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  1. You're offered $500,000 cash (tax free) on the condition that all your wrestling memories are forever erased. The gaps left by erasing those memories would be replaced by memories of other everyday activities so there would be no disconnect. The erasure would be done in a way so it does not affect your memories of any other events or people. All your medals, wrestling-related photos, records, and other memorabilia would be destroyed so you'll have no sources to tangentially remember your wrestling history. Don't try to be a smartazz and try to come up with ways around it to get the $500K and still hold on to your wrestling past. Those are the rules: $500K for complete erasure of all your wrestling memories. You either take it or leave it, there's no negotiating or gaming it. The briefcase with $500K cold hard cash is being offered to you with those conditions. You take it or leave it?
  2. DF


    Jadidia, you're always backing up now Running out of some stamina You gotta get the rest break somehow I think you've got to slow the match down Before you start to lose it I think your headed for a takedown So be careful to sprawl it You really don't remember Was it something TheMat said? All the voices booing in your head Calling Jadidia Jadidia...don't you think you're stallin'? If everybody likes you Why isn't anybody cheerin'? You don't have to answer Keep wrestlin' them on the out of bounds line oh-oh-oh, calling Jadidia Jadidia (Jadidia) I think they got your number (Jadidia) I think MedicineMan's the alias (Jadidia) That you've been living under (Jadidia) But you really don't remember Was it something TheMat memed? All the voices booing in your head Calling Jadidia A-ha, a-ha, Jadidia How's overtime gonna go down? Will you wrestle til the end of time Or will you raise your hand on the rebound? Will you lose the match for the money Take a jobber in the Atlanta afternoon? Feel your grip slipping away Don't believe Angle's turning that corner soon And you really don't remember Was it something TheMat said? All the voices booing in your head Calling Jadidia...
  3. Can one of our Iranian fans please translate what's going on? What's up with that chart that Jadidi shows? Coach Khadem and the rest of the committee looking completely bewildered https://www.instagram.com/p/BdDLxcGhman/?hl=en&tagged=abbasjadidi
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hARDXYz2io
  5. the drummer being the lead vocalist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5Xqzp8NvDI
  6. "Rasoul Khadem has been elected for another four-year term as the Islamic Republic of Iran Wrestling Federation President on Tuesday. He will serve as president of the Federation for four more years until 2021. In the elections held at the Iran’s Academy Olympic in Tehran, Khadem secured 40 of 40 votes cast. Abbas Jadidi left the election with no vote." http://www.tehrantimes.com/news/419503/Rasoul-Khadem-re-elected-for-second-term-as-Iran-wrestling-President
  7. DF

    How Good are Women

    Sparring session between novice male wrestler vs. current female world champion: https://imgur.com/gallery/VG0lZP3
  8. a wrestler stretched all the way out to keep his tippy toes in bounds to get the takedown. These aren't legit takedowns. It's not really a takedown just because a wrestler is holding on to his opponent's shoe when the rest of his opponent is all the way out of bounds past the coach's chairs.
  9. Been noticing every so often the loser of the finals match at a major tourney (eg, state finals) will self-congratulate himself after the final whistle (clap to himself, raise his arms to point to his supporters in the crowd). This is not only unsportsmanlike behavior but it also takes away from the real winner of the match. You might be proud of yourself for wrestling a good match despite losing but it's unbecoming to act and make gestures like you "won". Furthermore this is a recent trend. Most likely due to the millennial generation of "everybody's a winner/"everybody gets a trophy" where losing is a foreign concept.
  10. DF

    Push-back against the 3pt TD?

    Takedowns should be scored on artistic merit, a la gymnastics and figure skating. Heroic takedown on the edge of the mat as antiheroic opponent tries to flee the mat to avoid the takedown: 10 points Heavyweight slowly spins around his opponent during a sprawl for a takedown because his opponent was exhausted and just gave up: 0 points
  11. Johnny actually won in the original ending of the movie. But they had to change it because audiences didn't like the "bad" guy winning.