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  1. For a limited time, Track is opening up all of their archived video content for free to help provide wrestling access while social distancing has shut down the sport. https://www.trackwrestling.com/PortalPost.jsp?threadId=353470076
  2. "Taylor is too talented to have no fight in that cradle. Makes me sick."
  3. Seriously? Lost 1 match in the 3 years he was allowed to wrestle varsity, 118-1 with 2 titles. Heck of a lot better wrestler than Pat Smith, who you had #1 (and who was 121-6).
  4. May be, but that wasn't my point.
  5. #1 seed because he just beat Lee by 1 pt at B10's. But didn't Lee beat Pletcher by 4 less than a month ago? Might have earned the #1 seed, but I'd hardly say he's #1 without a doubt. Which is exactly why you can't award by seed.
  6. Seriously, what wrestler is going to want to be crowned national champion just because he was top seeded heading in? Unless you've wrestled and beat everyone in the tournament, then it's completely meaningless.
  7. ^^^this I have no doubt that there are coaches out there that would still try to wrestle their guy if they thought they could get away with it. But the possibility of getting caught and fired (and possibly worse) would be the biggest deterrent to most of those coaches.
  8. Please debate/argue your political and philosophical differences here, so that you can stop destroying other threads with your back-and-forth bickering.
  9. Will you guys please stop it already. Do you not know better than to argue politics on a message board? This started as a good discussion thread. You've turned it into a political pissing match.
  10. It freezes up some during normal natties, almost guaranteed to now with the added number of available posters.
  11. Elam will be back after R-S for Mizzou. Under-sized in 2019 and still made round of 12.
  12. Who cares?!? The NCAA will make more money in a bigger arena/stadium. That's what matters.
  13. Was an Iowa fan until the spring of 2006. Always been a Mizzou fan, even way back when they used to stink it up every year.
  14. KCMO2


    He's looked bad all season. Easy to see that the weight cut is too much for him. He looks like a shell of his former self.
  15. KCMO2


    125 Pounds Ranking | 3 Allocations Drew Hildebrandt, Central Michigan, Junior Luke Werner, Lock Haven, Junior Killian Cardinale, Old Dominion, Sophomore Cameron Valdiviez, Missouri, Sophomore Bryce West, NIU, Sophomore Jake Gromacki, Clarion, Senior Logan Heil, Cleveland State, Freshman Lucas Rodriguez, Edinboro, Sophomore 133 Pounds Ranking | 5 Allocations Tim Rooney, Kent State, Senior Derek Spann, Buffalo, Junior Allan Hart, Missouri, Sophomore DJ Fehlman, Lock Haven, Senior Josh Mason, Bloomsburg, Redshirt Freshman Richie Koehler, Rider, Redshirt Freshman Tye Varndell, Edinboro, Freshman Justin Patrick, Cleveland State, Senior 141 Pounds Ranking | 5 Allocations Dresden Simon, Central Michigan, Junior Evan Cheek, Cleveland State, Senior Sa’Derian Perry, Old Dominion, Senior Kyle Shoop, Lock Haven, Senior Grant Leeth, Missouri, Junior Shakur Laney, Ohio, Senior Alex Madrigal, George Mason, Senior Peter Lipari, Rider, Senior 149 Pounds Ranking | 5 Allocations Brock Mauller, Missouri, Sophomore Brock Zacherl, Clarion, Senior Colston DiBlasi, George Mason, Senior Tyshawn Williams, SIUE, Senior Alec Hagan, Ohio, Sophomore McCoy Kent, NIU, Senior Kenan Carter, Old Dominion, Senior Corbyn Munson, Central Michigan, Redshirt Freshman 157 Pounds Ranking | 6 Allocations Jesse Dellavecchia, Rider, Senior Zac Carson, Ohio, Senior Jarrett Jacques, Missouri, Sophomore Justin Ruffin, SIUE, Sophomore Larry Early, Old Dominion, Senior Logan Parks, Central Michigan, Senior Alex Klucker, Lock Haven, Senior Michael Petite, Buffalo, Redshirt Freshman 165 Pounds Ranking | 2 Allocations Troy Keller, Buffalo, Senior Peyton Mocco, Missouri, Redshirt Freshman Izzak Olejnik, NIU, Redshirt Freshman Cornelius Schuster, George Mason, Sophomore Shane Jones, Old Dominion, Senior Joe Terry, Ohio, Junior Mike Bartolo, Clarion, Senior Austin Bell, Lock Haven, Junior 174 Pounds Ranking | 4 Allocations Jacob Oliver, Edinboro, Sophomore Dean Sherry, Rider, Senior Andrew McNally, Kent State, Junior Connor Flynn, Missouri, Senior Jared Siegrist, Lock Haven, Senior Kenny Moore, NIU, Senior Anthony Lombardo, George Mason, Graduate Logan Stanley, Ohio, Sophomore 184 Pounds Ranking | 3 Allocations Trevor Allard, Bloomsburg, Senior Dylan Wisman, Missouri, Senior George Walton, Rider, Sophomore Brit Wilson, NIU, Sophomore Corey Hazel, Lock Haven, Senior Antonio Agee, Old Dominion, Senior Pete Acciardi, Buffalo, Redshirt Freshman Cody Mulligan, Edinboro, Redshirt Freshman 197 Pounds Ranking | 4 Allocations Greg Bulsak, Clarion, Junior Ethan Laird, Rider, Junior Wyatt Koelling, Missouri, Junior Gage Braun, NIU, Redshirt Freshman Ben Smith, Cleveland State, Sophomore Landon Pelham, Central Michigan, Junior Colin McCracken, Kent State, Sophomore Sam Schuyler, Buffalo, Sophomore 285 Pounds Ranking | 4 Allocations Matt Stencel, Central Michigan, Junior Jon Spaulding, Edinboro, Junior Jordan Earnest, Ohio, Redshirt Freshman Colton McKiernan, SIUE, Sophomore Ryan Cloud, Rider, Senior Ty Bagoly, Clarion, Sophomore Max Ihry, NIU, Junior John Kelbly, Cleveland State, Sophomore
  16. Post 50 times a day and that will happen
  17. KCMO2


    The question is, how did it work out for B12 wrestling after Mizzou left? It was an absolute joke. The tournament turned into a complete mess if you remember, and the conference was still being too pissy about Mizzou leaving to do what was best for the sport. They finally had to let in all of the non-conf. members just to keep the conference tournament alive. Mizzou did just fine though, finishing in the top 7 at natties 6 out of 7 seasons after leaving. Better than any B12 school besides Okie St.
  18. KCMO2


    The Big 12 higher ups are still butthurt that Missouri left for the SEC. Mizzou wanted back in the Big 12 for wrestling.
  19. 2 td's, 1 reversal, 4 escapes. Wisman took him down and rode him for over a minute in the 1st period. Was 13-10 when Wisman cut him in the 3rd. Zahid gassed bad in the 3rd, spending most of the time hanging onto ankles. Looked nothing like a Hodge winner in that match vs an unranked opponent.
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