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  1. I think on a percent basis, Myron Roderick is the best. Someone do the math
  2. There was a guy named Glenn Packer who wasn't going to make weight at Penn State in 1969. Coach Koll made it very clear that if you didn't make weight he would be "very angry". Glenn knew he wasn't going to make weight and ran away joined the army and ended up in Cambodia fighting insurgents during the Vietnam war. Coach Koll was a very scary guy when he wanted to be.
  3. Question is : Would Cael recruit Ed Ruth even though he never won a state title. Comment: Marstellar "changing his mind' is problematic. He was physically mature in 8th grade and is wrestling HS kids. They will grow up. He will be very good in college. How good we'll see. Cael is a great coach and will continue to win titles. His system works and PSU gives him terrific support and a wonderful academic environment to recruit to. Rob Koll has done wonders at Cornell and will continue to do so. It's tough to compete without scholarships and Rob competes very well. All the teams that lose to Cornell with a full complement of scholarships should be embarrassed.
  4. You should help out with BTS-Philadelphia! Lots of great kids there.
  5. One of PSU's "better/best" wrestlers met dclark last night. They seemed to get along well. Wrestling is more than just winning matches. Hopefully, the PSU wrestler will make dclarks entry into PSU wrestling a little easier because it certainly won't be easy.
  6. I think Porter pinned Culp in the "East-West" dual in 1968. I was being recruited by OSU and actually flew down from Tulsa airport with Porter and Culp in Roderick's personal plane before the match. Myron let the co-pilot (Culp!) fly the plane for awhile. It was my first plane trip, quite an experience!!! Hope all is well DA!
  7. 1967 was the 1st NCAA tourney I attended. There were some great wrestlers in that tournament. Rick Sanders, Mike Caruso, Dale Anderson and Curly Culp to name a few. Sanders won OW but I watched Culp for all his matches and thought he should have been OW but Heavyweights never win it because all the coaches have already submitted their ballots or the people counting them already have determined who will win. Culp pinned everyone except , I think a guy from Lehigh, that he threw around the mat for 8 minutes like a wet fish!! He was very impressive. As was Sanders. Anderson gutted out a great win in the finals as did Caruso.
  8. Thanks, That is Dick DiBattista!!
  9. That is not Mr DiBattista. He is not bald! The ref in the film is. Dick still has all his curly hair which is now mostly white and he combs it straight back. Lives in a retirement home in SE PA.
  10. Since he attends an Ivy League school, he can't take a redshirt. He can use an Olympic RS next year in Greco, but I doubt he does that. Expect him to be at 157 next year, though, you're right on with that. He can drop out of school and red shirt that way.
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