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  1. I thought the guy who did the interview was awesome with the questions he asked Dan. Gable represented our sport great with his integrity and genuineness. AXIS is 168 on Dish so if you missed it try to catch it on a rerun. Loved the question of which of your wrestlers would you choose if they lost you lose your life! Great response by Dan! No surprise in Tom Brands
  2. J'Den won the NCAA title because of dominating top wrestling throughout the season. He also is very good on his feet and if you watched the WTT he is not far from the very top. Snyder, like Cox is an exceptional athlete and I think will contend for the title too. However he better be able to wrestle on the mat if he is going to contend. Looking forward to watching these talented warriors!
  3. What is tuition cost at Northwestern? Let's say $40,000, if FB player redshirts that scholarship amounts to 200k. This doesn't count room and board. I'd say if these players feel used and abused I suggest you quit so someone else can have a great opportunity at a first class education and hopefully play a sport you love.
  4. Fudge tunnel not aware that Ben beat Waller who was NC that year, so maybe J'Den has to win 3 or 4 NCAA titles to be considered the best! Just glad J'Den is wearing the Black and Gold!
  5. Being a Mizzou fan I'm getting asked how Cox compares to other Mizzou greats and I tell them that Ben or Sammie could not have had close to the same success as J'Den if they had competed as true freshman. He is a very special athlete and wrestler. He is very capable of winning the NCAAs and if he wrestles like he did in the MAC finals he will without a doubt. I want to congratulate Brian and Sammie for working with J'Den all summer to develop his riding and pinning skills. His top skills have been outstanding this year. Go MIZZOU
  6. I didn't have a dog in the fight, I'm a Mizzou fan. Am I the only one who thought the match was exciting as hell! Had friends over and watching on BTN and laughing about how in the old days guys couldn't counter at all like these guys today! Kind of compared to our tech saviness vs kids!
  7. I watched match and Barrett's analysis is spot on. I think Howe will learn on review of film is what if he would have wrestled the first period like he did the third! If he does at Nationals he will dominate but easier said than done. Psychology of getting a wrestler to open up before there forced to!
  8. J'Den gave up two single legs to Wellington in early season dual and got beat. The very next tourney at UNI open he didn't allow one guy to get in on his legs. He learns quick and I predict a decisive win.
  9. I know it's hindsight but wouldn't it have been neat to see the Big 12 be proactive with Bob Bowlsby as commissioner and broke precedence and allowed teams outside the Big 12 to be affiliated in underrepresented sports like wrestling and gymnastics. Imagine an 8 team conference with Mizzou,UNI,Wyoming, and NDSU. That would carry on the great tradition of Big 8-12 wrestling very well!
  10. Is Division 1 college dual meet attendance better or worse over the last 10 years? I doubt if the NCAA has any accurate statistics. Not sure if we have a big problem with the rules but will say that even a die hard like myself doesn't care much for control riding but understands that it takes time to wear a good wrestler down and turn him over. Maybe only award one point if the wrestler with one minute or more of RT has also scored back points. How do we get these great athletes to take more risk? Maybe TDs worth 3 pts., you take a guy down 3 times and he has 3 escapes and takes you down the score would be 9-6 instead of 6-5. I think the new out of bounds rule has created more scoring on edge but not against 1 for pushout. Lastly, IMHO mat wrestling separates the men from the boys and a good mat wrestler should have every opportunity to exploit his strength. It makes college wrestling neat when you have a great takedown wrestler going against a great mat wrestler and watch the strategies.
  11. I watched Clark against Northwestern and he looked very good. He can score points and break matches open so I bet Iowa goes with him. It will be interesting to see if he can handle the weight cut especially for 3 day NCAA tourney. Clark stands out because of his ability in top position which is a game changer in close battles. Gilman will do great things in the future but betting he is not the Hawkeyes 125 lber this year at Big 10s
  12. J'Den is extremely good in top position which has helped him out this year. He has a very good swing single and double leg. What impressed me against Rutt is he shoots an outside single and then proceeds to lift Rutt in air with firemans carry position, freakish strength. He can definitely win it all but will have to put together a great tourney as I'm very impressed with Schiller. By the way what is the highest weight ever won by a true freshman? I am predicting in the future Cox beats Coon for NCAA Hwt title
  13. I would think if Clark is as good as many believe that he should be able to move to 141 and make the line-up. I really think that your going to see coaches that embrace less weight cutting are going to have more success. It is a different time with one or two hour weigh-ins, very different than night before!
  14. After watching the WTT I am more impressed with Dake than ever before. His long grueling bout with Howe was epic and I definitely think a fresh Dake vs. a Burroughs who would have went through the same matches he did would have yielded different results. Obviously Burroughs earned his position but after watching Dake I'm convinced he can win World and Olympic titles. It's too bad that their are not more weights internationally or the potential to enter more than one wrestler per weight at World Championships. Great wrestling and great weight class for USA.
  15. Great to see what Coach Jimmy May has done at Baker. I applaud the Baker administration on conducting a national search and hiring a coach with a resume of success. Too many times wrestling programs hire young coaches who were great wrestlers but have no proven coaching success or limited coaching experience. Good luck to the new coach.
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