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  1. No, but the returning champ is the man to beat. If Fix, RBY, and Desanto are all at 133, Desanto takes 3rd at best.
  2. Mizzou https://mutigers.com/sports/wrestling/schedule/2021-22 Nice to be back in the Big 12. Glad to see they're going to Journeyman Duals and Southern Scuffle again, instead of the South Beach Duals.
  3. Yep. From West Virginia's site: Henson returned to Missouri in 1995 to earn a degree in parks, recreation and tourism management.
  4. I'm sure he's heartbroken over that. And the fact that Ogalthorpe Haywood thinks he's a douche must have him damn near suicidal.
  5. Didn't say you did, but az_wrestling gave him 50/50 chance vs a guy who's nowhere close to him.
  6. You wanna bet against Cox, go ahead and role the dice. Then be ready to eat crow.
  7. Nice call on Cox chief. Hard to beat the man when you can't score a point in 2 matches. You and ionel keep hating on Cox. It's amusing.
  8. Carr is 157 and O'Toole should be 165 again, doubt if they ever meet. Keegan made 157 last year, but they bumped him up to make room for Jacques at 157. The only way O'Toole could be 157 this year is if Jacques redshirts, and even then I don't know if he could still make 157.
  9. Apparently having a football team is not a requirement either. Since 2009 Kansas is 7-98 in the Big 12, and have never won more that 1 conference game in a season during that time. If it weren't for basketball, they'd be a damn solid DII school.
  10. Why have a tie for third when it's easily wrestled off. Don't see the reasoning or the need for 2 bronzes.
  11. Mizzou typicall posts theirs around the middle of November.
  12. Congratulations on the cancer treatment, but it's not a free pass to be a dick.
  13. Hardly. Gable is just better than Akgul, by far.
  14. I think Dake was out-wrestled, but he also put himself into some bad positions and gave up points. Can't folkstyle funk with the world's best freestylers.
  15. No offense to you directly, but I always thought guys who post the "I really enjoyed....." stuff are d-bags.
  16. Tried to wrestle folk style in a freestyle match
  17. What a sh!t time to go down. Giving Flo a run for their money.
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