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    Gilman. Lost to Fix who's a freshman in college and only going to get better. Might qualify at a non-olympic weight for worlds next year, but then he's history
  2. Yeah, Cox won worlds last year too, up a weight class, and has beaten Taylor in their only head-to-head. And as much as DT improved from '17 to '18, I think Cox has improved just as much.
  3. 5) Cox may want to put the smack down on DT after Taylor shot his mouth off (from home) during '17 world's.
  4. You're serious? Did you watch any of J'Den's matches at Dogu? Snyder is quick to the leg, but Cox now is unreal.
  5. KCMO2

    Forum going soft?

    Don't blame The Mat, I've been made to wear a helmet since 4th grade.
  6. KCMO2

    Mizzou advertising for an Asst. Coach?

    I don't want to say anything bad about the guy because his coaching has helped multiple Mizzou wrestlers develop. And it's a moot point anyway since the position has been filled. I just do not believe what and how he coaches would mesh well with what Mizzou coaches and the Mizzou style of wrestling.
  7. KCMO2

    Stevo Poulin

    And I heard that kid had a practice partner in club a year or two ago who used to go pretty well with him. So he might be on Carl's radar too.
  8. KCMO2

    Mizzou advertising for an Asst. Coach?

    How many times have you seen him and Smith in the same corner? And who cares what the Flo hacks think. Nothing against Eierman, but it ain't gonna happen.
  9. If Yianni were to ORS this coming season, I wonder if Eierman might decide not to. He's probably the #4-5 guy at 65 kg, which is where he finished at the US Open and WTT's. And if Yianni sits out the season, this would definitely be his best bet to win a national title, as a senior. He would be the #1 ranked guy coming in.
  10. KCMO2

    Break Dancing in the Olympics!

    Medals in demonstration sports don't count towards a country's medal count.
  11. KCMO2

    Break Dancing in the Olympics!

    The same dumb@sses who cut baseball and softball, and tried to cut wrestling from the Olympics.
  12. KCMO2

    Bo Nickal to Wrestle Off for U23 Team at 92kg

    Cox scored on a pass-by ankle pick, and then chain wrestled taking a double leg shot and then throwing Bo by for the takedown. Seriously, have you even watched the matches?
  13. KCMO2

    Bo Nickal to Wrestle Off for U23 Team at 92kg

    Damn dude, try to keep up. I'm not comparing Cox to PD, I'm comparing the idiocy of those who were calling for a Nickal/Cox nail biter to the idocy of those (you) saying that Bo would smash Downey.
  14. KCMO2

    Bo Nickal to Wrestle Off for U23 Team at 92kg

    Is this the same Nickal that alot of people thought would give Cox some trouble? And the same one that couldn't even score a point on Cox in 2 matches? I think that Bo would probably beat Downey now, but it's obvious that beating the best in college and beating the best at the senior level are apples and oranges.
  15. KCMO2

    Thomas Gilman History

    He's used racial slurs in the past, he's intentionally tried to injure people (Waters), he's acted like an ass on the mat, he's instigated crap with other wrestlers and other teams, and he says stupid and disrespectful things in interviews. If you ask non-Iowa fans, the majority would probably tell you he's the biggest jerk in the sport right now.
  16. KCMO2

    Final X - Lincoln

    You're an idiot. I'm in CT along with Lincoln, so there should be no difference in what I see and the actual times. Know what you're talking about before spouting off.
  17. KCMO2

    Cox deserves a nickname (and a shoe)

    And actually, they were both 23 until J'den's birthday in March. And yeah, it was weird that someone would want to post that clip.
  18. KCMO2

    Final X - Lincoln

    I wish Flo would get their schedule straight. On their front page, it says June 14-15 starting at 4 pm. Click on that event link and it says June 15 at 4 pm. Then the schedule right below that says wrestling at noon and 6 pm on the 15th. I'm assuming that the schedule of matches listed is correct, but damn, get it together so there's no confusion.
  19. KCMO2

    Askren advises Nickal should go U23

    Bo's not a college guy.
  20. KCMO2

    J'Den "Lion Slayer" Cox

    Yeah, wrestling up two weight classes and losing 4-3 to an Olympic and world champion, how embarrassing.
  21. KCMO2

    Thoughts From an NCAA Champ

    Nobody gets into wrestling for that reason. You get into it because you enjoy doing it and it's fun. When I decided to continue wrestling into college, I didn't do it for the life skills and habits that it would develop, I did it because I still loved wrestling and competing. Now I'm not saying that life skills and habits aren't developed in the sport, but that's not why people choose to get into wrestling.