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  1. How is PSU favored at 141 and 285. Iowa has two top 10 guys there and PSU has 1 guy ranked around 20 and the other unranked. Iowa is favored in 6 weights 125, 133, 141, 157, 174, and 285, The dual could be close because of bonus or upsets, but your favorites are completely wrong.
  2. Ramos is a 133. That's where he certified don't expect him to go anywhere next year.
  3. http://awn.theopenmat.com/category/coll ... coreboard/ Great, simple format for dual and tournament results.
  4. Why is the post baseless, I gave reasons for every guy I listed. Intermat did not give the criteria of how they ranked guys, and what was factored in. What do they deserved to be ranked base upon, their high school credentials? Then why isn't Nick Hodgkins ranked?
  5. Way to much emphasis on hype imo. These are more like predictions than rankings and not really an accurate snapshot of the preseason. Examples: Matt Brown #5 at 174. He has proven he is good, but this is his first year starting. His biggest wins were over 197 lbers which is a completely different style of wrestling. I'm not arguing he shouldn't be ranked, but putting him over semifinalist Storley and returning AA lofthouse is wrong imo. Returning AAs, especially at the same weightclass should always be ranked above someone who never qualified for Nationals. Remember all the hype around Kokesh for further proof. Ed Ruth #1 at 184. Seems like a prediction and one I'd agree with. But you have 2 NCAA champs in the weight and the guy coming back at the same weight should be #1. Dake over Taylor is an exception considering Dake has won 3 times and pinned taylor in freestyle. Oliver #1 at 149 Didn't win the title at 133, moves up two weights and gets put ahead of a Returning finalist and two guys who took 3rd. Alton #7 at 149 Non-AA moving up a weight over AA at the same weight Justin Accordino. True Freshman- Guys who have never wrestled an official college match should not be ranked in the top 10. What are they being ranked on, High School accomplishments? I think Dieringer and Massa are both studs, but that is not an accurate representation of what has happened in college so far. Once again, these rankings seem to be based more on hype than on results.
  6. He could compete in the buffalo open unattached then redshirt if necessary.
  7. Taylor gets the best of Ruth from what I hear. At least last season.
  8. I like McDonough a ton. His hard work and determination are second to none. I do, however, think he has benefited from being the biggest guy at the smallest weight class. When he ran into the only bigger guy, Robles, he lost. Being 8th on my list, with who is in front of him, isn't a slam so much as the fact there are 7 exceptionally good guys wrestling this upcoming season. If he can run out 125 undefeated this year, I think he could move up a few spots. I also really want to see how Delgado progresses from last year thru this upcoming season. Three time champ and 4 time finalist would put him in rarified air. You have Oliver above Mcdonough. Hasn't he benefitted from being the biggest guy in his weight? So has Dake at both 141 and 149 he was huge. Ruth was also arguably the biggest guy at his weight last year. Why do these guys get a pass and Mcdonough doesn't? Just because 125 is the smallest weight class doesn't mean its the only weight where size matters.
  9. Average rank of Mcdonough right now is 6.4. He might be the most underrated guy right now. He has the exact same career record as most peoples number 1 Kyle Dake (100-4). I don't understand why people are down on him, or at least so much higher on everyone else. Mcdonough's only losses at the olympic trials were to the last 2 world team members (Blanc and Simmons) so its not like he had a bad tournament there. Noone on this list beat a world team member at the OTTs that I can remember. Stieber is good but he is better at freestyle and always has been. Seems like he is being a little overrated going from not being favored to win NCAAs last year to a top 4 p4p guy. Oliver didn't even win a title last year and is moving up at least 1 weight class so I don't see how he is such a definitively better choice. The general trend of the rankings seems a little off to me and Mcdonough's dominance is being overlooked IMO
  10. This was the computer game http://wrestlelarge.com/ It was up like a year ago but now its not
  11. Gilman is a better prospect than clark imo. Nate Skon is also coming in and will challenge Mark Ballweg and Dziewa for the spot at 141. Ballweg has AA potential right now at 141 but is stuck behind Marion. Neither Ballweg got off to a great start this year but both are really good. If Carew ever gets healthy he will be a real threat at 149. Grothus is a true freshman who will probably be starting next year, he has been having great results this year. #5 ranked senior Sam Brooks is also coming to Iowa next year and will be a solid 184/197 lber. #4 Alex Meyer also committed as did Burak who is at the OTC right now. Burak will probably start at 197 as a true freshman 2 years removed from high school. Meyer has tons of potential and will help the Hawks reload.
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