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  1. Add a Mizzou grad myself, I just want to say **** you and don't lump me in with "MizzouGrad", who has clearly gone off the rails. wrestlingphish has been harping on this every since NCAA seeds came out. He's not even worth responding to.
  2. These super seniors are getting the old man lungs, but they're also getting the old man strength, so it's an even trade off.
  3. Bailed. Mizzou coaches spent 3 years on him, only to watch him bail his senior year. Sour grapes? Maybe, but I cheered out loud when Lee won.
  4. Shedding a tear for Eierman.
  5. No, mats 1, 2, 7, and 8 are consolation matches.
  6. Anyone know if Coleman at 157 will be wrestling today? I saw that he injury defaulted out of his 2nd round match yesterday.
  7. I think Lee beats him if he keeps it on his feet and avoids rolling around with Eierman. If the match is decided on the mat, then it's tough to funk with Eierman. I found it amusing though when Eierman talked about what he's learned in the Iowa room in the B1G post-match interview. Apparently he's learned to get an early lead and stall his butt off.
  8. I like Hart, but even as a Mizzou fan there's no way I see him beating Rivera. Hope I'm wrong.
  9. Not saying it couldn't happen, but he still hasn't wrestled any top 10 guys this season. Hard to judge his potential until he does.
  10. As tigerfan alluded, O'Toole is very dangerous, but may be too small. He's a 157 pounder who bumped up so #8 ranked Jacques could stay in the lineup. He's definitely a pinner though, so anything can happen.
  11. For basketball they said they'd count participants, staff, and family members in that 25%.
  12. The NCAA just announced that they're allowing 25% of the venue's capacity for March Madness basketball next month I would assume they'll probably do something similar for wrestling.
  13. As much as I'd love this to happen, I'm not seeing it. He's a true freshman 157 who is bumped up to 165, and has yet to wrestle a top 10 guy.
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