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  1. Well, Mauller had 3 takedowns including a 4-pointer, to Demas' 1 push out. It wasn't close.
  2. I never questioned whether it was a direct quote or not. For the record though, it sounds like you're going to get your panties in a wad unless he calls out all 20 specific sports by name.
  3. There were 11 other distinct winter and spring championships which he did not mention directly. You're trying to make something out of nothing.
  4. Saw Tj Sebolt in a Christmas tournament in KC, completely destroyed some major studs. 4x Iowa state champ and set record for most wins in HS. Went to ISU and never heard from him again. Watched J'Den wrestle quite a bit in HS, so I knew he was a stud. Even though, I definitely wasn't expecting him to win 197 as a true freshman. Nothing he does any more will surprise me though.
  5. I saw that he only had 2 losses in his college career. Anyone know who those were to?
  6. Well god forbid, then finish the regular season 1 week earlier. My point is, it would be very easy to both shorten the season and make nationals so they don't compete vs March Madness.
  7. Yeah, don't agree with that. They need 2 weeks to recover from 3-5 matches?
  8. Have the coaches quit scheduling holiday tournaments, and cut out the extra week between qualifiers and nationals. The kids can eat, the season is shorter, and there's no March Madness conflict.
  9. Your title is confusing. The MAC hasn't cancelled anything (yet). Hopefully the end of the year cancellation in the PSAC should not effect wrestling for those 4 schools since they are not in the conference (for wrestling).
  10. Fair enough, but we'll have to agree to disagree on this.
  11. Yeah, and by that reasoning Terry could have punched Cross in the face after the match, so what happened there is WAY LESS than what it could have been which, by definition, takes away the "worst" part............
  12. Will people please stop making the argument that there was time on the clock when Metcalf shoved Caldwell. 10:49
  13. Nice find. That's about as tight of a cradle as you will see. Typical Lewis.
  14. You just can't help yourself, can you.
  15. Hmmmm........Terry, Desanto, Gilman, Metcalf? Is anyone else seeing a trend here?
  16. Max Askren was 28-1 (he lost by a defensive pin to Kurt Backes) and the #1 seed his RS freshman year. Went 0-2, losing to 2 unseeded wrestlers.
  17. Pretty sure that graduate transfers who can compete immediately still have to enter the portal.
  18. Do you think they want him back at Mizzou after he was dead set on transferring to another school. He was a good scorer for the Tigers, but if he was so intent on leaving the program then good riddance.
  19. Sam Henson went 72-0. 71-0 at Clemson his last 2 seasons, and won his last match his freshman season at Mizzou.
  20. Sure it wasn't in Iowa, the fans in the background are calling for stalling.
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