
  10. Saw Tj Sebolt in a Christmas tournament in KC, completely destroyed some major studs. 4x Iowa state champ and set record for most wins in HS. Went to ISU and never heard from him again. Watched J'Den wrestle quite a bit in HS, so I knew he was a stud. Even though, I definitely wasn't expecting him to win 197 as a true freshman. Nothing he does any more will surprise me though.
  11. I saw that he only had 2 losses in his college career. Anyone know who those were to?
  12. Well god forbid, then finish the regular season 1 week earlier. My point is, it would be very easy to both shorten the season and make nationals so they don't compete vs March Madness.
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