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  1. As tigerfan alluded, O'Toole is very dangerous, but may be too small. He's a 157 pounder who bumped up so #8 ranked Jacques could stay in the lineup. He's definitely a pinner though, so anything can happen.
  2. For basketball they said they'd count participants, staff, and family members in that 25%.
  3. The NCAA just announced that they're allowing 25% of the venue's capacity for March Madness basketball next month I would assume they'll probably do something similar for wrestling.
  4. As much as I'd love this to happen, I'm not seeing it. He's a true freshman 157 who is bumped up to 165, and has yet to wrestle a top 10 guy.
  5. I don't think so. Nothing was mentioned about that dual being held outside. https://mutigers.com/news/2019/11/12/wrestling-tiger-style-set-to-host-illinois-thursday-at-francis-howell-high-school-in-st-louis.aspx
  6. I wouldn't call it an annual thing. It happened twice, the last time in 2018.
  7. Wrong. Mizzou wrestling wanted to remain an affiliate member of the Big 12 for wrestling, which would have been a good move for them and the conference. But the B12 wouldn't let them stay. Since then the B12 has added 8 affiliate members, but still no Mizzou (who is better by far than any of teams added). So that's all on the conference.
  8. Weak schedule? Non-conference that year they wrestled Illinois, Virginia, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Oklahoma State, and Northern Iowa. They do what they can non-conference. They under-performed at NCAA's that year, but it happens.
  9. Hmmmm........Mizzou wanted to stay in the Big 12 for wrestling but the powers that be were too butt hurt that the school moved to the SEC. Cal Baptist instead of Mizzou? Nice call B12.
  10. Allan Hart is ranked #5 at 141.
  11. I think his ignorance has been showing for quite a while. Mizzou hasn't finished lower than 6th in the nation at nationals since 2013-14, but trolls like nhs want to bash on them.
  12. Mizzou's done what they can. Of the top 15 ranked teams (14 besides the Tigers), they can't wrestle 7 of them (Big 10), the 3 ACC teams only wrestle non-conf. cupcakes (none of them wrestle a non-conf. top 20 team), and they wrestle or are scheduled to wrestled the remaining 4.
  13. Where did you hear this? It would make no sense for them to skip their qualifier, especially when there are 19 days between that and NCAA's.
  14. It's topics like this where we need DF back.
  15. I'll apologize in advance for making this sound political, but just making an observation. When the former president of the United States gets (got) on Twitter and name calls, and rants, and attacks others, with seemingly no repercussions, then it sort of makes that type of behavior seem more acceptable to some (which it is not).
  16. This would have been Leeth's 7th year in college. Next year could have been his 8th.
  17. Yes, he could have wrestled this year. Injuries and weight cutting were his downfall.
  18. Don't know about the OSU competition, but it's 12 days before MAC's, which is Mizzou's qualifier. If any quarantines were to occur as a result of going to OSU, then they would probably miss the qualifier. The PAC 10, Big 10, and Big 12 all have their last competitions 2 weeks or more before their conference tournaments, so they don't have the same concerns. Mizzou has never ducked anyone, but not going to OSU could be the smartest move here.
  19. Leeth retiring from the sport single-handedly dropped Mizzou's overall average age by 4 years.
  20. Haha! Before Mizzou he had coached at Oklahoma, Cal-Poly, Penn St., Nebraska, and West Point. I'd hardly call him part of Smith's coaching tree.
  21. https://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/seasons/LoadBalance.jsp?seasonId=780256135&pageName=DualMatches.jsp&dualId=6055001132
  22. No, the dual is happening now. WatchESPN is completely different from ESPN+, and both school's websites said it's on Watch.
  23. Where the hell is the Mizzou vs ISU match? Both schools website say it's on WatchESPN, but when I click it says ESPN+ and asks for me to pay to subscribe!
  24. More likely result would be Elam taking the early lead before gassing out and barely holding on at the end. And Wrestlestat has some head scratchers for the dual. Teemer is 6-0 vs commons with Jacques, who is 4-2, and one of those commons is Teemer beating Jacques head-to-head last season, Yet Wrestlestat picks Jacques.
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